Monday, April 13, 2009


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Today I am thankful for sunny, blue skies with big, white fluffy clouds. It was a gorgeous day here today. It got to about 70 degrees and the sky was just beautiful all day. The picture of Annie is from our balcony. I could not resist having Justin hold her up so that I could get a picture of her in the sky. It just felt good to be outside today. Makes me happy!

Annie had a really great therapy session today. She worked really hard and was such a trooper. And we had a great day of eating. Since she was sick, we have really not made much progress with eating lately. She still would chew on certain foods, but as far as eating from a spoon, she was having none of it. So I backed off until she was feeling better and she did great today! It is so nice to have a good day with eating. She seems to prefer me holding her versus sitting in the high chair. The chair seems to make her anxious, so maybe we will just avoid it for now.

We had a really low key day. I ran a few errands while the girls (and Justin) napped. Other than that, we have just played around the house. I have a busy day tomorrow. I need to get a lot done. The girls and I are headed to the Texas hill country for a few days. If you didn't read last year at this time, HERE and HERE are what you do in Fredericksburg. I CANNOT wait to be there. I am doing some mini-sessions for a few families, so it is actually a work/fun trip! Yeah. I hope the weather cooperates. It is questionable at the moment.

That is it for tonight. I have a lot to do and I seem to just keep putting it off.

Justin commented that she looks superimposed in these images, but I swear, she isn't. I agree though, it does look that way.

This makes me smile. A really big smile.

Lucy's hair is really light in the sun. It is not actually black.

My little lady. Spitting off the balcony. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

first leelee!!


Meredith Woodruff said...



Anonymous said...

Oooh, have fun on your trip! Fields of awesome. I can't wait to see your photos!

Mom said...

You guys are rats!

But, I love that you all had a great day and that Annie did good at therapy and at eating. YEA

Pics are great.

Maybe I'll be first tomorrow! Call me.

Love and kisses, Lee Lee

life with the wisners said...

Oh my. I am SO behind.

Look at you with your work trip. I am so proud of you. Can't wait to see what you get.

Dude, these pictures of Annie are freaking hilarious. I heart them so much.

Miss you a bunch.

Sherri said...

These shots of the girls are fantastic!!! Have fun in the country.

Emily said...

Great pics!
Have fun on your trip. A new picture setting sounds like a dream!

KrisJ said...

How do you get those shots AAAHH I just love what you do to a photo! ? for you.. How do you crop in LR?? I cant figure it out for the life of me.. yes Im slow! Annies hair is looking longer! So fun!!!

Sharon said...

Awww, I just love these photos.

Jenny said...

have a great time. Mia and Cams hair has loads of red in it in the sun. Funny isn't it.

good luck on your shoots.

Jacob, Angie, Dakota, and Austin said...

Wow have a safe trip. And congrats on the jobs.
Brooklyn woke up this morning and asking is it time to read bout Lucy and Annie? It was so cute. we have never met you but we(I) have done this for over 2 years ans always with her. maybe one of these days we will meet.

Kate said...

Annie's smile is brighter than that blue sky. Sweetness. Have a fun trip. Looking forward to seeing poppy pictures.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pic of Annie and the sky - that was a great idea! I am the one who started following your blog because of the great photos. I am now learning all about my D200and use the 50mm/1.8D lens. I loved your photos even before you got the new camera so I am wondering what lens you used most often with your D200. Great photos then and great photos now must just mean you are a great photographer! Thanks!

mimi lam said...

Both, Lucy and Annie have such beautiful soulfull eyes, you certainly have the talent of capturing, and bring out the best of your daughters in all pictures. Goodluck on your fun trip, can't wait to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Spitting off the balcony? Ha! Go Lucy! What a little lady... :o)

I notice a lot of hair coming in on top for Miss Annie! GROW GIRL!

Dawn said...

What gorgeous pictures!!

Seashy said...

awwwww! it was really fun looking back at those ADORABLE pictures! Lucy looks so little a year ago! Tear.

Love Annie flying through the air, happy as a lark. :D

love to all.

MKH said...

that first shot of Lucy is absolutely beautiful! can't wait to see the strawberry pics! I feel like it was just yesterday that I read last year's strawberry post!

Marlene McGarrity said...

Gorgeous pics. I love your life.

Anonymous said...

girls look so beauuuuutiful !