Sunday, May 31, 2009


Annie 151/365

Lucy 151/365

Today I am thankful for a really fun weekend with my family. We took the girls to a baseball game this afternoon. They had a lot of fun but then Lucy kind of started to lose it, so we went ahead and left before things got too crazy. We made it through 7 innings though. Not bad if you ask me. It was really nice to have Justin home and we really made the most of our weekend.

I am exhausted from our weekend. We were up late every night and of course the girls were up early. I am going to bed very early tonight.

The pics are from the baseball game. I only took a few because wrangling the girls and the camera in those seats was not easy.




Saturday, May 30, 2009


Lucy 150/365

Annie 150/365

Today I am thankful that for the first time EVER Lucy has shown some interest in potty training. I have not pushed this on her at all. We talk about it some, but that is about the extent of it. Everyone says to not force this on them. But a couple of times this week she has talked about going to the potty in the big girl potty and not wearing yucky baby diapers. And then today she really wanted to sit on the potty and wear her big girl panties. She has never even let me try the panties on her, so this is BIG! She never actually went on the potty, but the fact that she wanted to sit there is big for us. I am really ready for her to be trained, so come on!!!

Can y'all believe I am 150 days into this project. CRAZY!!

We had a great afternoon outside with our neighbors for a cook out and waterslide fun. That really wears the girls out, so they are tuckered out. Date night last night was awesome. We ate so much that we basically rolled ourselves home and had to go to bed. The girls never made a peep for the babysitter. Yeah! It was great to get out and have some fun. We went with our neighbors, Steve and Christy, and I was pretty much laughing the entire time. Love that.

I barely took any pictures today because I was just enjoying the day my family. Thanks for all of the sweet comments on Lucy's hair. It really is so precious.



Friday, May 29, 2009


Lucy 149/365

Annie 149/365

Today I am thankful for date night! It is so rare for us to get out on a date and I am very excited. One of my little sister's friends recently moved to town and we hope that we can start using her some for a babysitter. I have a really hard time leaving the girls with anyone and even tonight they are sound asleep before the sitter even gets here. I am just glad to have someone here willing to watch the girls that we know.

As you can all see, I got Lucy's long hair bobbed today. After seeing how precious one of her playgroup friends, Molly, looked after she got her hair cut, I just wanted to do it. We want Lucy to have long hair and will definitely be growing it back out, but it was just out of control with all of this wild new growth coming in all over her head. I really couldn't put it in a ponytail any more because there was just crazy hair shooting out everywhere. It looked terrible. So, it was down all of the time and I was just tired of it looking so thin and stringy. So I just took her in today and had it cut. It ended up a tad shorter than I had planned, but I love it and think she looks darling. Justin didn't want it this short, but I have assured him that it will grow back in no time and be much fuller and even more beautiful than it was before. What do you think?? Pretty cute, huh?

Okay, I have to go. I haven't even showered yet.

This child is so wild. She is in constant motion and now that involves all kinds of weird positions.

STANDING on her own! Don't worry, I promise Justin isn't dead. He just really doesn't function well in the mornings!

I am pretty sure he was really actually asleep here. Never mind the children crawling all over him. He can sleep anytime, anywhere.


Right before we left for her haircut.

She LOVES her new hair.






Thursday, May 28, 2009


Annie 148/365

Lucy 148/365

Today I am thankful for an awesome day with Lucy. I think that she is just getting more and more affected by Justin's absence when he is out of town. She was SO happy to see him this morning and has just been back to her normal, happy self all day long. No butting heads, no fits, no meltdowns. It has been greatness. She is so much fun and it is hard when I know that I am being hard on her and she is testing me. Anyway, it was just a breath of fresh air to have such a carefree day with her today.

Justin and I took the girls to breakfast at our favorite diner and then First Monday today - it is the giant flea market once a month. We didn't find any treasures we couldn't live without other than some candles and soup mixes. It is still so much fun to walk around and dig through the junk. We were gone almost all day. Then we played at the house a bit, ate dinner with neighbors, and everyone is tucked in bed. The girls hardly napped today, so they are worn out.

Annie can actually stand on her own for over 10 seconds at a time now. That girl is SO determined. She decided she wanted to stand, and a few days later, she can. Justin was impressed with her new skill.




Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Annie 147/365

Lucy 147/365

Today I am thankful for Justin getting home in a few minutes and actually having a weekend off, which almost never happens. We should have planned something, but surely we can think of something fun for us all to do. We are all very excited to see him.

