Monday, March 23, 2009


Lucy 82/365

Annie 82/365

Today I am thankful that Annie has improved drastically when it comes to riding in the car. She used to cry the second we put her in the car, but now she has been on several road trips and done so well. It is really hard to concentrate when your child is screaming bloody murder in the back seat and she can't see you. l am so pleased that she is getting to a point of feeling safe in the car. Life is much more pleasant.

I have had another long day, so that is all for today.






Sara said...

Today, I am thankful for your posts and your consistency in posting! you should be proud of yourself for being so good about this! I know you will cherish it when your brain in foggy and you can't remember in moments of sleep deprivation! I am also thankful that you share such gorgeous pics of your little angels with us. Have a great day Kelly.

Mom2J&I said...

Well said Sara. I love checking in EVERY night to see how your day was and to see what gorgeous photos you have to share. Love it. Don't know how you've managed to keep it up this long but I do enjoy. Thanks!

Seashy said...

Is Jason back up to snuff????

The Houser's said...

Check out baby girls relaxed legs!! And seriously how do you not gobble up Lucy with that dimple?

Anonymous said...

Congrats for that! I know how horrible car rides can be. You know, everything is so new to these little munchikns. It can be a scary world. It took Binh about 3 months not to scream the entire time we were in the car. It helped a lot when we turned him around finally.

Anonymous said...

Careful seashy..... i know a thing or 2 you don't want posted on this blog!!! :)

MKH said...

cute all around and GREAT choices for the I love faces this week!!

Anonymous said...

Heehee - love those baby legs and that tongue! SO SWEET!!

life with the wisners said...

Oh...the day when goo stopped crying in the carseat. Was a glorious one.

And I am loving all the pictures of your family. So much fun.