Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lucy 78/365

Annie 78/365

Today I am thankful for this short, but so much fun, little getaway that my family got to have today. We all needed a break from our routine and had such a great time getting our break today. Justin, the girls, and I all got up early this morning and headed to the airport. We met Justin's parents in Houston where they picked us up. The girls traveled so well. We came to our hotel, got settled a bit, and then got to eat lunch with some dear friends, Nicki and Addy. It was so great to see you guys. I really wish we could have had more time together. Next trip won't be so rushed, I promise. June and I brought the girls up for naps. After nap, we all got ready and we took the girls to the rodeo. Justin and I have been so excited because all Lucy has been able to talk about was the moo cows, horseys, and sheep she was going to see at the "radio," which is how she pronounces rodeo. I have been a little worried about how Annie would handle the late night, but I have no idea why. She is the most laid back girl ever and she took it all in stride. The rodeo didn't even start until 7:30 and normally Annie has been asleep for 30 minutes by then. I kept her in the Ergo pretty much the entire time and she didn't fuss a bit. Lucy loved the rodeo. We even stayed after the rodeo for the concert! Annie was still awake at this point - it was 9. Once the LOUD music started, she was out. Lucy danced and clapped through the entire show. It was so cute! The girls were incredibly well behaved. Perfect. I was so proud. Annie slept through most of the concert and then hung out for a while again afterward. Lucy was wired from the cotton candy. Now they are both passed smooth out and I am rushing around to get this done. It was started before midnight, so I am on time still. Also, I will just say I am going on mountain time today!

I am so lucky to have kids that will totally just roll with whatever we throw at them. Lucy was up until 11:50 tonight and she has not whined, complained, or fussed once. Neither has Annie. They are always amazing me.

Okay, I am EXHAUSTED, so I am out. Pictures could have been better, but it was a little crazy so this is the best I got.

Check out all of those horses!


She was kicking her legs she was so excited about all of the animals.



Not a great picture at all, but at least all 4 of us are in it. I really have been trying to do better about family shots.

I just love every picture of the girls with their daddy.



life with the wisners said...

Sad that I'm still up. But so glad I haven't hit the hay yet. This SO did not disapoint. Love it. And love that you constantly say, "these aren't the best pictures." Silly you. Please.

These were awesome. Love the one of the four of you. Would you find it creepy if I commented on how beautiful you are? Good. Because you guys are a gorgeous family.

One question, though. Where are your hats? :)

Sharon said...

So much fun!!!!!!!

Emily said...

that looks like so much fun. i need to find a rodeo around these parts b/c lulu would flip:)

MKH said...

wow that looks really cool! would love to see a rodeo one day!

have a fun trip!

Kate said...

you know i love a good rodeo...i hope lucy told frank i said hi. love seein dada looking healthy! all the pics are so cute! bokhe bokhe bokhe

The Houser's said...

So what lense were you using? I love that you can just barely make out the outline of the horse and their riders standing in the distance!
I know someone commented on no hats, but Lucy and Annie need a pair of blingy cowgirl boots:) You know just for fun!! Might I suggest Ariat Probaby or the Fatbaby's.. all 4 of my girls have a pair (or 2;) And okay I have a pair also - minus the rhinestones;)
Enjoy your Weekend...

LawMommy said...

That last photo is amazing. I cannot figure out how you got it to come out so crisply - my nighttime photos are always fuzzy. It's very cool.

It's making me laugh that Lucy calls the rodeo, 'radio'.

Christina said...

What an awesome, incredible adventure! I can only imagine the girl's excitement. Hope today's just as great!

Anonymous said...

I love the bokeh in the first pictures! I remember when you once blogged "I don't know what I am doing when it comes to take pictures at night" (4th of Juli or something like that?), that just came to my mind. Fantastic pictures, and great that you take more family pictures. Both the pictures of your husband with the girls and you with the girls are so cute.