Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sorry for the Delay

Sorry I have not posted in several days. I have been meaning to, but we came to Little Rock to visit family and I have just been busy. I have much to discuss.

First, the doctor's appointment went just fine. He was very happy with how healthy Lucy is and how well she is adjusting. She weighed 15 lbs, so she has gained a pound since we were at her Visa interview. She was in the 50th percentile for both weight and head circumference. She was 26.75 inches long, which made her in the 90th percentile for height!! She is a tall girl. She didn't have to get any shots or blood drawn at this appointment, so it was not bad. However, we are now in the process of gathering stool samples, which may I say makes me totally gag. Once we gather the number of viles that they gave us, we take them to the lab and then she will have her blood drawn, which will not be fun either. They will run the full screen of tests then. She will get her shots when we go back to the doctor in 6 weeks. Lucy's orphanage gave us a detailed report of the vaccines that she has had thus far, so we are just going to pick up where she left off and add the vaccines that she never received in Vietnam. So, that was the doctor's appointment.

I have had several people ask how our dogs are adjusting to Lucy. Bianca, is fine. She likes to kiss on Lucy, but does not like it when Lucy tries to reach out at her. She likes to cuddle with me while I rock or hold Lucy. Bruiser, on the other hand, is not so happy to have a sister. He is snippy with her, but we are working on him. He is not a friendly dog, period. So I don't know that he is ever going to get much better. I would prefer he just ignore her. Justin caught Lucy, Bianca, and I napping the other day.

Lucy has had a great time meeting her cousin, John and her aunt Holly. John has grown so much since I last saw him. He is such a big boy. We are having a little sip and see for Lucy tomorrow, which will be fun. I will post pictures from it afterwards.

She started eating some peas 2 days ago. She is not so impressed. We will try a new vegggie in a day or so. The doctor was fine with the amount she has been eating. He did say she should be getting about 35 oz. of formula a day, which we are no where near. But, he said since she is growing that he is not concerned. Yeah. She has eaten the peas a little, but not much. They are gross to me too, so I can't say I blame her. The doctor also said that teeth do not appear to be coming for now. I thought maybe she was starting to get teeth since she chews so much, but he said not for a while. Lucy is sleeping longer and longer each night. She made it 8.5 hours last night before she needed a bottle. It was so great for me. She sleeps until 8 or 8:30 each morning. I am starting to feel more and more like a normal person. I have been able to stay awake until 10:30 or 11 this whole week. I was going to bed at like 8:30 there for a while.

We are getting her pictures made on Monday and I cannot wait. A friend I grew up with from childhood is taking them and she is the best photographer I know. The pictures are going to turn out so great!! That is about it on Lucy updates for today.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Stop Kissin on Me

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Lucy just thought it was too funny today for me to kiss on her neck. I don't think that there is anything better than a laughing baby. It makes me smile so big.

We got her a Bumbo seat and she seems to really like it. She thinks she is such a big girl in it. Tomorrow is her big doctors appointment. I am ready to go and get it over with. I know that she is going to hate it. I just hate the idea of her being unhappy, and I know her well enough to know that she is not going to like being poked and prodded by a stranger. I hope that the doctor tells me she can start eating some more foods. She seems to really enjoy eating from a spoon. I think that he is going to tell me she needs to eat more formula first. We'll see. I can already tell how much she has grown and it is quite a bit. Her thighs are getting some good rolls on them!! :) I just love baby chub.

Tomorrow I will try and post some video of her getting into the crawl position. She will be mobile soon. YIKES!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sleepy Girl

Now that Lucy has her schedule turned around, the girl sleeps at night. The other day she slept in until 10 am. She had gone to bed at 9, took her night bottles, and slept until 10. I checked on her a million times that morning because I just couldn't believe she slept so late. Now it is 9 am and she is still snoozin. I guess she likes her bed. She generally sleeps between 12 and 13 hours. She is not much of a napper. She usually takes a few short cat naps during the day, so I am guessing that is why she sleeps so much at night. She is like her momma and doesn't want to miss out on anything during the day.

Justin and I had a great anniversary. We went to dinner while a couple of close friends watched Lucy. She entertained them the whole 1.5 hours they were here. It was already so strange to be without her. Here is a family picture from that night.

