Thursday, September 23, 2010

not even sure where to start......

Hi. Is there anybody out there? This sad little blog still gets over 200 hits a day, so I hope someone will be here to say hello. I am just going to dive right in. It has been 2.5 months since my last post. Seriously? How has this happened? I am not going to make excuses for my lack of blogging other than it has simply been the last thing on my mind lately. Between 2 very busy little girls and their schedules and my work, something had to give, and it has been blogging/following blogs. You would not believe the amount of time I spent in the past doing both. I think that I am going to have to come up with some sort of project again for 2011 because this is just ridiculous. Busy with life and work is fine, but I don't want to not have a journal of the girls' lives someday.

Let's see. Just a few minor things have happened lately that are probably blog worthy. :) Lucy turned 4. FOUR!!!!! I can't even deal with that so I just glossed right on over that one. Annie started her mother's day out program and is loving it. That child is my little social butterfly and she is digging big girl "school." Annie keeps us on our toes all of the time. She loves to stir up trouble, and we find most of her antics quite amusing. However, she is a handful! Lucy switched to her new Montessori school and I could not possibly be any happier with how much she adores it. It is a perfect fit for her. We celebrated the 2 year anniversary of Annie's referral and the 4 year anniversary of Lucy's referral is Saturday. Thank God for those days that we got to see our beautiful girls' faces for the first time. I still remember them so clearly. We have gone back to Annie's private OT for therapy because she just wasn't getting what she needed from the state program. It is nice to be back with our beloved therapist and Annie is doing great! She still isn't talking much, but we are working on it. It is the best feeling ever to watch her when she is able to master something new. She is my lovey. If she could glue herself to me, she would. Lucy is a big girl now. She just seems so mature, well mannered, well behaved, and just plain big. I tell her all of the time to stop growing please and she insists that it is little kids job to grow. I guess she is right, but it is hard to see them both getting big. Some of our very best friends moved far, far away and we are still sad about that.

Lots of little things have happened, but I think why I have avoided blogging all together is because it has just seemed like such an overwhelming task to try and catch up on the past 2 months. So I am not going to waste time stressing about that. I am going to just try and do better. But let me say that October is by far the most insane month that La La will have ever had, so don't expect much out of me then. When things settle down mid-November, maybe I can get back into some sort of routine.

Another thing, these pictures are straight out of the camera. I have enough editing to do with other pictures that I am just going to put these out there. I feel quite certain that the grandparents would vote for unedited over nothing any day. I feel kind of naked putting these up unedited. :) Also, my work blog is sooooooo much easier to post to and these pictures are all out of order, but I am not going to stress about it......