Saturday, March 28, 2009


Annie 87/365

Lucy 87/365


Today I am thankful for the really fun time that I got to have last night with Justin, friends, and family. It is so rare that I get to do something at night because I just do not normally feel comfortable leaving the girls. But Lee Lee offered to be on duty and away I went. I got them ready for bed and put Annie down, but Lee Lee did books and songs with Lucy, which was of course the preferred way of doing it as far as Lucy was concerned. It is just so nice to get out and do something with Justin and to see friends. There was no baby talk. It was really nice and much needed.

Sweet Annie is not feeling well. She is still running a fever and incredibly congested. I swear, when this girl gets a cold, her little nose produces more snot than I have ever seen in my life. She has now had 2 colds since coming home and both of them have been like this. Literally the second I wipe her nose, it is covered again. Yuck.

I was supposed to go to the horse races today with a bunch of my friends, but I didn't want to leave Annie since she is feeling so yucky, so I stayed home. I was sad to miss it, but my pitiful little one needed her momma today.







Stacie said...

Hope Annie starts feeling better soon!

Dawn said...

The 2nd window shot is GORGEOUS!! I wish you could take some of your great pictures of my kids!!

Mom2J&I said...

Wow. Those b&w shots of Annie looking out the window! Spectacular. Beautiful. Wow.

Susan said...

LOVE the profile pics! Annie's hair is growing so fast now, I think.

So sorry your tiniest one is feeling yucky, and I hope the sickness runs its course quickly.

life with the wisners said...

you know what? Lately you're just making me so happy with your posts and pictures. I Iove being friends with someone who loves life and treasures it like you do.

Totally praying for sweet annie tonight. Bless her little heart.

Oh, and the window pics? Gorgeous. Shocker.

KrisJ said...

OMG those are amazing shots!! I sure hope Annie recovers quick!

Leslie & Shaune said...

amazing profile shots. you just get better and better :)
your girls are beautiful.

Kelli said...

Love those pictures. I got out this weekend for the first time since we've been home. I didn't know how much I needed it. Hope Annie feels better soon!

Terynn said...

The b&w of Annie, with her hand on the sill, is breathtaking. The light is perfect (in my totally amateur opinion). I love it!

MKH said...

I really hope Annie feels better soon! neat shots with the black background!

Mom said...

These pics are just awesome. I can't believe I was napping while this was going on! I hope that Annie is on her way to sending her runny nose to the moon! I find it so hard to believe that she just smiles thru all this yucky stuff! (Aren't you proud of me for going back and getting caught up on my comments???) Hope that Lucy's nose decides to avoid this stuff. Hugs to all, Lee Lee

Carolyn said...

No baby talk, really? When I go out I feel like all I do is talk about Thanh, even though I'm so eager for a break!

Sharon said...

Oh, poor Annie. That photo breaks my heart! Thank goodness for the adorable Lucy in glasses pic after it!