I got my jacket that I am wearing in Hanoi at Khai Silk. I love it so much. I need to post some pictures of our treasures. I will start working on that.

This morning is the first time that I have seen the sun since we left Vietnam. It gets a little depressing when it is raining and freezing everyday for more than a week. We have not had typical Texas weather and I am a little sick of it. I am so excited that the sun is out.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Today should be a fun day of football!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Videos at Last!!!

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Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos

I have finally got the video thing figured out. Woo Hoo for me!! The first one is Lucy in her Jumperoo. My mom was making a monkey noise for her and she really did think it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. The other one is from our hotel room in Danang. She was being so funny. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Today is Justin and I's 3 year anniversary. He is a wonderful father and husband and we are both blessed to have one another. Marriage is a lot of work, but it is so worth it. Justin has taught me so much and I look forward to the memories and great times we will have in the future.

Lucy has slept great for the past 2 nights. Back to her normal 11 hours with 2 bottles throughout the night. She is eating some cereal now and we are hoping it helps her sleep a little longer at night. She is still not a great eater. I wish that I could get a little more down her, but she seems to be just fine with the amount that she is taking. We have her pediatrician check up next Tuesday, so we will see what he has to say about her eating. Any tricks on how to get her to eat more??? Also, Lucy is sleeping in her crib now. She is a restless sleeper but now that she is settled in with us she sleeps a million times better in her crib. She LOVES the soft blankets that we have for her and she rubs them all over her face and snuggles in with them. It is so cute.

She is going to be crawling soon. Within the past couple of days she has started pulling her knees under herself in the crawl position. She doesn't know what to do once she gets there, but she can get in the position. She is already changing and growing so much it amazes me. I already feel like she is getting so big. She is really still just a little bitty pumpkin and I try and cherish all of my "baby" moments with her. Sometimes I just rock her for a long time even though she has been dead asleep because I know I won't always be able to do that.

Okay, I have to run, but I will update the pictures soon.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Life at Home

We are all doing really really well as we get settled in our routine here at home. Lucy has done amazingly well in getting the time zone difference worked out. She is sleeping through most of the night with a short play period in the middle most of the time. I think that tonight she will be all the way turned around because she has only taken a few short naps today verses sleeping most of the day. I still get tired during the day, but nothing that is too difficult to deal with. We have been really blessed because both Justin and my parents have been in town since we got home to help out when we were too tired to function. It has saved us and made this transition really pretty darn easy.

Lucy loves it here. She got a Jumperoo today and she goes nuts in it. Sherri, does Grace just live in her Jumperoo?? I bet she does. She has really enjoyed all of the nonstop love and attention she has gotten from all of the family being in town. I still can't get the video upload figured out, but I am working on it. I have some awesome videos and really would love to share them.

I posted some new pictures, so enjoy.

Friday, January 12, 2007

We're Home and Alive!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was a crazy day. We arrived back in Dallas at 9 am. The whole customs thing with Lucy took all of about 3 minutes. I couldn't believe how easy it was. Now, let me fill you in on our travels.

We left Hanoi at 1 am to fly to Tokyo. We left for the airport at 9 because we had to make some adjustments with our tickets. Lucy fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport, and then only woke up for a few minutes and she was out. She slept for th first 2 hours of the flight and then was up for the last 2. So, that means that she started her night really late and was up at 3 for the day. She took a few cat naps in the Tokyo airport, but nothing for longer than 10 minutes. We had a 5.5 hour layover in Tokyo, so by this point she is exhausted. I am thinking that this is working out perfectly. She should sleep most of the 11 hour flight home.

We board the plane and she falls asleep right as we are taking off. Again, sounds perfect you are probably saying. She slept for about 5 minutes and then she was up. And she was not amused. The first 4 hours of the flight were torture. She was crying and fussing and would fall asleep for a minute and then wake up even madder than before. It really was awful. After 4 hours, she finally gave up her fight and took an hour nap. She woke up a little happier. Then she slept for about 3.5 hours at the end of the flight. She was up for the last hour of the flight, but she was not so grumpy anymore. While all of this is going on, she is now on her 2nd night in Vietnam time of getting only a few hours of sleep. We all know, that this is not something that is going to turn out pretty in the end.

