Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Have I ever mentioned how much I love these girls? If not, it is a whole, whole lot.

Could they possibly be any more darling?
Today I am thankful for movie night! Mandy and I are watching Marley and Me and having a glass of wine. I have been wanting to see this movie and am just happy to have company. Movie night has not gone very smoothly so far. First, Bruiser wouldn't stop barking at Mandy. Then, Annie has woken up several times. And when we finally got around to watch the movie, we, OF COURSE, got a bad dvd from Blockbuster. Can I just say that almost every single time we rent a movie it doesn't work. So annoying. Mandy is currently returning that copy for one that hopefully works. Good for me because I needed to get this blog post done.

The girls and I had a fun afternoon at the park with friends. By the time we got home, it was time for dinner, bath and bed so the day went quickly. I still have several things to get done, but they will have to wait for morning. I am off to watch my movie. Hopefully.

I LOVE this picture.


Mom said...

Dibs on first! Taking dogs out, then comment #2!
Love and kisses, Lee Lee

liz said...

We can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! The girls look so little last year in those pictures - particularly Lucy! There hasn't been much rain so the creeks are low...but we can still spend some time throwing rocks in the water. Pretty fast paced around here, you know. Hopefully the weather will be good for some rides on the big tractor and the buggie. Enjoy your peaceful evening tonight because the next few days it's going to be a ZOO!

Beth said...

I love how obvious it is that Annie just loves life!! I also like the picture of Lucy that you do. And... I recognize the little girl at the park from a couple of other posts... her pictures always make me laugh. She looks like she has alot of character!

Trying Traditional said...

Love the pics, the vintage feel to them is great. I am anxiouse for sunny weather, we've had rain since Sunday night.

On a side note, are Annie's shoes on the wrong feet? I notice odd things, and especially check out clothes and shoes at your blog since they are always so cute. My older two are always "helping" the twins, 9 times out of 10 the shoes are on the wrong feet. :)

Mom said...

Hey girlie! The pics are absolutely great! I hear that movie is a tear jerker. Can't wait to hear about it. My day has been busy. Had Randy's Mom's funeral this morning. All the sons and grandsons sang--was just wonderful--but, they started with In the Garden--which was one of Mom's favs, and we did at her service. So, it was kleenex time from then on. Lunch with Paula Sue, wet work, picked Ashley and son up at the airport and took them home, more wet work, and tennis league. Then, mopped the kitchen. Boy am I pooped! Then I can finish the rest tomorrow and get ready for our trip. What about yours? Are you all ready?? Finally the sun today. Was lovely. Call tonight or tomorrow with your travel plans. Can't wait to hear how all this works out. Perhaps I can help next year. The posts from last year just go to show how fast time flies. ugh Lucy has blossomed so much. Love and kisses and hugs to all. Hi Mandy (if you're still there!) Lee Lee

Mom said...

PS I thought it looked like her shoe was on the wrong foot, too!

life with the wisners said...

why can't i come up with anything to say other than "DUDE?"

because, DUDE.

love these.

love the vintage.

love their eyes.

am so impressed that you blogged while mandy was at blockbuster.

can't wait to hear about your trip.

talk soon?

Kelly said...

Ha. I am laughing about it looking like Annie's shoes are on the wrong feet. They weren't - they are just a little big, so she can really move her feet around in them a lot. It does look like they are on the wrong feet in the pictures though and I noticed it as well!

Anonymous said...

I want to just hang in a tree.

Rebecca said...

Soooo beautiful, Kelly! Love the desaturated look! And definitely, your girls could NOT get any more precious. :)

Elaine said...

The pictures are great. I was wondering if Annie's shoe is on the wrong foot too? Your girls are absolutely adorable.

MKH said...

beautiful pics today. those girls are just so precious! sounds like a fun movie night-hope it works out! I'm assuming you dvr'd Idol!