Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Lucy 146/365

Annie 146/365

Today I am thankful for blog friends. I got an email from Nicki today saying that she would be willing to work on fixing all of my picture fiasco with me. How nice is that? Seriously?!? She has plenty going on in her busy life so of course I said I wouldn't make her face that awful task with me, but I was just floored by how kind of a gesture it was. And any time I have problems going on, I know that I will get an email from Laurie checking on us. And the other day when my pictures first messed up, the first person to let me know was a dear friend, J, who keeps a much more private blog than I do so I am not going to link to her. She was just making sure that we were okay. I find myself getting so caught up in life and how busy things are and rapidly losing touch with friends that mean a whole lot to me. I am terrible about this. When I feel overwhelmed, I kind of shut down and lose contact with people. I hate that and need to work on it. Anyway, thanks to all of my bloggy friends for your support and love. It is greatly appreciated and everyone who has commented or emailed in the past few days reminded me why I love this blog community so much!

I promise I will stop talking about the pictures, but not quite yet. Can anyone explain to me how the pictures from a few posts back that I have already fixed are still having issues with some of the pictures? The html codes have not changed again, but the pictures are gone again. WHY???? It is really scaring me because I have fixed them but they still aren't working - and they were for a day and then stopped working.

I let Lucy pick out a few balloons today for something fun for her. She and I have been butting heads the past few days. I see the beginning of a rough stage coming on. She is just being a handful lately. She had a monster meltdown this afternoon. Just completely lost it. I have found myself more frustrated with her than normal because of her testing every single thing that I say or ask of her. It makes for some long days. We have been in such an awesome stage ever since Annie came home, but I think that difficult three year old stage is on the horizon. :( So, in order to break the cycle and have some fun just special for Lucy, I let her pick out several balloons from the party store. She loves balloons, so this was definitely something special for her. Unfortunately, the balloons only made her happy for a very short period of time before she just lost it. But, I let her just have her time and then we were able to talk about it and she finished the day totally happy. I swear, a two year old is very complex!






Sarah said...

#1! :)

ccorley said...

hang in there kell! We are hitting the same stage and I am not looking forward to it either. Bless your heart for all you are going through. Hope it gets better soon! if there is anything i can do let me know. love ya

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you but age three was the worst ever for us with my son. I thought two was bad until he turned three! My husband said to me, "I thought it was supposed to get better?" As he got closer to four though, it was like he was a different child. He's been great ever since. I feel your pain though. It's hard!

Laurie said...

Oh Kell, I am so grateful for your friendship as well, and the best part about having blogs is that we can keep up with each other even when life is really hectic. I know you've been going through a ton lately and even if we don't email for a bit, I love that I still feel in touch (at least to some degree) with you because I get to see those gorgeous girls in your pics everyday.
Anyway, I think 3 is going to be rough on all of us! It might be a loooooong year;) The other day, I told Jack "uh oh, my ears don't hear you when you're whining," and he responded with "uh oh, my ears don't hear you when you're bossy!" Seriously, what do you do with that?!! I have no clue. My response has been to checkout as many parenting books as possible and hope I just absorb better coping / response strategies! I'm in trouble.

Sharon said...

So cute! I am always thankful that these phases Linhsey goes through don't last too long. Here's hoping Lucy's is a short one!

Sherri said...

I am so feeling your pain! Grace has turned into a little tyrant. She is so sweet for others but will do NOTHING that I ask her to do. We lead a life of constant battles and defiance. Maybe I should try some balloons.

Kate said...

This kind of forum has definitey blessed me with some great friends, including you. Even though we have never physically spoken, we all build our relationships by supporting one another through our blogs and emails. It's just really cool. Sorry again about your pics. I'm still have trouble with some back-posts and getting photos to "stick". I just gave up. Let me know if you figure it out.

Lordy girl, wait until FOUR. Not to downplay it at all, but three was a piece of cake for me. Age four means WHINE = WINE!!!

Emily said...

those balloons are so awesome. poor lulu doesnt know there are balloons outside of the sad little harris teeter ones.
i cant believe all this mess about your pictures. what a pain.
here is what i do with my pictures. it is a bit more work, but i think worth it in the long run. i download the large size from my flickr to my actual computer. then i upload the picture directly to my blog. once all my pics are up i throw them in the trash since i no longer need it on my computer. that way you are not married to flickr forever in case it shuts down (god forbid). the pictures are just in your blog and not connected anywhere. i had the same problem with my pictures when i went private with flickr but never addressed it. i just started doing it this way and it has been great.
sorry, this is a really long message...:)

Emily said...

i didnt mean i just started doing it this way. i mean i have been doing it this way (for a long time actually).
does that make any sense???

Chandra said...

Love today's photos.

As for your photos not showing up still. Are you sure you are able to post private photos? I assume you are because I assume the ones in your new posts are set to private and obviously you are not having a problem with those, just the ones that use to be public I guess.

Question, if you go directly to the link for one of those photos, can you view it ok? Obviously I can't because it is set to private, but can you see the photo ok?

I'm sorry I have no idea why some are working and some aren't. That's a hard thing to troubleshoot unless you are the user! Have you tried contacting Flickr to ask about it? Otherwise I'm worried you may have to re upload them or something. I hope that's not the case! Good luck.

Unknown said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! I love all your photos.. What camera do you use? Maybe one day, you can help me use mine. lol. I don't think my camera gets high res like yours though.
Helps to have 2 gorgeous daughters too. wink wink!

Unknown said...

btw, reading everyone's comments above.. i have to agree. Terrible two's are nothing compared to the f'n (as my friends say to me, lol) 3's and 4's. Oof! But you know what? Hang in there and let it go. Pick your battles otherwise, you just stress for absolutely nothing. And be glad that your daughter picks YOU as her "sounding board". haha! Because she trusts you completely and can have meltdowns, tantrums and whatever else with you, and she knows you love her no matter what. It's why they don't have tantrums with anyone else but us mommies! Hang in there, my daughter will be turning 5 this year.. she's still a handful but it's easing up!

Mom said...

#13!!!!! he he he he Sorry so slow, but I had such a headache last night, otherwise I would have put the moves on Sarah! Love the pics with the balloons. Sorry you've feeling a rough patch. Hate to say it, but this too, shall pass! And in reality, all too quickly. Since I know nothing about the pic fixing up deal, all I can say is don't kill yourself about it. You can do it! One pic at a time. Breathe. Back to the 2's, 3's, 4's, you young pumpkins just wait till you are fending off the boy and girl friends. Can't wait to read the blogs on that! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

One can never have too many friends. Lucky!

Kelli said...

I seriously don't know what I would do without the blogging community. I may have very well jumped off of a cliff by now...Hang in there. I hope things start getting better soon! Love the balloon pics. I should do that with Aiden sometime- he loves balloons!

MKH said...

Hey there-balloons are always a hit-nice work! I actually think 3 is going to be a great age for you-they can do so much more, communicate better etc. Yeh they have more of a mind of their own, but as long as they're busy (which you and your girls seem to master) then it's all good!