Do y'all watch So You Think You Can Dance? It is soooooooooooooo good. Love it and so glad that it has started again. I have had a hard time getting this done because I can't stop watching it. If you have never seen it, watch it. It is fascinating. Not a cheesy reality show, but extremely talented dancers who do amazing things.

We had therapy for Annie today to make up missing on Monday. I was so excited to go because she has started doing so much since we were last there 2.5 weeks ago. Her OT was definitely pleased with her progress. She is getting close to crawling, but we have to stay right beside her to prevent her from pulling her legs under her to sit and scoot. She really needs to work on her upper body strength, which is still lacking. So we brought home these neoprene short things that make her keep her legs in. They are so funny. They look just like what a deep sea diver would wear. She didn't mind them a bit and they did seem to help. We are supposed to work with her in them for 20-30 minutes a day. I hope they give her the extra confidence to take off crawling.

Annie had a great night eating tonight. She ate almost an entire piece of deli turkey. It is a BIG deal when she swallows table food. She loves to put food in her mouth, swish it around, and spit it back out. But tonight she actually ate and swallowed. I have never given her deli meat, but we will start doing that more often. I was eating a sandwich and Cheetos puffs so I handed her a puff. Um, yeah, like Justin, Lucy, and I she thoroughly enjoyed it. She scarfed several down. Yeah!

I am off to enjoy Justin being home!


This might have been our messiest dinner ever. She was a wreck afterwards, but so stinkin happy about it all.

Bruiser and Bianca just hang out by the highchair while Annie is there. She LOVES to throw stuff off of her tray to them.

Do you want some more Bianca?


Cheetos rules!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Silhouettes

I got lucky I guess because I just did a session for my sister-in-law's family at the beach with some pretty cool silhouette shots of their family and the seagulls. Be sure and check out all of the fun silhouette entries at I ♥ Faces.



Lucy 146/365

Annie 146/365

Today I am thankful for blog friends. I got an email from Nicki today saying that she would be willing to work on fixing all of my picture fiasco with me. How nice is that? Seriously?!? She has plenty going on in her busy life so of course I said I wouldn't make her face that awful task with me, but I was just floored by how kind of a gesture it was. And any time I have problems going on, I know that I will get an email from Laurie checking on us. And the other day when my pictures first messed up, the first person to let me know was a dear friend, J, who keeps a much more private blog than I do so I am not going to link to her. She was just making sure that we were okay. I find myself getting so caught up in life and how busy things are and rapidly losing touch with friends that mean a whole lot to me. I am terrible about this. When I feel overwhelmed, I kind of shut down and lose contact with people. I hate that and need to work on it. Anyway, thanks to all of my bloggy friends for your support and love. It is greatly appreciated and everyone who has commented or emailed in the past few days reminded me why I love this blog community so much!

I promise I will stop talking about the pictures, but not quite yet. Can anyone explain to me how the pictures from a few posts back that I have already fixed are still having issues with some of the pictures? The html codes have not changed again, but the pictures are gone again. WHY???? It is really scaring me because I have fixed them but they still aren't working - and they were for a day and then stopped working.

I let Lucy pick out a few balloons today for something fun for her. She and I have been butting heads the past few days. I see the beginning of a rough stage coming on. She is just being a handful lately. She had a monster meltdown this afternoon. Just completely lost it. I have found myself more frustrated with her than normal because of her testing every single thing that I say or ask of her. It makes for some long days. We have been in such an awesome stage ever since Annie came home, but I think that difficult three year old stage is on the horizon. :( So, in order to break the cycle and have some fun just special for Lucy, I let her pick out several balloons from the party store. She loves balloons, so this was definitely something special for her. Unfortunately, the balloons only made her happy for a very short period of time before she just lost it. But, I let her just have her time and then we were able to talk about it and she finished the day totally happy. I swear, a two year old is very complex!





Monday, May 25, 2009


Annie 145/365

Lucy 145/365

Today I am thankful for all of the service men and women of this country. You all do such an awesome job protecting our country and putting your lives on the line for our freedom. I can't possibly thank you enough. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.

We had a much better day today. Thanks to everyone who left comments on the last post. Our neighbors just got this ENORMOUS water slide thing for their house and we played on it all afternoon. I bet Lucy went down the slide 150 times. I even went down it several times!

Okay, so I am in the process of fixing the pictures. However, I just got on the blog and a lot of the pictures are missing again. Is this happening to you guys? Please tell me it isn't. I have no idea what is going on here. Nothing has changed on those pictures since I went back and made them private again and then reposted them. They were all working yesterday and earlier today. But now when I get back, a whole lot of the pictures are showing up unavailable again. I am going to completely flip out. Again, nothing has changed since I fixed these posts. WHY!?!?!?!