Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Annie 140/365

Today I am thankful for having time with Justin's family this week. We have had an absolute blast at the beach with everyone. It is sad to have to go home. Lucy and Annie have loved the extra attention and all of the fun things we have gotten to do. Thanks so, so much to Nana and Grandy for doing this for us. We are so blessed and have had the best time.

Poor Annie has come down with a nasty cold. She definitely didn't feel well today. She did cut a tooth last night, so we got one more of those darn things done. We dressed the girls up in the most adorable dresses tonight and took them down for pictures. I don't want to edit them right now, so I will post them tomorrow. They didn't go as planned since Annie doesn't feel well and is covered in snot. There are a few cute ones though.

I am off to watch the AI finale and have the ultimate domino match tonight. Justin and Adam won last night, so we are tied, one match each. Tonight is the MOST important night. Let me tell you, our games have been getting quite heated.






Mom said...


Mom said...

OK, PaPa and I are still pooped from him working so hard at playing and me from doing hard labor on our trip to Kansas. So it will be an early night as I have tennis and volunteer day tomorrow. Had a fun dinner with Bill and Connie for her birthday. Ate by their pool and it was such a beautiful night. Can't believe your time at the beach is coming to an end. The pics have just been terrific. I can tell that all 4 grand kids had one great time. Love the gulls! You are all so lucky to have had such a grand time! Talk to you soon. Travel safely all. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Mom2J&I said...

Love, love, love the seagull picture!
Glad you all had such a great time. Can't wait to see tomorrow.
Hope Miss Annie feels better. Poor angel.

Leslie & Shaune said...

that top photo... with the seagulls overhead is nothing short of amazing!

MKH said...

love all of the pics-especially the first one!