We get to Dallas, my Mom and Dad and sister, Katy are at the airport to pick us up. Lucy did great in the carseat. I was worried she would hate it. She took a short cat nap on the ride home. We come in and she is totally showing off for everyone. Smiling and all happy. She showed the family how much she loves her bath because after all of the travelling, we are all a bit funky smelling. After her bath, she was pretty much done. She was so incredibly exhausted that she didn't know what to do with herself. This girl will fight sleep like nothing you have ever seen. It is really amazing how hard she will fight it. She decided that she was the maddest that she has ever been in her life. She screamed her head off for at least 45 minutes. And I mean screaming. She was furious and exhausted and overwhelmed and freaked out all wrapped into one. She finally gave up the fight and slept for about 45 minutes. Again, no where near long enough. In the back of my mind, I am thinking that despite the misery of this situation for everyone, it is going to help with getting her switched around time wise.

She got up for a bit, screamed, and then finally could fight no more. She went down for a 6 hour nap with a bottle in the middle. During all of the freaking out, she would not eat a drop of formula. I went in during her nap and picked her up and fed her and she never woke up at all but she scarfed down a bottle. I was relieved to finally have something on her tummy. Anyway, she ended up getting up for a while and then going back down until 3 am, at which point my dad got up with her and played. She was in a great mood after some sleep. I got up and fed her at 5:30 and she is back down for the count. Honestly, we are not going to have a hard time getting her time zones switched since she refused to sleep during travel.

As far as Justin and I go, we are doing great with the jet lag. I didn't take a nap all day yesterday and went to bed at about 7. I got up for a bit at about 10 and then started my day at 5 am and I feel really great. By the time I went to bed, I had been up for 50 hours without a minute of sleep. I don't sleep on flights and I especially don't sleep with a screaming baby.

I can already tell that today is going to be a much much better day for Miss Priss. It is going to take a while to get her settle, but she is going to do great. You all were so wonderful the whole time we were in Vietnam. The comments and support always made my days better, so thanks!! I will post pictures of Lucy at home later today. Right now I may try and catch a cat nap myself!! It feels so great to be home!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


We have the passport and visa in our hand and we are coming home tonight!! We leave Hanoi at midnight, fly through Tokyo, and then home to Dallas. WOOOO HOOOOO!!! I can't believe that we are done. It seems a little unreal to me. I can't believe that we are coming home with our Lucy. It was strange to me thinking about Lucy leaving Vietnam. She has no idea that she is leaving her country and starting a new life in the US with us. It is a little sad that she will have such little exposure to her roots. We will do all that we can to teach her about Vietnam, but it will be different.

For those of you in Dallas, we will be home at 9:45 am Thursday morning. I don't have the flight number with me, but we are flying directly from Tokyo, so you can look it up if you want to greet us. We would love to see you all. Please please pray for our travel and that it goes smoothly. We are hoping that some miracle will happen and Miss Priss will sleep most of the flight. The flight tonight should be easy. She should snooze the whole time. The flight from Tokyo is another story. We'll see how it goes.

We love you all and can't wait for you all to meet Lucy in person. SEE YOU IN THE USA!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Time to Come Home!!

Our visa interview is done and took about two seconds and once we pick it up tomorrow we are free to come home!!!!! We are hoping and praying that we can get our flights changed. They are being worked on now. Man, I hope we can leave tomorrow night. I am dreading the flight home so much, but I would rather get it over with than sit around and worry about it. I hope it is not too hard on Lucy, or us for that matter.

We went to the water puppet show tonight. I didn't get to see too much of it because Lucy could only handle about 10 minutes of it. Then she and I looked around outside while Justin watched the rest of the show. We bought a suitcase today to get the rest of our stuff home. We probably need two cabs just to get to the airport. We have gotten the most amazing stuff here that we will always treasure. I can't wait to get it all out when we get home and see what all we ended up with. We have bought so much that I don't even really remember what we have.

We are sitting in the restaurant right now and Lucy is making the entire restaurant laugh. Justin is throwing her around and she is full on belly laughing and everyone is laughing along with her. So cute. People just love her and she gets quite a large amount of attention everywhere we go.

I will let you know what we find out about our flights. USA HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Shop, Shop, and Shop

First let me tell you about our flight from HCMC to Hanoi. The Vietnamese Prime Minister was on our flight as were 6 Miss Vietnam beauty queens. It was pretty cool. Good thing Lucy didn't embarass us on the flight with poor behavior!!!!

