Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Lucy 63/365

Annie 63/365

Today I am thankful for the moments when I am rocking Annie (or Lucy when she used to let me rock her) and she is just about to go to sleep. I always have to watch them when they don't realize that I am watching them because I DO NOT want the dreaded eye contact right before drifting off to sleep because you know she is wide awake again if she catches my eye. Anyway, when she is moments away from falling asleep and her eyes are blinking so slowly I love to watch her do everything she can to try and keep her eyes open - look up, look sideways, look at me, etc. She will move her eyes upward and then they blink so slowly. Then she will move them on me because she is too tired to look up at the ceiling anymore. And then she finally caves and just lets them close. I can feel every muscle in her body relax and then I know she is done. I love to rock my babies way past when they are asleep because the moment is just so sweet and in the blink of an eye, Annie is going to be Lucy's size and not have time for rocking anymore. I actually do not normally see Annie go to sleep. She is so wiggly that she prefers to get her bottle, rock for a few minutes, and then be laid down. She normally puts herself to sleep. But today for nap she was not trying to wiggle away when I was rocking her so I just rocked away and got to have one of my favorite moments. Sweet baby.

Justin is still really sick. He almost fainted today when he came down for lunch. He was fine, but got really light headed and dizzy for a bit. The fever is a little more under control today. I am still holding out on not getting sick like him. My throat is really sore and my head is congested. I am really tired but fine. Please let me stay this way!

The weather is supposed to be really nice the next few days so I am going to open up our house and let the germs fly away!! This place needs disinfecting. Hopefully I can get some of that done while Lucy is at school tomorrow.

Here is some therapy stuff we are working on. Here is how Annie normally sits. It is obviously hard to tell with these wide pants on, but her legs are stiff as a board under there.

Here is what we are working on. You have no idea how hard it is to catch this in a photo because she straightens that leg out so fast. I have to bend it in this position and as long as I am sitting on the floor close by her, she will keep it there for a short while. But if I step away, it locks out almost immediately. I would have NEVER even given a second thought to sitting with a leg bent until now. It is so natural to most people and babies. But not my girl. This is so far from normal for her. She is improving though!! We did a lot of good work today.

This is a good shot of how stiff her legs are. One leg is normally lifted off of the ground. (notice the toes pointing straight up - LOVE IT!)



And here are some sneak peeks from my newborn session yesterday. Kylie, I am working on getting them all loaded for you to see. Such a cutie!!







Anonymous said...

Good work Annie Muffin! She'll be doing "the squat" in no time;) Kell, those newborn pics are making my uterus ache - they are GORGEOUS. You did a fantastic job. I wish I had those classic B&W newborn shots of my babies. You captured that beautiful baby so well.

Jena said...

Yeah, I have to agree with Laur, those baby shots are ridiculous, they make me so excited for you and your new business! You are going to do awesome!
Oh, I am so proud of Annie! Good work over there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Poopsie! The pics are really awesome today! Let's all send up another evening of prayers for Justin and get that guy healed up! Justin, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. Drink plenty of fluids! he he
And Kell--bring on the chicken soup. That helps everything. Kiss the girls for me. The pics really made me smile/happy. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

PS--the last pic of Lucy, can't tell if she's ready to burst out laughing, or let you have it! The newborn pictures are wonderful. Hope the Momma and Daddy like them. Mom

Anonymous said...

I love how you talk about putting Annie to sweet. I agree, rocking a baby to sleep is one of the best things in the world. Phoebe hardly ever falls asleep while being rocked...but once and awhile I get a treat!

The photos from your session are beautiful. Very nice that baby decided to sleep for you!

Susan said...

I give Annie two toes... er, uh... thumbs up for her awesome work. She'll get it soon, I just know it. (Petunia did the same thing with one of her toes, so I call it her spicy toe.)

Sending up big prayers for Justin to shake the crud pronto, and big prayers that you'll escape the worst of it and get rid of the sore throat and congestion tomorrow. Sending up even bigger prayers that the sickness keeps its distance from your baby girls.

To be honest, those newborn shots are probably some of the very best photos I've seen from you, Kelly. You're getting to be really fantastic! And what a precious little sweetheart your subject is. If you ever want to REALLY challenge yourself, have I got a 2-year old subject for you! hahaha

Your girls are beautiful and I always love to see pics of them. Hope we get to see you all again soon. Hugs from Petunia and me.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say those pants of Annie's are the CUTEST? Way to go Annie on all your hard work! And I'm TOTALLY serious here Kelly, the shots you took of that newborn are a million times better than what I got from the professional photographer I had take Delaney's pics as a newborn. Granted D barely slept a wink so it just wasn't possible to get some of the types of shots we wanted, but honestly, yours are just breathtaking. Wish we were closer to you! Hope Justin gets well soon and the rest of you don't catch it!

life with the wisners said...




i'm speechless.

let me run down my list of thoughts...

prayers for justin here at the wisners. and bigger prayers that no one else gets it. (and have you tried mucinex? i know the commercial is gross. but it nips my sore throat/congestion in the bud before it ever turns into a cold. i'm just sayin'.)

annie? it makes me want to cry. the progress she's making. your hard work. your therapist who is obviously invested. everything. we had an OT with big h, and we loved him. and big h did awesome. and i just know annie is going to kick some bent leg hiney.

and last but not least. your newborn photos? breathtaking. your business is going to rock out. can we be partners? :)

love you, friend. i'm all kinds of happy for you today.

coffeygirlb said...

I just love the pics on your blog! You have truly captured some beautiful moments with some beautiful children! They are going to be so happy to have them one day!

Unknown said...

The newborn pictures are so beautiful!! And your girls are adorable as always!! I hope one day soon I can capture moments just half as good as you can.

Hope you can get all those germs to fly away today!

Leanne, from FL

Kate said...

kelly!!!! those pics are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! get up here!!!!
i see a double 9 cheerleading champ in our future with ms. annie! go girlie! btw--i have an AWESOME double nine jump if she wants me to help her!!!
i hate that for mr. sniffles! j/k. that is awful that he is feeling bad. we do not need him swooning like that again!

Anonymous said...

Aww, she's working so hard!!! She'll get there!

I looove the newborn shots! I have questions about them so I'll email you. You did a GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

Kelly - LOVED the one of Annie with just her torso & her looking straight at the camera. One of my favorites of her ever...she just looks amazing. And the newborn session photos are wonderful. What a beautiful baby - not too hard to make her look cute! Loved the pic with the focus on the feet. Adorable. I must have missed the call from Regis & Kelly this week! I mean, I just can't believe it. :) Also - will you e-mail me about the baptism/b-day party, etc?

Shawna said...

Kel, I'm so proud of you for starting this photog business...your pics are incredible! Stay well...I hope Justin feels better soon!

Kristi said...


I love the neat black and white background and the super creative angles you used on the newborn shoot. She also has the prettiest eyes and the catch lights in them are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ah! I found your blog! It's Erin from your fabulous Tet party! heh Gorgeous gorgeous girls!! Thank you for being a great host and thank you for the prayers. :)

MKH said...

love that first pic of Lucy! so pretty! so excited that annie is doing well. the pics of the newborn are really amazing. You have an amazing gift at photography-so much fun to see!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the website, the new blog and the business! You're going to do GREAT!! I can only imagine how scary this is and I can't imagine how you find the time, but I KNOW you're an awesome photographer and you're going to do well. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Just stopping by to check on Annie and how you are doing. Seems like you are doing a great job and Annie looks great! Love your photography- too bad you don't live closer or I would be hiring you for our four cuties.