Monday, February 19, 2007

Love the Mirror

Here is a funny video of Lucy enjoying herself in the mirror. She laughs every time she is in front of the mirror and it is so cute. Make sure to watch it all the way through. It is only 45 seconds and it takes her a second to get going.

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Lucy has not been sleeping soundly lately. I think it is because I bragged on her the other day. I jinxed it!! She is up several times in the night. It is only for a couple of minutes, but it is enough to wake me up. I am having a hard time sleeping. It is not fun and I feel really exhausted most of the time. I am praying for a solid night of sleep tonight. She is still the happiest and sweetest baby in the world though. She is becoming quite social as well.

The other day blogger made me switch to the new blogger. I am having problems again commenting on blogs. I do read though. I am thinking about all of my fellow bloggers and hope to be able to comment again soon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Please Be Our Valentine

Justin/Dad, will you please be our Valentine?? We sure do love you a lot. Justin is cooking for me tonight. What a sweetheart!

As you can see, Lucy was an absolutely adorable Valentine today. Thanks Nana for the adorable Valentine outfit. Sorry I haven't written in a week. I am going to add a lot of pictures to Flickr today, so look for them.

Lucy has turned into the easiest baby lately. She is still taking a 2.5 hour nap in the morning and about 1-1.5 hour nap in the afternoon. She has started eating really really well over the past 4 days. She even slept from 8 pm to 7:30 am one night all the way through. That was 2 nights ago though and she was up once last night. We are getting there. She is happy all of the time. She is getting two teeth on bottom and they are not even really bothering her. There have been a few times when I think they were pretty sore, but she only fussed for a minute or two. We are so blessed. She is all over the place with the crawling. I think it is contributing to her sleeping so well because she really wears herself out playing and crawling.

Lucy got to meet her cousin, Austen this past weekend. He is so cute and such a great baby. He is a month and a half younger than Lucy, but they are almost exactly the same size, he is a tad bigger than her. Here are some really cute pictures from the meeting and Lucy with Justin's parents, Nana and Grandy.

Enjoy these adorable pictures. It is really annoying how they are coming up with the wrong orientation. I don't know why they are doing this since they aren't saved on my computer that way. You can still enjoy her preciousness anyway.

Here is a video of her playing the piano. She wrote this song for her Daddy on her first Valentine's Day. She is quite talented and only has one fall from sitting up like a big girl.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

My BIG Little Girl

Lucy is feeling much much better. She is still coughing, but her nose is much less runny and she is not throwing up any more. She is back to her normal happy self and it is so wonderful! Thank you all so much for the sweet comments and advice. It certainly helped me.

Yesterday, she got the final bloodwork done for her newborn screen. I forgot to mention that she was a total champ when she had to have 4 viles of blood drawn. She did cry, but nothing major at all. She got the most upset during the 5 minutes it took the ladies to find a vein big enough to use. I was really proud of her and am glad that we are done with all sorts of medical tests for now. We should hear the results in a week or two.

She has decided the past couple of days that she now loves her naps. I am sure I will jinx it by bragging on her, but she has been taking a 1.5-2 hour nap in both the morning and afternoon. I LOVE it. She is so much happier and playful when she is well rested. The whole time that we have had her, she has not been much of a napper. I think that as she gets more and more in her routine with us, she is more relaxed and ready to get rested.

I feel like overnight she has become a big girl. She can now "scoot/crawl" from one end of a room to another, as you can see in the video. She also eats her cereal or veggies in her big girl high chair now. She laughs every time I put her in the chair and bangs on the tray. So cute. She seems to love her chair. Isn't her high chair cute?? Thanks Sara, for the great suggestion on that one!! As far as her eating goes, she is still not that interested in food yet. We have tried peas, green beans, squash, and sweet potatoes. I would say that sweet potatoes are her favorites. She is going to try carrots tonight. We'll see, but I don't expect much. Next week I am going to introduce some fruit. Maybe she will like something a little sweeter.