Well, the shopping in Hanoi has not let us down. I got a great silk jacket and dress. We got some amazing stuff for our house. Justin is getting a suit made. I love the shopping here. What would cost several hundred dollars in the states costs a fraction of the price here. It's awesome and Lucy loves the shopping too. We have to buy one more enormous suit case to get everything home.

Hanoi is so different from HCMC. We like it here a lot. The pollution is really bad though. I almost forgot to tell you all this, but we got in a wreck on the way to the airport in HCMC. For those of you who don't know, the traffic in Vietnam is insane. Most of the people are on motorbikes and there are essentially no rules of the road. From what I can tell, if you are bigger, than you win. People drive the wrong way into oncoming traffic, the traffic lights mean nothing, and you use your horn constantly. So, we are in a van on the way to the airport and a girl on a motorbike wrecks into the curb. The car in front of us slammed on their brakes to try and not hit her. He still hit her bike, but not her. So, we slammed on our brakes as well, but there was no way we were not going to hit the other car. So we rear ended them. Also, car seats are nonexistent here. Justin was holding Lucy. I saw it coming. Luckily, we were not going fast enough for anyone to get hurt. But it was still scary.

We are scheduled for our final visa interview tomorrow. Please pray that we can get our Visa on Wednesday and head home that night. We have our travel agent looking into available flights. We are ready to come home and get settled in our own routine. Vietnatm has been wonderful, but we are ready to see our family and friends and sleep in our own bed and eat Mexican food.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Made it to Hanoi

We are in Hanoi. We got here yesterday afternoon, but the internet was not cooperating. Lucy did great on the 2 hour flight. She was very bored by the end, but so was I. This is going to be short because we have very limited time here and we have got some shopping to do. I will write more this evening. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are here.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Life is Wonderful

Sorry about not writing in yesterday. I worked so hard to get this adorable video of Lucy laughing uploaded and I just can't do it. I have no idea why, but I can't. I have been really annoyed by this and kept thinking yesterday that I could get it uploaded so I wanted to wait until then to post. Anyway, I will continue to work on it.

Life with Lucy has been so wonderful for the past several days. She is doing so well and adjusting more and more each day. She really enjoys us now. She smiles at us constantly and is just a joy to be around. She still gets herself all worked up at bedtime, but that is no biggie. She LOVES being in the sling. I just figured it out the other day and now for the past two days, anytime we go anywhere, she rides in the sling. She usually falls right asleep while we are out and about. I love having her so close.

We were told by many people that the stuff is cheaper in HCMC, so we decided to go ahead and shop. And boy did we shop. We have gotten tons of gifts for our family and lots of goodies for Lucy. I love all of the hand embroidered stuff. We got Lucy several dresses and pjs that are hand embroidered. The stuff is CRAZY cheap. We got ourselves the most gorgeous hand embroidered sheets and a set for Lucy when she gets much older. They are a very special gift for her and I can't wait to give them to her some day. I love all of the laquerware. We got some coasters, wine bottle holders, photo albums, etc. I have no idea how we are going to get all of this stuff to Hanoi, let alone home. We will figure it out. The other thing that we have gone completely nuts over is the art. You can get the most amazing oil paintings for $35. Any knock off you can think of and they are so gorgeous. We have gotten 13 pieces. Hopefully some day we will have wall space for all of it. Oh, I am so pumped about the art.

Something funny about Vietnam is that no matter what Lucy is wearing, including all pink, everyone always asks if she is a boy or a girl. Even today with a barette in, they still asked. Why is that?? Okay, she is totally bored right now and needs to be entertained, so I am off. I put new pictures up, so check em out. Oh my goodness, I almost forgot the most important news. We leave for Hanoi in the morning. Our Visa appointment is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:30 - so we can most likely leave on Wednesday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we may be home on Thursday if we can get the flights changed. We are so pumped to get Lucy home to meet everyone. Love to you all from Vietnam!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Water Baby!!

Be sure and check out the new pictures of our little swimmer. We decided to go to the hotel pool today because it is sweltering hot here and Lucy LOVED it. The water felt a little cold to us, so I was hesitant to let her get in, but the second her feet touched the water, she wanted to dive right in. It was so cute and funny. She just loves water. She got mad at us when we set her on the lounge chair with me. She was squirming around and trying to get back to the water, so Justin put her back in and she was laughing and playing away.

