Thursday, April 16, 2009

106/365 Giveaway Winner!

She was such a grump. I can't believe that she wasn't crying in the one, terrible picture I took of her.

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Today I am thankful for Lucy snapping out of her funk for at least the time after bath until bed so that she could have a little fun with her friends. It was so nice to see her running and laughing and having a great time after the day we have had. She was just not herself today at all. It has been frustrating for her and for me. There are a lot of factors contributing to her meltdown - three days of WAY TOO SHORT naps, allergies, and just being overly excited but not sure how to handle that. Her eyes are all watery and her nose is just kind of stuffy. I know it is bugging the crap out of her. The biggest problem is the lack of napping. She still really needs her naps and they have just been disrupted for various reasons for three days in a row now. I REALLY hope that she sleeps soundly tonight and we have a better day tomorrow. I just want her to have a good time because it really is so much fun here.

I had a session scheduled for this morning but we had to reschedule because the weather is just not cooperating with us. I am also supposed to shoot 2 families in the morning, but there is a 70% chance of rain. Nice. I really want to do these sessions, so lets just pray that the weather changes and we can get all three families done.

We did take the girls to the poppies today. Lucy completely lost it and I took 1, yes 1, picture of her the entire time we were there. The pictures of Annie are not especially good because I had a crying, fussing, whining, little person all over me the entire time we were there. They were so cute in their red and white dresses, but no one will know that. I was definitely disappointed because I love the pictures of Lucy from last year in the poppies. We might try again tomorrow if the weather will allow it. Oh yeah, and I guess it would help if Lucy allows it.

Annie and her friend, Reece, know how to make a really big mess in a very short amount of time.

Confetti eggs aftermath.


NeuroMama said...

I remember the photos from last year. They were gorgeous! Maybe tomorrow will be better. It drives me crazy when my little ones refuse to cooperate with me when I want to do a time sensitive photo shoot. Is it terrible for me to say that I'm glad it's not just my kids who do that?

Mom said...

Here's to a good day tomorrow and a good night's sleep! I do hope the weather cooperates. All well here. Am going to get ready for bed as I'm pooped. Holly has her first tennis lesson in the morning! Amy and I get to keep Wyatt. John has school. Dad and Adam will be golfing. Adam has broken or fractured his hand--is NOT to play golf, but of course they are going to give it a try. I, of course, want to go to Costco. Don't need to, but love the place! Love and miss ya. Kiss the girls for me. Lee Lee

The Cochran Crew said...

Thanks so much!! I already ordered my bibs!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

life with the wisners said...

oh friend. I am so feeling your pain. Seems when
I really want something to go a certain way - well, goo or big h does NOT cooperate, for lack of a more appropriate term. :)

Flowers are gorgeous. Totally praying that tomorrow is beautiful. Love to you.

Elaine said...

Just love the expression on Annie's face in the 4th picture down. It is almost like she is saying "you want me to do what"? Your girls are adorable.
Elaine from MT

Anonymous said...

Love the red and white on the girls. Gap, right? I just think they look splendid.

Nothing like a day of meltdowns. It seems to be going around this month.

Sharon said...

I hope you get your second chance at the pictures! I remember your pics from last year : )

Heather M. said...

Hmmm, weather & meltdowns seem to go hand in hand at our house...maybe the weather will improve & everyone will be happier! Love Fredericksburg! Have fun!

Heather M.

MKH said...

Well, despite the "toot" of a day for Lucy, she sure does look absolutely adorable on that swing!! Uggh, I know those days! hope the weather cooperates for your shoots today!

Anonymous said...

I'm not happy that you didn't get the kind of pictures you wanted, but I am happy to know you're kids are human. I always think they look so happy and in such great positions with great expressions, etc. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has littles who won't cooperate with me!:)
Oh, and even you're "not so great" photos are 10x better than anything I could dream of doing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow! If not for you, for completely selfish lil'ol ME! I'm dying to see the photos because you're awesome!!

Cheer up, Lucy! I know how ya feel! Why can't they allow grown-ups to nap at work?! I'd be far less cranky in the afternoons.