Friday, May 15, 2009


Lucy 135/365

Annie 135/365

Today I am thankful for having neighbors that I can call and say, "Let's take the girls and go get Mexican food and a margarita" and I know that they will be up for it. I didn't want another evening to drag on and we were all pretty bored. So, Christy brought Ava down and we all walked to one of our favorite restaurants and ate outside. It was just what we all needed.

We had a great day today. We all got a much needed peaceful night of sleep. After naps this afternoon, we got out the little pool we got Annie for her birthday. Lucy loved it and Annie was not too sure. The water was freezing and she did not really like that at first. She ended up getting used to it and having a great time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! That's it for me today.







KrisJ said...

So adorable!! Glad you got some good sleep! How bout that Greys ending AAAHHH!! I need the season to start NOW!

Anonymous said...

Get outta town with this cuteness!!! Babies in bikinis = TOO CUTE! Annie looks especially ravishing in these photos and her hair is getting longer - adorable!

And of course, Lucy is beautiful as ever.

Sherri said...

I absolutely love that first photo of Lucy. I wish you were closer and I would get you to take some pics of Gracie. She has four empty frames above her bed waiting for me go get some BW pics. The have been there for a few months. Grace had that pool and it is super cold. I am so excited for Annie and all of her big milestones. GO GIRL!

Seashy said...

these pictures RULE. the first two pictures are awesome and Annie is giving a look like she is really modeling. LOVE it.

Laurie said...

Hey Kell, meant to drop you a comment yesterday to say YAY for Annie!! I bet the newfound freedom to explore through standing will just motivate her to be upright all the time now...better start putting all Lucy's most precious things up higher because here comes Annie!! That's so exciting!
We walked to our fav Mexican restaurant too. Wish you lived closer!

Sara said...

This is sooooo cute. I love the last one with Lucy so busy doing the watering and Annie playing in the background! I also love it that you sometimes call her Anners. Its so funny how nicknames just happen. Have a nice weekend!

MKH said...

oh my gosh those are some of the greatest pics! the first 2 are so so great! and all of the angles on the others are just fab! the girls look ADORABLE in their bikini's! glad you were able to get some sleep!

Mom2J&I said...

I cannot stand how cute Annie is in a bikini!
That 2nd shot is my fav.

Elaine said...

Lucy and Annie are absolutely adorable. A couple of bathing beauties.
Elaine from MT