Sunday, March 15, 2009


Lucy 74/365


Annie 74/365

Today I am thankful for the way that the girls reacted when their daddy got home. They were so cute. We picked Justin up at the airport and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I had to wake Lucy up, which is never a good thing. She had the car ride to recover though and by the time we got there, she had perked right up. She literally talked Justin's ear off on the ride home. She told him all about everything that we had been doing. So cute. Annie is always super excited to see him. She does this thing with kicking her legs when she gets really, really excited. Let's just say that her legs were kicking like crazy. It is so nice to have our man home. I am already feeling much better. It is unbelievable how helpful it is to have another set of hands to be doing things. Justin is a really great dad, and the girls and I really miss him when he is away.

I taught Lucy's Sunday School this morning and then we just came home and played a bit before the girls napped. We picked up Justin, had a family outing to the grocery store, and had Mexican food for dinner - my choice and it instantly made me feel better! Amazing what a margarita can do for the soul. :) Everyone is in bed and Justin and I are just going to watch some tv and relax. It is so nice to not feel like I need to keep three feet between the two of us so that I don't get the death sickness that Justin had.

I hope everyone has a great week!







She really misses being thrown this high. Momma just can't quite get her high enough.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Lucy is airborn!!! So glad that Justin is home and feeling better!!! It's always better when Daddy has Momma and Momma has Daddy!! Pics look like we had a great day. Have to get caught up on my commenting. Another very gray day here today. Am ready to see the sun! More later. Lots of love to all, Lee Lee

Kelli said...

That picture of Lucy flying through the air is amazing! Glad you had a great day!

Erica said...

Wow, every time I see one of these pictures of Lucy flying it just blows my socks off.

I so badly want a margarita. I've been trying to bribe people all week to come out for some beans and a biggie cup of the magic sauce. It just seems sad and lonely when I am forced to drink alone (and, no, I don't).

Glad Justin's home--enjoy the wonderful weather!

life with the wisners said...


do i start every post with dude?

because dude...

your man has mad throwing skillz. impressive.

i can't imagine how happy you all were about having daddy home. just makes everything right, doesn't it?

didn't annie get that dress as a gift at your shower? looks so familiar.

and i love that lucy is still in her st. patty's getup.

i've told you before that your children are gorgeous, right? right?

Anonymous said...

I love how excited little girls get when their Daddy's arrive home!

I don't know if I could stand by and watch that throwing action... I would be nervous! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I know he throws her high but the distortion on that lens makes it look sooo freakin' awesome! Like she's a mile high! LOVE it!! Great pictures all the way around. Really pretty light.

So happy Justin's home and you all can kick back and relax!

LeighAnn said...

Oh, my, Lucy looks a million miles away. My hubby throws our boys extremely high as well and it makes me queasy! The craziest thing is that he threw, or tossed rather, our first child the day he was born!! He got fussed at for that. So glad your man is home.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad Justin is back and feeling better. I hope you had a lovely night!

Kristi said...

Please tell me you used your new lens on the "flying Lucy" photos and it just made Lucy look like she's a mile up in the air!

So cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi! New commenter - but I've been blog-stalking for a few months now. ;)
I hope you don't get tired of hearing how gorgeous your family is...because THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!
Those pictures with Justin and Lucy could be captioned "Trust" :) She seems so comfortable because she just knows her daddy will be there to catch her. Precious!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it makes me nervous to see Lucy that high in the air :) I'm a nervous mama anyway, I think. I get onto Ash for throwing Binh that way, but Binh just eats it up. I tell Ash just not to do it while I'm around, so I won't be getting any pics like yours!:)
My husband travels a lot, too, so I know exactly how you were feeling. It's nice just to have someone who can help with small things like baths and bedtime.

Emily said...

Hi! I'm brand new to your blog. I ran across it this morning and spent waaay too much time reading about your adoption stories. :o) It's really inspirational and your girls are gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing your story!

MKH said...

very cool pics! love them all! glad your man is home and you got our for some Mexican!

Shawna said...

So glad to hear J's feeling better Kel! So glad you had a great Sunday!