This morning we walked around near our hotel for a while. It is so hot, so I didn't want to keep her out for too long. She loved our stroll around. I think that she loves the hot weather. She is used to it and she seems comfortable in it, but I just didn't want to overheat her. For those of you who have been to Vietnam, you know how the people here cluck at the babies. Well, Justin has mastered the art of the cluck. She goes nuts when he does it.

I want to buy so much stuff, but we are trying to wait until we get to Hanoi. We already have so much stuff with us that we don't want to be adding to it already with another leg of our trip still to go. I did get an awesome skirt and a dress and a couple of things for Lucy. She will have to grow into them, because they are for a 1 year old, but they are so adorable and so cheap.

She is waking from her afternoon nap, so I have to be done for now. More later.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Feeling Much Better

We have had a much much better day. Thanks for all of your love and support. I don't think she is teething yet. It doesn't look like any teeth are any where near coming, but I could be wrong. The doctor said her ears look fine. He said that the reason that she is pulling on them is that they are probably itching. Okay. Who knows. I am happy to know that they look fine. My guess for yesterday is that she just had a bad day. We screwed up her schedule pretty bad the day before with the late travelling to HCMC. She has been happy and easy going today, and it has been a busy day for us.

We finally got some of our apointments done today. I feel like we actually moved ourselves closer to being able to come home. We met at 11 am to go to the US Consolate for our first appointment with the CIS. We were there for quite a while, but the interview was a piece of cake. So easy and took only a few minutes once we finally got in. Then we got back in the car to go to the hospital to have Lucy's medical appointment for her visa. It went pretty quickly. She fell asleep in the car on the wa to the hospital and slept all the way until we had to wake her up to be weighted and measured. She cried for about 2 seconds and then was fine.

After the medical, we drove to get the babies visa pictures made. Once again, she fell dead asleep in the car and we had to wake her up to have her picture made. She was fine though. We are going to try and eat at an Italian restaurant for dinner tonight, so I hope it goes okay. We are about to go to the market. Love and miss you all.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rough Day

Good morning from Vietnam. It is almost 8 am here and miss little and her dad are still snoozing. Yesterday was an interesting day for us. It started out normal. Lucy played all morning and we went to breakfast and she was great. We came back up to our room, fed her again, and loaded her up in the stroller to go and explore in HCMC since we had no appointments yesterday. She did great for several hours. She loves to be out and about and it is fun for Justin and I to get out and see things. I bought her a couple of things and got myself a great dress and skirt.

I knew she was going to be getting hungry, so we go to Highlands Coffee in the Saigon Center. Highlands Coffee is just like a Starbucks. It was really nice to sit and have a diet Coke and they were very helpful in getting us hot water to warm her bottle up in. She scarfed down her bottle and then the fun begins. She took a huge poop. I mean HUGE. I am sitting there wondering where in the world am I going to change her. I take her to the bathroom and of course there is no changing table. The bathroom was really clean and nice, but still. Sara, you saved my butt by telling me about the Skip Hop. I would have never just laid her down somewhere. I take her into the stall, put down the toilet lid, wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes, and put out her changing pad. She was actually quite cooperative because she needed to stay very still. Also, just so you know, the bathroom stalls in Vietnam are made for very small Vietnamese people. I could barely fit in there, let alone trying to move around to change her diaper. I felt really sorry for the others in there using the restroom. It stunk so badly. Ugh. Anyway, we lived through that.

I go back out to meet Justin and she is getting really fidgety and antsy at this point. We put her back in her stroller and figure she will be happy once we are on the go again. WRONG. She totally lost it in the Saigon Center. I still have no idea what was wrong with her. She had a clean diaper and had just eaten. She was just done. So, we head home. She ends up falling asleep on the walk home, but only for a short little nap.

