Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today I am thankful for Justin being home!!!!!!! He has been gone for two weeks. The girls have been great, so I am lucky there. But two weeks on my own while also balancing getting work done has been tricky. We really have been fine and the time went by quickly, but we all really missed him and are so happy to have him back. He swears that Lucy has grown while he has been gone and Annie has changed so much. She really has. We went to brunch today and Annie actually sat and ate, which is something he has never seen in a restaurant and only a few times at our house. Both girls were overjoyed when he pulled up to the house. There was no readjustment period, which was super nice and is not always the case. Lucy has been showing off for him nonstop and Annie can't quit smiling. Justin asked me if I thought her face hurt from smiling so big all of the time. I laughed because I have actually wondered that myself. We all really missed you honey and are so glad you are home!

The session from today was so much fun! Lucy was extremely pleased with mommy working because the clients brought her cupcakes!! Thanks so much Jo Ellen, Katie, and Hannah. The cupcakes are delicious!! I think you will be able to tell from these pictures how much Lucy enjoyed every bite of hers.
Annie loves rolly polies. She often catches them.

Lucy likes to look for bugs, but she has developed a totally irrational fear of bugs. If a fly happens to get in our house, all hell breaks loose. We have had some issues with ants, and let me tell you, if there is an ant within a 2 mile radius of our house, Lucy will find it and demand it smooshed or sprayed.

The remains of a bird egg. Oh yeah, we actually saw the woodpecker that Lucy hears and talks about all of the time. She was VERY happy about that.


Mom said...

#1! Lee

dana said...

wow - annie is getting bigger and bigger!! the girls are just soooo photogenic - of course their mama has mad photo skills too ;) glad your hubby is home and you can have some help w/the kids. it's tough work keeping up w/the little ones!

the pics on your photo blog are beautiful!! i love deep ellum.

Mom said...

It does appear that the Goose really loves her cupcakes! What fun! And Nanners looks as cute as a bug (little joke) and happy as always. SO GLAD that DAD got home!! Yea. All well here. Dad won first place in the first flight--so that is good. When I asked what he won (usually junk from the pro shop), he said 2 dozen balls and $100. I'm not sure if the money was won from bets, or the prize! Need to call to see if Holly Doll got home. Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Laura said...

I love how your mom claims the
#1 commenter spot - so cute! Like on Perez Hilton, but not weird. :) Glad Justin is home. I don't love two week stretches when we have them here, but so glad to hear that this one wasn't too bad for you. Adorable photos today. Your girls are so beautiful.

P.S. Your word verification thing is freaking me out. It says, "stripin." Is it trying to tell me something? Like suggesting a way I can totally contribute to the economy? I hope not! Things are not looking good under the clothes right now!!!!

ccorley said...

The bug thing is funny because we have the same freak out issues with bugs. Austen freaks out if there is a fly in the house and he would not put on his crocs for about a week because he got ants on them one time and he thought they were still on them. And you saw the reaction to the fish! Wow! How funny to hear we are not the only ones with the crazy bug freak outs!!!! Glad Justin is home. Can't wait for the beach trip.

Kate said...

The bugs are freakin' my Lu too! She just goes ballistic! Great job on the teen photos. My issue is opposite of yours...tons of teens, no babies!

Lane Olson said...
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Lane Olson said...

I wish Lucy's irrational fear of bugs would rub off on Milam a little! And Annie's foot action is cracking me UP.

MKH said...

very cute little shots of your girls! love the ones of Lucy looking at the bugs! I checked out the la la photos too. just beautiful. Honestly, you are a natural! so fun to look at the shots you come up with! keep up the great work!