Lucy, Justin, and I are going to her cousin, Austen's, baptism this weekend. We can't wait for Lucy to meet Austen. They are only 1.5 months apart and are going to have so much fun together!! Her grandparents can't wait to love on both grand babies as well.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not Feeling Well at All

Poor little Lucy is sick. She has been fighting a cold for about 5 days now and has developed a pretty nasty cough to go along with it. I took her to the doctor yesterday because she started vomitting when she would cough really hard. I don't mean a little spit up, I mean full blown throwing up. It scared me to death. The doctor said that she just has a cold and sent us on our way. He said she would probably be fighting this for another week and gave me some warning signs to look for if she was getting worse. She doesn't have a fever and actually is in pretty good spirits. She is definitely more fussy than usual, but that is to be expected. I feel so bad for her. She gets furious with me about wiping her nose, so I just have decided that she won that battle. I have that gross booger/crusty nosed kid!! Yikes. Not our best.

She wants to be held right now all of the time, so I just throw her in her carrier and do my stuff around the house. At least it keeps her happy. My back is a little sore. I am exhausted from sleeping so little at night because I have been worrying about her so much. She is sleeping fine once she gets down and isn't throwing up. I just wake up every time she makes a little peep worrying that she is going to get sick again. Hopefully tonight will be a little better. I desperately need some rest.

Having a sick baby is hard. Really hard.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Picture Time

Hey!! Check out this picture of Lucy - it is my favorite. Just click the link. If you want to see more of the pictures, you can by clicking a link once you get to the photo. You will have to register with Pictage though to see them. My friend Sarah took Lucy's pictures last week and they turned out so well. I just love them.

Lucy Pictures

It is nice in Texas today, so Lucy and I walked to Starbucks this morning. It was so nice to be outside and Lucy had a great time in her stroller. She is currently napping so that we can watch the Super Bowl with some friends in a bit. I am cheering for th Colts. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

6 Months Old!!

Today Lucy, our little Lucy, is 6 months old. I just can't believe it. She has been with us for over a month now. Time has flown. Vietnam seems like a distant memory, even though we have only been back for 3.5 weeks now. Life is totally different. Life is great and full now that she is with us. She is the greatest blessing that could have ever been given to Justin and I. To celebrate her being half a year old, Justin and I had tacos for dinner and chocolate sundaes for dessert. Lucy had some cereal and sweet potatoes with a little soy milk to top it off. She was in heaven!!

She continues to amaze us. When she sees us she gets a huge open mouth smile and kicks her legs and waves her arms. She looks for us when she hears our voices. She keeps us laughing most of the time. She is starting to finally take naps, which allows me to get some stuff done around here. She adores being in the carrier with me while I do whatever needs to get done around the house while she is awake. The vaccuum cleaner puts her straight to sleep. She gets fussy around 5 or 6 every night. It is not bad, just a bit whiny. She sleeps great at night. She is down to one bottle and can go 8 or 9 hours before she needs a bottle to tie her over for another couple of hours. Today she slept until 9 am, which is an absolute dream come true for her momma and dad. She will play until she is literally totally exhausted, as seen below.

She still becomes easily overwhelmed in crowded or loud situations, which is to be expected. The sip and see was beatiful and wonderful for me and my friends. Lucy was not too happy with what was goig on. Poor baby. It was just too much for her at this point. I try and avoid these situations whenever possible. She has a runny nose right now and she gets furious when I try and wipe her nose. And I do mean furious. The nose is already on the mend though, so no worries there. She has to get her bloodwork drawn tomorrow, which is going to be horrific, but we will all live.

She can get her tiny little body anywhere it needs to go by crawling, scooting, or sliding. She really is amazingly well at getting herself where she needs to go. I would consider my house a disaster area for small children, but we are going to work on that ASAP.

On the most important front, we are still waiting for the release of Lucy's professional pictures. I am seriously dying to see them I will let you know when we can all see them. They are going to be great!!!