Saturday, May 30, 2009


Lucy 150/365

Annie 150/365

Today I am thankful that for the first time EVER Lucy has shown some interest in potty training. I have not pushed this on her at all. We talk about it some, but that is about the extent of it. Everyone says to not force this on them. But a couple of times this week she has talked about going to the potty in the big girl potty and not wearing yucky baby diapers. And then today she really wanted to sit on the potty and wear her big girl panties. She has never even let me try the panties on her, so this is BIG! She never actually went on the potty, but the fact that she wanted to sit there is big for us. I am really ready for her to be trained, so come on!!!

Can y'all believe I am 150 days into this project. CRAZY!!

We had a great afternoon outside with our neighbors for a cook out and waterslide fun. That really wears the girls out, so they are tuckered out. Date night last night was awesome. We ate so much that we basically rolled ourselves home and had to go to bed. The girls never made a peep for the babysitter. Yeah! It was great to get out and have some fun. We went with our neighbors, Steve and Christy, and I was pretty much laughing the entire time. Love that.

I barely took any pictures today because I was just enjoying the day my family. Thanks for all of the sweet comments on Lucy's hair. It really is so precious.




Mom2J&I said...

We are headed out for our 2nd date night in 2 years! (since the kids joined our family). Wow. Do you think we need it? :)
I didn't tell you yesterday how much I LOVE Lucy's hair. I said I was going to let Isabel's hair grow out but it's so thin I just keep getting it cut. Gotta love the bob!

Kelli said...

Annie's got an awfully cute do goin' on herself these days!

Mom said...

Hey guys! Wyatt is down and John is brushing his teeth. They are so precious, and busy! Glad you had a great day. Both girls look very happy, so all is well. I am very excited about Lucy and her potty training ideas. Hope she is ready to get ready! Off to rest. Hugs and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Sharon said...

I wasn't pushing it on Linhsey either. It came out of no where. I was holding back because let me tell ya....diapers are so much EASIER than having to find a potty every 10 minutes! Every time we get to Gene's bus stop in the morning she has to go, and I have to rush back home. Every time we are out shopping it's potty, potty, potty. Good luck!!!!

ELMORE said...

we had date night too on friday....isn't it so great to get out and have a little break?! i LOVE lucy's hair...she has been looking so grown up in pics lately. yeah for annie and standing! justin reminds me of jeff in the morning ;)

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh...I'm loving Lucy's hair. Super cute!!!

HAPTeach said...

I missed yesterday's post and absolutely love Lucy's hair! Annie's looks adorable as always too! We waited for our boy T to just use the potty on his own. I thought it would never come, but then all of a sudden he was potty trained in no time! And he has ever since :) It'll happen and since she's so interested now it'll be so easy! Congrats :)

lee said...

awesome on the potty!
we are loving a potty trained girl in our house!

and of course her hair is adorable!