Monday, July 30, 2007

On the Road Again

We are busy, busy, busy!! I don't even know where to start. First, Lucy and I flew into Boston to come and meet Justin. We took the night flight and she was a dream - slept the whole 3.5 hours. We didn't get to our hotel room until 2 am. She was a little confused, but did just fine. The next day we got to meet up with some of my very closest blogging friends - Sara, Jeff, and Lucy Elise. Yes, we had two Lucy Elises together. They were so cute together. We even dressed them alike. The older Lucy was so sweet with my Lucy and shared all of her snacks and books with her and would give her kisses and hugs. We then left to meet up with Justin at Foxboro. Here are some pictures of the girls together and Lucy and her daddy. Sara took a lot better pictures than me, so we will probably post more later. We had such a great time with their family.

Lucy with her daddy and her protective ear gear. She was such a good girl and kept them on the whole concert, which was VERY LOUD! They were so heavy on her little head that she had a hard time keeping her head up with them on.

Precious - Looking up to her dad.

Lucy Elise kissing Lucy Elise!

Older Lucy was a very busy girl and did not really have time for pictures.

Having a really great time.

That night we left for Burlington, Vermont. It was such a cute town with a fun area for us to walk around and explore. I have been really worried about this trip because it involves Lucy being moved around a whole lot and being in all kinds of new places, but she has done AMAZING! Even when she has gotten way off of her normal schedule, she has done great. No meltdowns or anything. I think I have done a lot of unnecessary worrying. She is really a great traveller. Here we are in VT.
Lucy and her Dad by the fountains. You could actually get in the fountains and she was not too happy that we wouldn't let her get in since all of the other kids were getting to.

Lucy enjoying some Ben and Jerry's ice cream - doing a little preparation for birthday food!

Needless to say, she loved it.

From there, we headed to catch the ferry to come to Martha's Vineyard. It is beautiful here. I have never spent any time in the NE other than in Manhattan, and it is really nice up here. We went to the pool first. Then, we walked all around the island, ate lobster for dinner, and are in our room because Miss Lucy was really really tired from all of the travelling and less napping than normal. Lucy has been sleeping with us, and I must admit, I kind of like having her so close. I thought it would be hard on all of us because she really likes her crib at home, but she seems to like being close to us. Justin woke up to Lucy standing in the bed on the bus and laughing at herself in the mirror. It is fun to wake up with her being right there. She has been a huge daddy's girl this trip, which Justin loves. She usually needs him to be holding her. I love that she is a daddy's girl! So sweet. Here are some pictures from Martha's Vineyard and I will have more tomorrow.

Lucy and Justin dressed as twins on the ferry - jeans, white shirt, and Converse Chuck Taylors

Pool time

View from our hotel.

Patiently awaiting her turn to ride the oldest working Carousel in the US.

Lucy on her carousel horse.

Sitting in a park by the beautiful hydrangeas. The flowers here are so gorgeous.

One full day until she is a year old!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grand Ole Opry and then Some

If you haven't done so yet, go and tell Emily a huge congratulations!! Lulu has a mama! Emily has become one of my best "adoption" friends through this process, and I am just so thrilled for her.

I got my camera cord back today, so I am back in business!! Thanks Holly. I got a few questions about the squeaky shoes. We actually never found them in Vietnam. I did not look that hard and I know you can get them there for very very cheap. Her's are made by a brand called Mooshu and we got them at a children's boutique. They make sandals and mostly Mary Jane type shoes. Really cute. Here is the great part, you can take the squeaker out, so when you have had enough, you can make them quiet!! I would imagine they get annoying pretty quickly.

I took Lucy to a mall here today that has a really big play area for children. I have never done this with her before mostly because I was afraid she would be intimidated or overwhelmed. When we first got there, she just stood right beside me for about 10 minutes. She would not move at all. She just stood and stared at all of the kids, and the place was packed. In the warm up process, we met a mom with an adopted Chinese daughter who was precious. Finally, she decided she was ready to check things out and she just frankensteined on over to one of the play areas. It is all of this rubbery stuff that kids can slide and climb on. She was so brave and was not scared to stand her ground. Two little boys kind of smothered her and she put them right in their place. She would look back to make sure I was there constantly, and usually wave each time. So cute. I was so proud of her. This is big for her because she is usually so shy in big strange settings. She played for quite a while and then we were on our way. She needed a big nap after such a big day!

