Thursday, May 28, 2009


Annie 148/365

Lucy 148/365

Today I am thankful for an awesome day with Lucy. I think that she is just getting more and more affected by Justin's absence when he is out of town. She was SO happy to see him this morning and has just been back to her normal, happy self all day long. No butting heads, no fits, no meltdowns. It has been greatness. She is so much fun and it is hard when I know that I am being hard on her and she is testing me. Anyway, it was just a breath of fresh air to have such a carefree day with her today.

Justin and I took the girls to breakfast at our favorite diner and then First Monday today - it is the giant flea market once a month. We didn't find any treasures we couldn't live without other than some candles and soup mixes. It is still so much fun to walk around and dig through the junk. We were gone almost all day. Then we played at the house a bit, ate dinner with neighbors, and everyone is tucked in bed. The girls hardly napped today, so they are worn out.

Annie can actually stand on her own for over 10 seconds at a time now. That girl is SO determined. She decided she wanted to stand, and a few days later, she can. Justin was impressed with her new skill.





ccorley said...

yeah, i'm first. Yeah for Annie and her new skill. Glad to hear all has calmed down. I am jealous, I love first monday!:( take care and hope you all have a great weekend.

Rachel said...

Hey - I just realized that mckmama's pictures (which I totally probably mispelled - sorry) are private on flickr but viewable on her blog...I have no idea how, and I don't know if this will be of any help to you whatsoever, but maybe you could reach out to her and find out what she did!

I'm glad things are better now - have a great weekend!

Mom said...

Hi to you all! Glad that Dada is home and that ALL had a great day! Can't believe you got away so lightly from Canton, but that's probably good! I am pooped from so much physical activity. Played tennis. Carried the bed sets out of the twin room to the playroom dormitory. Now I need two cute comforters. Cleaned the house, arranged the playroom and the guestroom, and made two trips to Sam's for new bedding sets for the twin room. Amy comes tomorrow night and she is going to go to the grocery store with me on Saturday. Good thing! Ladies lunch tomorrow! Woo hoo! Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Cori said...

Just wanted to say I LOVE the first picture of Lucy!! She looks like she is worshipping!! : )

life with the wisners said...

ok, don't laugh. i haven't commented in a SWEET FOREVER. and you know why i'm commenting tonight?

because we use a dickey's cup in our bathtub too.

sad. pathetic.

oh, how i've missed you. know that i've read every last post. and yes, it's dorky, but i've totally been praying that your blog/flickr issue would get resolved. i've been heartbroken for you. totally praying that things get worked out. you have some smart friends. :)

and your daughters? breathtaking. goo would love some playtime this summer if you're up for it.

have a great night and a wonderful weekend. talk to you soon!

Norah said...

What a cutie peeking over the tub like that!

Rach said...

Hey mate,

Just wanted to say that My husband has been working away (2 weeks at a time) since before my children were born, so they have known nothing else. But, they have both gone through stages where it has really affected them. The good news is, it didn't last long and then they seemed to get back to the 'routine' of him working away. Usually they are a bit low on the first day he goes back, but if we are busy, it helps. Just wanted to give you some hope that maybe Justin being away might affect Lucy now, but it won't necessarily last.

Glad you had a nice day today though :)

MKH said...

I just read Friday's post (today) and this one from thursday. I'm going to post here for both days because I don't have the heart to take "first" away from Lee Lee! That little game is so funny! I absolutely LOVE Lucy's hair! She wears it well and it does look so healthy! hope you have fun on date night!