Saturday, March 21, 2009


Lucy 80/365

Annie 80/365

Today I am thankful for family dinners. Growing up, we ate dinner together as a family every night. I make it a priority that we sit down as a family now, as well. Tonight, we had a huge family dinner of spaghetti and I just love that. We had another great day with all of our family in town. Tomorrow is Annie's baptism and tonight we did cupcakes for her. I let her have her own cupcake and she ripped the thing to shreds and managed to refuse even a taste touching her lips. I had really hoped she would at least touch a finger to her lips, but she just won't do it. She was so cute trying to figure out what was all over her.

Lucy had a birthday party this morning and then we just played around the house. After naps, we took the big kids to feed the ducks, ate dinner, ate cupcakes, and did group kid baths. The kids have had such a great time today. We had beautiful weather again today.

I hope that Annie does well at the baptism. The pastor always holds up the babies and shows them off and I am not sure that Annie is going to go for that, but I want everyone to see how precious she is!

















Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!! WE LOVE YOU AND SORRY WE MISSED IT. Annie is getting so big and she is just so precious. We miss you guys and can't wait for the beach trip in May. Lots of love and kisses to everyone.
the Corley's

Anonymous said...

Love the girls' outfits! Happy early birthday sweet Annie!

KrisJ said...

Looks like so much fun! I cant wait to see the look on her face when she finally starts sneaking some good treats in the mouth!!! Hope the rest of your week is awesome... btw LOVE the photos from yesterday!

Sherri said...

I can't believe that she is almost one! Looks like you are all having a great time. Enjoy your weekend.

Jenny said...

I LOVE the bubble. My girls had bubbles and I think they were my favorite outfits. (I kept the nice ones). Good luck at the christening!

Kate said...

i meant to comment yesterday too but the misha dresses were ADORABLE on them as well as the pink chickens! so so cute!!!!!! happy early bday ms annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we'll be thinkin about you all this morning! i know that girl will do great!

MKH said...

so cute watching the cupcake go to shreads! too cute!

Anonymous said...

The girls'outfits are beautifu. Please share with us where did you find them.

Kelli said...

Love the cake pictures! At least she had fun playing in it!

Sharon said...

My my what a nice looking lock box you have on your door. We have the same one! LOL

life with the wisners said...

These pictures make me so happy. The hat. The smushing. The pink. The fact that you had annie's high chair in your front yard. :)

What a fun celebration.