She is so close to getting two more teeth on top. I can feel them and see them, but they just won't push through. I hate this whole teething process. It is no fun for anyone. She is not too bothered by them, but sometimes I can just tell that they are hurting. We are officially less than a week away from the big birthday! We are going to be in Dewey Beach, Delaware for her actual birthday. Never been there before, but we have to travel to meet up with her daddy so we can all be together. I think a birthday at the beach sounds perfect.

Here are some pictures of the past week and a half.

John and I playing in the hose. I am pretty sure I had more fun than he did!

What a pumpkin!

Lucy in the dressing room at the Grand Ole Opry. She looks like such a star!

Lucy and her cutie Daddy!

Lucy getting into things she shouldn't be. She thinks that everything is her personal jungle gym. She is still a huge climber and can get onto just about anything.

Helping my daddy!

Can anyone see me back here, and how do I get into these guitars?

Pretty cool!

Pool time.

Chilling with mom.

Big pouty lips.

Double fisting - popsicle style!

All ready for Jacquelyn's wedding. She was super stylin!

Mom, enough is enough already!

Lucy and her mama. I swear she won't look at the camera any more.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Walking Girl

I know I have not posted in a week or so, but there is a reason. I left my camera cord in Nashville and I don't like to post without new pictures. My sister has mailed it, so it should be here soon. Thank goodness because I have some really cute pictures to post - such as Lucy at the Grand Ole Opry and in her adorable dress that she wore to a friend's wedding. Since I don't have any pictures, I have this walking video for your viewing enjoyment. As you can see, she has decided to become a full time walker. Here she is in her squeaky shoes (and her pjs). When I first put them on her, she just stomped her foot over and over. Then she got the hang of it. She walks more than she crawls now. She still can't walk without those frankenstein hands up in the air, but she is getting closer.

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My baby girl is going to be one year old next Wednesday!! I can't believe it. I am going to work on a special post for her big day!! We can't have a party until a few weeks after her actual day, but she doesn't know the difference.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fun Times with Friends

Hello from Nashville!! We have had a wonderful time here so far. First of all, my sister's new house is awesome!! Moving is miserable, but we have made some serious progress. Much less gets accomplished with 2 littles ones in the middle of everything. Yesterday we got to have a reunion with 2 of Lucy's Que Son roomies. We had the best time with Grace and Lily Ana and their mamas (and Grace's Aunt Terri, who we also love because she was in Vietnam with us). To see all three girls together again was very emotional for me. I didn't cry, but it was just so special. They were all in the orphanage at the same time. Grace and Lucy are only 2 weeks apart in age. Lily Ana was only 2 months old when we were in Vietnam, and boy has she changed. She still seemed so small to us because the other two have gotten so big. I am in love with her hair - it sticks straight up everywhere. She is such a mama's girl and is doing amazingly well. Grace is still the most laid back baby with just such a great demeanor. I love her personality so much and we got to see the Elvis face several times!! All three of the girls have adjusted to their new lives so so so well. They will grow up knowing one another, which is so cool. Then today we all got together for lunch and Annslee and her Mom and Dad joined us. It is so fun to play with your blogging buddies!! Thanks for so much fun girls!! Can't wait to do it again soon.

Lucy is doing great. She is in the process of switching to whole milk from her soy formula. Right now we are doing half whole milk and half formula and she is doing great. No signs of any problems, which is such a relief to me. She took about 2 weeks off from milk for no apparent reason - she was only taking 8-10 oz. (if that) total per day. Yes, I was totally stressing about it, but she is back to her normal bottle schedule. She is totally in to people food and if anyone anywhere near her is eating, she thinks she needs some as well. She is our little baby bird. She can walk across the room now. She still crawls when in a hurry. Her walk is so funny because her arms are straight up in the air the whole time.

Here are some fun pictures from our trip so far.

This was actually in Little Rock, but what a cute swimsuit!!

John thinking about sharing his cup with Lucy.

Really cute picture of John and his curls.

Gracie girl who turns 1 on Tuesday!!!!

Grace, Lucy, and Lily Ana playing with Lily Ana's fancy toys!!

Lucy and little bitty but very strong Lily Ana.

All three girls playing in boxes and paper.

The three mom's and their precious girls!!

Justin and Grace.

Justin with his Vietnam travel girls!!!

Lucy was sticking her finger in Grace's mouth and just dying laughing about it. It was all fun and games until Grace chomped a little too hard. Also, Lucy would get very jealous if I was holding Grace.

The lunch group.

The Que Son girls.

All 4 girls outside after lunch.

Two pink bowheads!!!

Beautiful Grace!!

I just love their profiles.

I feel so blessed to have made the lifelong friends that I have made through this adoption. I hope to meet more of you someday soon!