Friday, March 27, 2009


Annie 86/365

Lucy 86/365

Today I am thankful that even when Annie is sick, she is still so sweet and happy. Poor thing has been trying to get a bunch of head congestion for several days now and last night it just kind of settled in her nose. It is running nonstop and she has a low grade fever, but other than watery eyes and constant snot, you would never know she felt any different. I swear, all Annie wants to do is make everyone else smile and happy, and a little cold is not going to stop her from living out that mission.

We have really just hung around the house today since Annie is not feeling great. We are going to dinner tonight with Justin and then I get to go out with Justin tonight! Yeah!! I am excited. I am more excited than Justin because he has to work, but it will be fun for me. I hope that everyone has an awesome weekend! I have some fun plans for tomorrow that I am really looking forward to.

The girls love to roll the pool balls at Papa and Lee Lee's house.

She is FINALLY getting to the point where she wants to do what all babies do - put everything in her mouth.







This is from last night and I love it. Lucy absolutely refused to let me read her her books before bed. Lee Lee had to do it.


B said...

How long did it take for Annie to get to the "everything in her mouth" point. I am having many of the same troubles you describe with my wee Benjaminh, home 2 months, 10 months old. Such a struggle though this week he nibbled on a pizza crust momentarily and I was speechless.

We don't have the same access to early years testing as the U.S. seems to have and must go the doctor referral route and it is soooo frustrating.

MKH said...

hope you have a fun night!

life with the wisners said...

who would've thought? a pool table for a "back drop?" impressive, mom.

love these. love the colors. love the vibrancy.

and don't laugh. but i'm tearing up at the ones of lee lee and lucy. beautiful treasures.

hope you're having a great time.

Mom said...

Today was so fun because Daddy got to come to town! The Goose and the Nanners were so happy! I am always ready to keep these pumpkins! And, Lucy and I love our reading time, just next time maybe my pic could be when I'm not just out of the shower!!!! Oh well. Think I have memorized The Big Red Barn and Wonder Pets!! Hugs to all, Lee Lee