Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am sooooo far from being back into a good blogging routine, but this is way better than over a month between posts, right? Thanks for all of the love and support on my returning post. Here goes on our past week.

We had a really low key 4th of July weekend. Justin was gone all weekend. The girls and I went to our neighborhood parade on Saturday with two good neighbor friends and their daughters. It was really cute. Annie was quite shy at the parade. She stuck right on me. Lucy of course loved it because they were throwing candy, and we all know, that child loves sweets like nobody I have ever seen.

After the parade, I broke down and bought a double stroller. It is made by Combi and the girls are obsessed with it. Yes, we made it this long without a double stroller but I can't do it anymore. They fight over the one stroller we have now. They both used to want to walk, but now they both want to ride, so I had to get one. I am glad I did and really wish I would have done it sooner.

On the actual 4th we went to church and came home and made a FABULOUS flag cake. The cake and icing were homemade and it really was so cute. This is totally ridiculous, but I only have a picture of it on my iPhone. I think my neighbor has a real picture of it, so I will have her email me. ****Edited to add cake picture that Jackie sent me.

But the big news of the past week is that we moved the girls into the same room! Our house has been on the market FOREVER. But we are taking it off the market and going to rearrange a little around here so that I can have an office, which I have needed for 1.5 years. Lucy's room is a giant room. There is loads of room in it for Annie's crib, Lucy's bed, all of their clothes, and all of their toys. So on Monday, we started the process and by Tuesday, Annie's crib was in there.

The girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being in the same room. And it is quite hilarious at bedtime. The first night Justin was home alone with the girls because I had my monthly mom's night out with playgroup moms. I kept getting texts from him about how the girls were shrieking, laughing, and screaming in delight of being in the same room. He just let them alone, which is exactly what I would have done because we knew it would take some time for the novelty to wear off. 1.5 hours later and they were still at it. Justin said he got in the shower and when he got out, Annie was kind of fussing. So he went down there to see what was going on. He walked in to find her crib FILLED with toys, blankets and pillows that Lucy had thrown in there - Annie couldn't even lay down. And the funniest part, Lucy had crawled into her own bed and gone to sleep leaving Annie to try and figure out what to do with all of that stuff. Cracks me up.

The second night, we eventually found Lucy IN the crib with Annie because we told her she was not allowed to put stuff in the crib. Obviously stuff did not include herself! Each night the craziness last for a shorter period of time. So they are getting used to it.

My biggest worry was nap time because both girls REALLY need a nap. Lucy has insisted on sleeping in there, so I take Annie up first and let her fall asleep and then take Lucy in. She knows she has to be totally quiet and she has been doing that, so that has been great. We are just really, really happy that they like it. And I cannot tell you what having a desk and office set up has done for my productivity. It is insane, which is great because I have been working nonstop all week processing orders. I have held several sessions rescheduled because of the crazy amount of rain we have been getting. I am supposed to have a couple this upcoming week, so we'll see if that happens.

Here are my pictures from the parade and making the cake. Have a great rest of your weekend.


Where she stayed for the whole my feet.

Candy, candy, candy!!!!!!!


She eventually waved from a distance.

How Annie saw things.

That's my neighbor, Christy's, cute belly. She looks amazing with only a month to go!






Thursday, July 01, 2010

Long time no chat

Okay, after a 1.5 month personal blog hiatus, I am going to make an attempt at a comeback. I have missed you all. I have missed documenting the girls lives. But I am not going to lie, the break has been good for me. I find myself often stretched thin, and the thought of having to edit photos and write something that made sense seemed completely overwhelming to me. July is a good month for me to get back on track here. It is 100+ degrees and portrait season has slowed way down. Since I know in a few short months my crazy fall season will begin, I thought that I could focus on some personal stuff for July and August.

I know I tossed around mixing personal and my business blog. I am still not sure about all of that. It is 1000 times easier to post to my business blog than it is here. I know I could look into moving this blog to a wordpress one, but again, I am not looking to make more work. I have become quite selfish of my personal time, now haven't I? We'll see what I do about all of this. It is still up in the air.

SOOOOOOOOO much has happened since I last posted in the middle of May. Lucy finished her school. She got her hair cut into a super cool asymmetrical bob. Annie has turned into a full blown 2 year old. She is giving me a big run for my money, but she is funnier than ever. We spent 3 weeks in Arkansas with my family. We went to a family reunion. The list goes on and on. But I am not going to stress out about trying to relive the past 1.5 months. I am going to post a few of my favorite pictures and then try and pick back up. Okay? Okay.

I really have missed my blog friends. Please come back if you want. I am going to make an effort to not be gone for so long.

These first pictures are from today. Lucy got a floor length princess nightgown at a Disney store and she rarely takes it off. Seriously, she loves it so much. It is pretty cute.





The cutest trouble maker of all times. Really though, she is simply naughty.


From our family reunion. Lucy was in LOVE with all of the little girls this year. So cute.

John's dad, Adam, found these hilarious mustache's.


My cutie patootie nephews, John and Wyatt.





I love this photo of Wyatt and my dad.

Also a trouble maker. Wyatt and I get into lots of trouble together.



This face is SO Wyatt.