Thursday, March 05, 2009




Lucy 64/365

Today I am thankful for the support I get from you guys on this blog!! Thank you so much for the encouragement, excitement, tips, and well wishes for the photography biz. You guys are the best! Thanks to those of you who noticed little glitches/mistakes that needed fixed. I would have never noticed those things. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I got the courage to go for this dream from you guys telling me you loved my pictures. If I could hug each of your necks, I would!

It was a busy day for me and the girls. Breakfast with Mandy, Christy, Ava, me, and my girls. Straight from breakfast to playgroup, which was at the most awesome park that we have never been to before - there is a pond with ducks to feed and the playground was really fun. Lucy LOVED it. Then it was home for naps. When the girls woke up, Christy and I walked the girls to the neighborhood park for some more playtime. The weather has again been spectacular. We were outside for almost every minute of the day today that the girls were awake. We ate dinner outside even. It was just a fabulous day altogether. Love my babies. Love my husband. Love my friends. Love this weather. I felt good today.

And to make things even better, I got to talk all things photography with Emily - as in Lulu's mom - while the girls napped today. Love that girl. She has an eye for photographs like no one else I know. I adore the way that she sees the world through her lens.

The girls have different outfits on from one park to the other. Lucy was melting in her long sleeve dress and Annie trashed her first one. All of these pics are from today.

Let me tell you, Annie LOVES to swing. Loves it. This is her good friend Ava. Christy couldn't get to her fast enough to stop her from licking the swing. Ugh.

Her mouth never closed the entire time and Christy said a bug was going to fly in her mouth if she didn't close it!


Look at her hair. Her legs never straighten one time. They were locked out the entire time. :(








Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new business.
Your work is inspiring me to do better with photos as a way of investing in my daughter's miracle into our lives!
All the best.

Meredith Woodruff said...

OMG, those pics of Annie in the swing are the BEST!!! Love it:)!

Mom said...

Outside pics are just the best. And Christy is right, I cannot believe Annie didn't catch a few bugs in that huge smile! Loved Lucy's vn squat to feed the ducks! And the tree pic. All in all, I loved them all. I know they are asleep, but first thing in the morning tell them that LeeLee sent hugs and kisses.

Justin--hope you are feeling tons better!

Love and kisses and thoughts of sweet sleep--LeeLee

Gina said...

I sure wish you lived closer to me in Arizona...I'd be calling you up first thing tomorrow morning to take pictures of my girls!

I absolutely adore your photos!

life with the wisners said...

Oh, I am LOVING the vintage vibe from today. Love it. These are fabulous.

Annie, sweet Annie. Just want to take a bite out of her.

And Lucy? She ADORES your camera.

KrisJ said...

You really are amazing and an inspiration to us all to all learn to take better photos.. you always catch the eyes in this amazing way and I have tried so hard to get it and today I finally got close and was pretty dang happy! lol anyways your amazing so THANK YOU!!

Jodi said...

That Annie-Girl on the swings is just the picture of pure joy. Love it! It totally brightened up my evening.

Emily said...

have so much fun today!!! there is no jealously in my voice whatsoever when i say that...cough....:)
seriously, i want deets!
loved finally talking to you!

Jena said...

Oh my word girl!
I am so happy for you!!!!

You deserve to succeed!!!

Love the pic of Lucy in the trees...

Kristen said...

Congratulations on the new business! There is no doubt in my mind you'll be successful!!! Thanks for sharing the website with us! It looks awesome!

I guess this means, now that you're a "professional" you can't share your post processing secrets? :( Bummer! I'd been holding out hope!

Best of luck! Love today's pictures, makes me feel like you live in another country... a WARM country!

Kristin said...

Love your daily photos. Since I work online at home, it is a nice way to procrastinate and get inspiration to take some of my own. (: Would love for you to take photos of my boys if we get up that way from Houston.

susan said...

Our daughter adopted from Viet Nam also gets stiff legs. They are not always stiff, but they can sneak up on her and then her whole body gets stiff and she doesn't sit or walk well. It can be that way the rest of the day.

Just want you to know that its not just Annie! Over time (2 years tomorrow!) it has lessened.


Larry and Kyndra said...

Hey Kelly- you have such an awesome eye for photography. if you ever make it to Denver, I would love for you to photograph Cassidy.. if you can get her to look at the camera you really would be a star! Good luck in the new biz. I have my own design biz and at times it seems impossible to do your own thing but keep it up and it will be amazingly rewarding.

Jenny said...

has Annie been evaluated for low tone? Cause Cams was exactly the same and it ended up she had low tone (a very common issue). It is something to ask.

MKH said...

Love the pics! i'm sure you're over the moon to be back outside to take pics!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the stiff little legs but man-o-man did she look joyful! She just looks like she's having a blast and a half!!

Your photos were, once again, simply amazing! It's the highlight of my day to check your blog and see your amazing, inspiring photographs. Thanks!