Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am in love with this picture.

Today I am thankful for Saturday morning donuts with Lucy. I did give Annie a small taste today, but this is still a special treat for Lucy and me to share. You should see her light up when I tell her it is Saturday, and we get to pick out a donut today! We always bring our donuts home to enjoy and Lucy sits and nibbles and giggles the entire time. She was being so cute today that I got her pictures done this morning, which is totally the way to go, but I just don't get it done most of the time. She has 2 donuts because when I ask her what kind she wants, she always chooses chocolate with sprinkles, but then she wants to eat all of my blueberry cake. And let's face it, I don't really want to share my donut. So, she gets two now and she just kind of eats around the edges of each - and then eats all of the sprinkles off. I always make a big deal about brushing our teeth after donuts and today I kind of forgot and she says, "Momma, I need to brush all of the donuts off of my teeth!" I am glad she remembered. I really cherish little activities that are extra special for Lucy and this is definitely one of them. Annie played so sweetly on the floor with a bunch of toys while Lucy and I had a little time to just chat.

One of the things that I work with Annie on at the request of her OT is to stand with her back against the wall. We have just started working on this and she is doing so awesome! It forces her to work on her balance skills. Doesn't she look so cute standing up so big?!?! She even dropped her book and sat down on her own in a very controlled way. She has been doing really, really well lately. A couple of people have asked about Annie and the testing and we are actually holding off on the testing for at least a month. Our doctor has said that it would be perfectly fine to wait a month or even three months and see how she progresses in the areas of concern. Since in the past 2 weeks she has made some big improvements, we feel confident in our decision to wait a bit and not put her through testing that is most likely completely unnecessary. We still might have to do it, but we are going to relax about it for a month or so. I feel really at peace with this decision, so I think it is the right thing to do. The tests involve anesthesia and I am not interested in giving her that if not totally necessary. And there is a good chance that even if they did see something, we would just continue on with therapy like we have been. So, we will wait a bit. I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers you all have sent up for her. We are not out of the woods, but I am not feeling so frantic about it anymore.

The girls and I ran a few errands today, but it has been a pretty low key Saturday for us. I have a photo session that I am just giddy over tomorrow. It is 12 and 16 year old sisters who requested an urban shoot. I LOVE shooting babies - it is how I learned to take pictures - but the thought of 2 girls who actually WANT to look at the camera and won't run from me sounds like pure heaven. Oh yeah, and the fact that they don't have to be bribed makes them extra appealing! I would really love to get into the seniors market, but really don't know anyone who is a junior in high school. I am hoping this gives me some experience with that market. If anyone has a senior in the area that needs senior pictures, please contact me.

See how happy Lucy is when donuts are involved.

Her hair is getting so long again. It is hard to pull it back because she has a ton of new growth coming in that sticks out everywhere. It is crazy hair!

She has been having allergy issues. Her sweet little eyes are constantly watering.


Having a brief meltdown about getting in the crib to jump. I couldn't get her in there fast enough!
I think I can, I think I can!

I made it!

This is so funny because she is trying to raise her foot like she always does, but it is caught in her dress.
She can get every book off of the shelf in about 5 seconds.


Dawn said...

Oh the girls are just adorable!!! I just love your photography style...if you are EVER in the Seattle have got a client!!

Mom said...

Kelly--love todays pics. So happy. Love that our Annie is working on standing! Awesome! And Lucy is in hog heaven with her donuts! In my crib she likes to toss out all the stuffed animals, me catch them, put them back in, and do this whole process over and over a million times! Does she get to throw things at you?? Can't wait to see the pics of BIG girls. Should be fun. Worked in the dog run and the rocky area at the side of the house pulling weeds. Between that and the flower planting, my back says it's time for a rest! Just home from Paula's birthday party for Brock. Down at Juanita's party room. Katie was there--she is so cute, with her hubby, and she says to tell you hi and that your gals are darling (naturally). All for now. Oh yes, Sloan moves down in a couple weeks or so and said she would be happy to help with the girls. Especially till she gets a job!! Just a thought! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

HAPTeach said...

You can tell that Lucy loves her donuts with you! Annie is making such an improvement and growing up so fast. What an amazing home environment they have, they are truly blessed :)

Mom said...

Kelly--is the Goose making Nanners cry when she is melting down to get in the crib?? Those are some cute pics--especially the feet sticking out!! he he he
I would like a custard filled, please. Lee

Jess and Paul said...

I almost fell over when I saw Annie standing up!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. That is so awesome, Kelly!

Chandra said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw the first photo of Annie standing! Way to go Annie!

She looks SO tall in that first photo.

Mab said...

Love the pics as always!!

And i LOVE LOVE LOVE annie's dress!

The girls are just precious!!!
I love reading your blog!

Stacy said...

What a fun batch of pictures today! Very cute and looks like it was a very fun day! And glad you are feeling better about Annie and the testing. I think you are so right, even *IF* it came back with whatever it is, if you'd be doing the same things you're doing now, then why not hold off and see how things play out. Hopefully it all works itself out!

mimi lam said...

Oh! Annie is looking like a todler standing up, my mouth was wide open when I saw Annie on her feet, such a progress, Lucy looks so lovely in Lavender. Have plenty of fun with your next photo assignment.

Courtney said...

I am so proud of Annie!!! Look at her stand!!! We used to have "Doughnut Saturdays" as well. Then we found out our youngest son is Gluten Intolerant. So now we have Gluten Free Pancake Saturday. It doesn't quite have the same ring to it. But it is a good day anyway.

Great pics today!!! And for the hundreth time...I just love that nursery!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing because I always pick out the exact same donuts! One chocolate with sprinkles and one blueberry cake donut! Erik and Molly used to go every Saturday morning and bring home donuts, now that trip (poor Molly) has become Elizabeth's routine. So far she just eats some of the frosting, but if she ever starts wanting my blueberry donut, she will have to get her own.
Love the pictures with the crib!

Nicki said...

I almost fell out of my seat seeing that first picture and the last pictures of tiny little annie standing and then sitting down like such a big girl!

So sweet about the donut ritual. That is so special. I really need to find something like that with my girl.

Emily said...

Love the donut pics! That is Hannah's favorite part of the weekend, too! And GO Annie...look at her so big!


Sara said...

Kelly, I am just checking in on your's been too long! They are so gorgeous and getting big...can't believe Lucy is an official big girl now (and that long hair is to die for). I mean really, where does the time go? I was unpacking a bin of clothes today for Phoebe to wear this summer and I found that little top my Lucy wore to the concert when we saw you (Lucy, now Annie, has the matching!). Can't believe that was almost 2 years ago...!

MKH said...

Those are some fun pics today! so happy that annie is making some good strides with her therapy! the girls both look too cute today!

Erica said...

Wow, I love Annie's nursery. Very beautiful colors.

I just love these photos--the color just jumped off the page and made me very happy. It doesn't hurt that you have two very adorable girls that really ham it up for the camera!