Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today I am thankful for the fun that is had when dying Easter eggs. I took the girls over to Louis and Anna's house today and the kids went to town on 20 eggs. Lucy's method was to place her egg in every single color that we had. The result was that a lot of her eggs were brownish gray. She was still so proud, and that is all that matters. Just like last year, her hands were dyed green and brown, but it washed off in the bath. Annie, Mandy, and I just watched the big kids do their thing. I love the pictures of Lucy at work. She was very serious about this.

This is a cute story from yesterday. The girls and I ate dinner at Pei Wei. Annie was in a high chair and Lucy and I were sitting on a bench. The cutest elderly couple was sitting next to us. They started waving at Annie and she tried for about 30 seconds to pretend that she was shy. She always does this. If I am holding her, she will bury her head in my chest, but she can never hold out long. She loves people too much. So, she started hamming it up for this couple. She was smiling, playing peek-a-boo, and waving - pulling out all the stops. They could not get enough of her. The entire time we were there she was interacting with them and making sure that Lucy and I saw how cute she was being. They went on and on about how happy of a girl she was and how it just made their day for her to be smiling at them. When I was getting things a little cleaned up before we left, Lucy got in on it, too. Even she was waving and smiling at them, which is SO rare. She just doesn't interact much with strangers, and I hate to say it, but she is often extra shy around older people. When I had gathered up everyone and everything to go, we were telling the man and woman goodbye and the man touched my hand and says, "Ma'am, you have the most beautiful and well behaved two little girls. They made our day." It was so sweet and touching to me. I just love seeing my children bring joy to other people's lives. They really are both so amazing.

They even ate a few eggs.

After eggs, Lucy needed a bowl of cereal. She was worn out from all of her hard work.


Candice said...

I can't wait to do thiswth my daughter next year. Once again, your photos are so colourful and beautiful. I love how you get the colours so bright!

Susan said...

I meant to post yesterday to congratulate you on making it to your 100th post! Talk about a commitment!

What a sweet compliment you received from that couple. It just makes your heart swell to hear things like that, doesn't it?

About the dying of eggs... I do have one question. After seeing the pic of Lucy holding the spoon to her mouth, I have to ask what did she think of the taste of vinegar? Yuck!

Happy Easter!

Kelly said...

Susan - that is a bowl of cereal, not egg dye!!

Mom said...

Well Kelly Bell, the egg dying event looks like a fun time was had by all! I love how much the big ones, especially Lucy, have doing this! And I must say, doing it outside in the grass is nothing short of brilliant. Way to go Kelly and Mandy! Even Annie had big smiles for the activities.

Arena football is hysterical. I felt like we were in the middle of a video game. A person could really get hurt! Also, Seashy, when you read this, there were only 7 cheerleaders there, no Amanda or Joi. I was bummed about that. We had fun, but really can live without it!

Well, since we are going to early service, good night and Happy Easter to all. Loved the new shapes on the pics. Love and kisses and hugs, Lee Lee

cydnee said...

Adorable pictures as usual & I have never thought to dye eggs out on the grass which results in less mess! Brilliant! :)

Sharon said...

Happy Easter! Beautiful egg pics.

Nicki said...

I thought she was spooning in the egg dye for a second! hahah! That woudl have been an experience! Cute pics but I LOVE the story today. Brings tears to my eyes.