Sunday, March 22, 2009


Annie 81/365


Lucy 81/365


Today I am thankful that our sweet baby girl is baptized and that she is growing up in a Christian home where she will always be surrounded by love and support. I am thankful that we have the awesome church that we do and for the friends that I have made through our church. I can't say enough wonderful things about our church. I love it. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated every single time I walk out of there. Annie did AMAZING for her baptism. She allowed our pastor to hold her and bless her and hold her up and show her off. There was a moment of hesitation when I handed her over, but I quickly told her that she was okay and that was that. She was totally fine. We were all so proud of her. I had hoped she would be able to wear Lucy's white Ao Dai that Lucy was baptized in, but it just didn't fit her at all. It was so big on her, so we didn't use it.

I think that Annie is ready for things to settle down a little. She has really struggled with nap and now bedtime today. I think she has probably been really overstimulated with all that has been going on the past several days. We need a few calm days to get her back on track. I am really just hoping she isn't getting sick. She threw up tonight after she went to bed but I think she gagged on some medicine. Fingers crossed we all stay healthy.

Lucy's only pictures today are group photos. We are all exhausted. It has been so busy since Thursday. Thanks to all of our family for making this weekend so wonderful!










life with the wisners said...

oh friend. this whole post makes me so happy.

i have been thinking about and praying for you ALL DAY, and i was so excited about watching for this post to go up.

kelly, i am so glad we are pals. you are a beautiful woman. a woman who loves her man. who loves her girls. who invests in her friends. who is passionate about life.

i am so THRILLED that this day was so great for you.

oh, and is justin in a suit? you four look FABULOUS!

and i love seeing your extended family. so much joy there today.

Anonymous said...

congratulations annie!!
I can not wait to see the Lord working in her life! What a blessed day!!

Shay said...

congratulations to Miss Annie girl! What a big day!

KrisJ said...

YEAH! Ok so I know you will get asked this a million times but where did you find Annies dress? I have been picturing that exact dress for Malias big court date and blessing?? So precious and girl you look pretty dang cute too!! Love the skirt!

Kelly said...

This is her dress:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the baptism! Annie looks SO beautiful in her dress.

Sharon said...

Congrats! I swear Annie's hair is growing faster than Linhsey's. You all look so happy and amazing!

Amy said...

Is it just me or is that smile the most contagious smile ever!! She just looks so happy. What a beautiful little girl.

I am so happy for you guys!
Amy in Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, she looks just beautiful. And I LOVE her tiny bow! It makes me smile. I knew she'd do great - she's just that chill :) And I'm glad your crazies are over and you can look forward to a few days of R&R

mam said...

What a sweet and joyful babe you've got there. I love her little big toes sticking up like that!

Anonymous said...

Your husband looks like Alex on Grey's Anatomy. :-)

Kate said...

Yay, Annie! Looks like you had a joyous day...minus her feeling bad. Hope she's better today.

Kelli said...

Annie looks gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I am loooving all these "Seashy" appearances!! She's cute and seems like an obvious favorite of all.