When she woke up, she was so upset. Inconsolable. This is so hard to watch when they are so upset. She decides she will take another bottle and falls deep asleep. She totally wore herself out by crying so hard. She was very upset for the rest of the night. I am pretty certain that she is fighting an ear infection. Late in the afternoon she started tugging and rubbing her ears. I have antibiotics for her, but we are scheduled for her medical appointment today and I am just going to wait and ask the doctor. She is not running a fever. She slept very restlessly again all night. I am very tired because of it. She was not up crying, she was just all over the place and not peaceful by any stretch of the word. I watched her most of the night and tried to comfort her. I am ready to go to the doctor and start medicine if we need to. We are supposed to have our first appointment with CIS today. WE are waiting on a phone call from Quoc to let us know when we are going. I am so ready to have one of our appointments and get things going.

I hope that today she is feeling better. I know she is tired because she has never stayed in bed uptil 8. I will let you all know how the doctor appointment goes.

Monday, January 01, 2007

We are in HCMC

Hello again. I have some wonderful news. We are in a hotel with an ethernet cable and there should be no internet issues while we are here. What a relief. It is expensive to use, but who really cares at this point? Not me and certainly not Lucy. She wants you guys to know more and more about her.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for little miss priss. She woke up happy and managed to stay happy throughout most of the day. We were supposed to fly out of Danang at 6 pm to head to HCMC. When we got to the airport at 4:15, we are told our flight is delayed until 8:30. YUCK. That means we are stuck in the Danang airport (which is very very small) for 4 hours. Also, we are going to be getting the babies WAY off of their normal schedules. Lucy has gone to bed around 8 every night and it has worked wonderfully.

She started to get antsy by the end of our wait. I was trying to hold out on her next bottle for take off. By the way, she is already eating a whole lot more. We even got a 4 oz. bottle down her yesterday. Anyway, we managed to make it to takeoff with only a little bit of bottle left, but she was fine. By this time it is 9, I am thinking she is going to take the bottle and pass out. Wrong. She was totally wired for the whole flight. This was fine since she was in a really great mood. She did so well the whole flight, which was only 1 hour. I was a proud momma. By the time we got the luggage and in the cab, she was out for the count. She was so tired she didn't stir a bit as we jostled her around moving our stuff and getting in and out of the car. We brought her up to the room, laid her down, and that was it.

In case you were wondering, she is sleeping with us right now. I think it is wonderful for her bonding with us and she needs it anyway. She is an extremely restless sleeper. She has been waking her self up many times in the night by kicking her legs and thrashing her arms around. With us right next to her, we just jiggle her little legs a bit and leave a hand on her and she settles right back down. She did the sweetest thing this morning, I could feel her starting to stir, so I looked over at her. Her eyes were barely open and when I looked at her she gave me a big grin and then reached out her hand for me. To some of you this might not seem like much, but she has not really reached for us at all until yesterday and this morning. It was adorable. One more cute thing about her sleeping while I am on this topic - the day we visited the orphanage, I watched the nanny closely on how she got her to sleep to see if she had any little tricks I should know about. She did this funny little forehead rub with her hair. So, I tried it one night when she was so restless. She was kicking around and I put my hand on her head and rubbed her forehead. She was sleeping, just not soundly at this point. As soon as I started rubbing, she started smiling in her sleep. It was like the good ole days to her.

Right now it is morning here. We are still really tired from last night, but she is up and at em. She is currently playing with her favorite toy, the wipes container. Figures. I just had to take a break to get her a bottle, but dad is giving it to her so I can finish writing this. She really is just a wonderful baby. What a joy.

As far as her development goes, I think she is right on track. She has wonderful head control, she rolls everywhere, she can scoot places that she thinks she needs to go, she is great on her tummy, she reaches and holds toys well, etc. She has a hard time being held sometimes. It is almost like she isn't sure about being held so much. I have found a position that she really seems to enjoy though, so we are doing better with that.

Any time we are out and about, we cause quite the commotion. Everyone wants to look at her, hold her and ask about her. I honestly don't have a problem with the people wanting to hold her. I thought that I would, but I don't. She really enjoys it and I feel like she needs to get as much of her culture as possible while we are here. The Vietnamese people LOVE babies. They all pass them around and cluck at them and she enjoys it. I know it isn't hurting her, so I just let her enjoy it. We will see how that goes when we get in the busy HCMC markets.

Okay, she is antsy and it is time for our breakfast. I will get more pictures up later today. Love to you all from Justin, Kelly, and Lucy. By the way, she is the boss of us all now. I used to get to be the boss, but now we do it all according to her!!