Monday, March 16, 2009


Lucy 75/365



Today I am thankful for the love that my girls have for one another. Since I have three sisters, I know sisterly love pretty well. These two are full of love for one another. Annie's love never wavers. Lucy's shakes a bit when Annie is trying to touch something that is off limits in her little mind, but she always comes back around and does all kinds of things to make Annie happy. For instance, today Lucy had just woken up from her nap. Justin and Annie were outside. Justin set Annie on the front porch by Lucy and me. Lucy was still in her wake up process, so she was snuggling in my lap. All of the sudden, she hopped up and said, "I'll be right back Momma. I go get Annie some toys." It was so sweet. She just knew that Annie would love to have something to play with while we all sat outside. Annie goes crazy every time she sees Lucy. She is obsessed with her sissy and watches every move she makes. I love watching them together.

Annie had her top left tooth come in - the one next to the middle two. I know that the right side is moments away. Yippee!! Two more down. We had another awesome day at therapy. We talked more in depth about the feeding issues and I know that S can tell that the feeding stuff is stressing me out. She showed me exactly how she would approach a feeding with Annie. It was so fun and nonstressful and once Annie started to reach her limits, she said that was it. Back away. S is really great. She made me feel much more at ease about my ability of working with Annie on these things. She also said that based on the great progress Annie is making with the relaxing that she thinks that crawling is not too far away!! Isn't that exciting?!?! It is to me. She is making such huge strides.

We had one of the most beautiful afternoons today. Annie was naked outside all afternoon. It was a temperature where you could not feel the air. Perfect - no feeling of being hot or cold. Love it. We spent the entire afternoon outside and went back out after dinner. Justin obviously took the pics of me with the girls and he did a great job, huh? It was just a great day for us all.

I took a zillion pictures today and included a ton in this post. Too hard to choose my very favorites. Working on sun flare, which is a favorite of mine in pictures, and it is not easy. I am going to just keep practicing until I get it. I also started playing with macro photography today, which is something else that has always been inspiring to me. It also is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. I love having something new to practice.








She loves to suck on my chin.













Annie 75/365






life with the wisners said...

here I go again with my consistent comment...DUDE.


Oh my word. You outdid yourself today. You nailed flare. Nailed it.

Second, Justin? Has talent. Very impressive. I can't imagine how wonderful it must feel to have those pictures of YOU and the girls. I would LOVE pictures of ME and big h and goo.

And I love the one of Justin and Lucy. So much.

And macro? What lens did you go with on those flower pictures? They are breathtaking.

Seriously, I have so many comments I want to make about this post. You are doing incredible work lately.

Sarah said...

Oh Kelly! I think these are some of my favorite pictures ever!! I love Lucy on the tricycle! What classic, beautiful pictures! They almost look old fashioned in a way! And seeing you pictured with your girls is a treat! The love, patience and comfort you exude with them is just breathtaking!

Beautiful day for you all! Thanks for letting us share!!

mimi lam said...

Picture of Daddy and Lucy is a classic, Annie with the sunlight on her hair,and golden daisy, such a georgous combination hues. Lovely captured pictures of a happy family surrounding by beautiful flowers of spring.

Anonymous said...

Annie's belly totally rocks today! What a little doll!

Stacy said...

All the photos today are AWESOME as always! LOVED them all! A big YAHOO to Miss Annie for having her legs relaxed and bent in some of the photos! I noticed it right away and that is so great! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

LawMommy said...

I love the photo of Annie sucking on your chin. I particularly love the expression on Lucy's face while Annie is attacking your chin. She's staring at the stick like, "this girl and her chin sucking, what can you do?" I have no idea why I love that photo so much. It's given me a big smile this morning.

Anonymous said...

I comment so infrequently, but I just have to say...Beautiful pictures! (as always!)--I especially love the second one of Annie watching Lucy. Also, it is great to see pictures of you with your girls. Beautiful work, Justin!

Denise said...

I love all of the pictures today but especially the ones of you and the girls. Too cute to see Annie 'kissing' on your chin. Your girls are so happy. What a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those pictures are amazing! I love the first one of Lucy on the tricycle. It kind of feels like an old photograph. Love it! You are so talented!

*Tara in Alabama*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, lovely post.I was touched by the happiness and love. Best wishes, lin

Kate said...

By far, BY FAR my favorite set of pictures you have taken. LOVE them all! And Justin would make an awesome assistant! Great job on flare. Can't wait for the sun to show up here so I can try it out!

Kate said...

kel! lovin all the pics today and the sis love!:) the pics with you and the girls are just amazing! way to go tina! can't wait to see you all soon! :)

Jacob, Angie, Dakota, and Austin said...

The photos are beautiful. I know i am so very bad at posting on my site and yet alone commenting on yours. Brooklyn and I every morning get up to the counter to see what Lucy is doing today. (and now Annie). Brooklyn sometimes will say what lucy do today mama? It is so cute how they grow up so fast.
Just wanted to let you know that these are great photos and look at little Miss Annie and her bent legs in some of the photos. Right on!!!
Also if you get a chance can you send me your email?


Christina said...

Yowza! You rocked the flare, bigtime! Really gorgeous stuff, and I'm loving the desaturated/vintage processing you've been playing with latley. The macros are lovely, too. I've had the hardest time getting good focus for macros with the lenses I have. I love watching you take the photography world by storm. :o)

The bond between you and your girls is gorgeous! No susprise they are such sweet sisters. It's awesome to see how relaxed and natural Annie's legs are getting, too. Never doubt yourself as a mother - you are the best possible mommy for those girls!

Marina said...

Hey Kelly, I read your blog every day and always enjoy your pictures, but these are fabulous! No need for more practice on the sun flare or macro- you've nailed them in these stunning images. Thank you again for sharing your gorgeous girls with us all. Marina

NeuroMama said...

You are just the most amazing photographer. I'm already hoping that you keep up with the 365 days of photos NEXT year! Of course, it doesn't hurt that all of your subjects are stunningly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey baby girl--good work! Can't wait to get my hands on those angels!! And good work to Justin! I love the pics with you/him in them. These little guys are so much fun to play with. Get ready, here we come! Hugs and kisses, Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

I think the very first photo in this post in my favorite. Very vintage looking. Love the macro shots.