Monday, March 30, 2009


Lucy 89/365

Annie 89/365

Today I am thankful for all of the funny, quirky little quotes that come out of Lucy's mouth that always keep Justin and me laughing. She can just be so hilarious. For instance, today there was this clicking noise in the car somewhere. I knew Lucy would notice it, she is very aware of noises. Her exact words were:

L: "Do you hear that, Momma?"
Me: "I sure do Lucy."
L: "It must be a woodpecker. Yes, it is a woodpecker. A black and white woodpecker."

I really don't think we have ever even talked about a woodpecker. Not sure where she knew about them from. Maybe a book I can't think of, but it just caught me off guard. And it actually did sound like the tapping of a woodpecker. Smart that one. I need to start writing down more of our conversations because they really are so funny and I forget about most of them.

Annie is still not feeling well. She doesn't have a fever anymore, but she is severely congested. She is still acting like she feels fine, but she really looks pitiful. Her nose is bright red, her face is red and splotchy, and her skin is really dry. We go to the doctor on Wednesday for her 1 year check up, so I am hoping she still feels okay until then. Lucy seems to be getting the really runny nose as well now. :( I swear, these two are not looking their best. They are just snotty/crusty and it is not pretty. Poor babies. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they both keep feeling okay.

I had a photo session today! So exciting. I actually have a couple of sessions that need to get up on the La La Blog, so check it out later tonight to see what I have been working on. I am off to edit pictures!


She is so pleased to be 2!


Mom said...

MY my my, aren't we on top of posting today! So glad that the photo shoot went well. Sorry about the noses, etc, and hope it gets no worse. Lucky for the check up on Wednesday. Nothing like spending your birthday with the doctor!! Seriously, I hope both little munchkins feel better ASAP! They both look so happy! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Norah said...

Awww, poor little Annie's nose looks so red. Glad there is no fever.

Laurie said...

Aww, sorry your girls are feeling crummy. I can tell Annie isn't feeling her best - she doesn't look like her usual self. Still totally adorable though!
Lucy is cracking me up. What's with her gang signs:) Too funny.

MKH said...

love those little conversations! That is so cute about the woodpecker! I'm out of town for a week, so if you don't see any comments from me, I will look forward to catching up when I get back!