Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today I am SOOOOOOOO thankful that Bruiser is safely back at home. Thanks for all of the prayers. The kindest lady picked him up and he had a little sleepover at her house. She actually took a sign by our vet first thing this morning and they recognized him and called us. I went and picked him up and thanked her a million times over. I was so stressed about him being gone.

If you tried to get on this blog earlier today and all of the pictures were down, it was because I had switched all of my pics to friends and family on Flickr. Apparently I can't do that and still have them on here. For those of you who use Flickr, I know people post blog pics when they are only visible on Flickr to friends and family, so why is this? I post them on here by copy and pasting an html code, do I need to use the blog this button? I would really like to make my pictures more private on Flickr, but there is no way I am going back and redoing all of the posts to fix the pictures. Any advice?

****Now, all of my pictures aren't showing up on previous posts, even though the pictures are back to public on flickr. One or two random pictures on each post is working, but none of the rest. Is this happening to you guys???? I am about to freak out!!!!!*************

Annie has really decided she wants to be a big girl today. She has worked all day long on standing from sitting without holding on to anything. The funny thing is, she is no where near being able to stand freely without holding on, but she isn't going to let that stop her. She goes from sitting, to downward facing dog position, to a squat, and then starts raising up. She has actually gotten all the way up several times and then just fallen back on her behind. Pretty impressive.

I am off to get some work done.


Mab said...

So glad Bruiser is back and safe!! Thank goodness for kind strangers! I have been worried for you about him....we just got a dog for the first time about a month ago and I cannot imagine how I'd feel if he went away.

The girls are just beautiful and as I always type, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics! One day I'm coming to Dallas to let you photograph my girls.

Mom said...

Yea for Bruiser!!! Yea for the kind lady! Yea Yea Yea! I have had trouble getting the pics. Tonight I can get them all but the last one. Could it be of Bruiser??? He deserves some press time! The girls look adorable and cudos to Miss Annie for the up and down time! They look so sweet in their dresses. Drool and all! I sure do love and miss you guys!! Hugs and kisses, Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Bruiser is back! Dudley "had a night out" just for a couple hours once and I almost had to commit myself!

Ashley said...

I went through this in the beginning of the year. I had to start all over & re-do the HTML for the photos.

I had them on public, then switched to F&F. It messed the link up. Then I tried switching them back to public to see if it would fix the links and it wouldn't. I had to re-do a years worth of blogging photos..

However, if you upload them to flickr as F&F only then you can post them on here without there being an issue. Only if you later on change from F&F to Public will it break the link.

Hope this helps.. good luck.. this almost brought me to tears.

Anonymous said...

I switched to f&f on flickr, too. I usually blog pics from my iphoto, so I don't even deal with flickr. Although I'm going to try what one of the commentators said- posting as f&f.

Ronja said...

I especially love todays pictures, the little chair is so cute (especially if it has one of your girls sitting on them :-))

When I first started to read your blog I didn't think your pictures could get any better, but now, a year and two cameras later, the still get better and better and better!! Very inspiring, thank you so much for sharing!

Kristi said...

I'm so glad Bruiser just had a little sleepover and is home again!

I really think you're going to have to re-do all of your links. When you uploaded your pictures and marked them "public" Flickr created a link. Then when you marked them "private," that link was replaced with a new one. Once you marked them "public" again, Flickr created a brand new link. To see the photos on the blog again you're going to have to put in the new link.

If you're going to do that, put it back to "private" first.

I'm so sorry you'll need to go through all of that work. When I moved our blog to Blogger, I couldn't face it and still haven't moved all the photos.

Heather said...

Hooray for your puppy being home safe & sound! Worry, worry! They are like mini-kiddos!

Hooray for Annie & her will to try! Our Caleigh was born with club feet & she has no ACLs in her knees. She was home at 8 months from VN, surgery & casts for 3 months, braces all day for 4 months & is now in braces only at night for 12 hours. She has amazed everyone by crawling at 12 months (even with her braces on!) and walking at 15 months. She is now 19 months & trying to run.

These children are so special & God works miracles every day. She will amaze you I am certain!

Good News all around. Hooray! Hooray!

Heather M.

Kate said...

First, yay that Bruiser is home. You're so lucky you found him...Twice.

As far as Flickr, I did this same exact thing last year and it screwed up my blog. I had no clue that when you switch over, it broke the link to the html code. I still have posts from the beginning that are missing pictures and I just don't have the energy to fix them right now. I've switched to photobucket because it gives you more options with your photos.

Kelli said...

So happy to hear Bruiser is home safe!

Patty said...

Hi, only my second comment, the first was to introduce myself, but I did want to say how happy I am that Bruiser is back home safe and sound! I love being reminded of generous acts of kindness and love...given freely! I also wanted to let you know about the flicker issue. I have always used the F&F feature so I haven't had the problem of "losing" my photos, but I do know that when they are originally stored they are given their own URL; when changed from public to private (or vise versa)the URL is changed to ensure privacy. This is why the photos disappeared from your blog--the link to their file was empty. Unfortunately, you can't just change previously stored photos back to public and reinstate the old URL. Again, it assigns it a new URL. The answer to your problem is labor intensive, but have to attach the new URL to each photo which has been removed from your blog. Any URL assignment placed on newly downloaded photos will not be affected unless you change their status later. So, you can use the F&F feature from this point on and keep the security you are looking for in flicker while posting on the blog. A note though, the slideshow you have on the side of your blog will only support publicly viewable photos.

Nicki said...

SO glad Bruiser is home safely - he's really getting around!!! What a wonderful lady! Our dog gets out any time there is a loose board in our fence (which is always how we find out the board is loose) and I am amazed at the kindness of people but always worried about the day some greedy person takes her home and we never see her again.

As for flickr, I used to upload pics as Only You (private) and didn't even add them to friends & family and I could still blog them. You just have to decide what setting you want it leave it at that. Once you switch it assigns a new URL and you have to go through and readd each photo. I wish there were a faster solution :( If you find one, let me know!