Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lucy 71/365

Annie 71/365

Today I am thankful that Lucy has started talking about Vietnam. Recently, Lucy will randomly spout out that Annie is from Vietnam. I mean very randomly. She will be sitting on the kitchen floor playing with some toys and just turn to me and say, "Momma, Annie is from Vietnam." and then she goes about her business again. So, I have been trying to talk with her about this some and explain to her that she is also from Vietnam and how special that is and how when she was a tiny baby we flew on a big airplane to get her, just like we did Annie. She always just kind of looks at me and nods and moves on. Tonight I had both girls at this little cafe and Lucy and I were eating and Annie was playing in the high chair. All of the sudden she says, "Annie from Vietnam. And Lucy from Vietnam too! Mommy daddy ride the big huge airplane to Vietnam." I was so pleased with all of this big talking and with what she was talking about. I wish I knew what sparked her to bring this up. Everything that I have read says to talk with them about their adoption at a really young age so that I am more comfortable talking about it when they are ready. She has given me the perfect way to start talking about it in a really simplistic way for her being so little. I usually tell her a story about our trip to Vietnam for her and then we talk about when she got to go back with us for Annie's trip. It is really all quite sweet to me. I have always felt silly trying to talk to a 2 year old about being born in Vietnam, but now I don't because SHE wants to talk about it. Lucky me.

I am also thankful that Lucy decided to lay her head on my chest for books and songs tonight and hold my hand while I belted out her bedtime songs. I love my snuggles with her because she is not a natural snuggler. One more really cute thing that Lucy is doing so I don't forget. She just now figured out how to hold up two fingers to show how old she is. She has worked and worked on that, but just couldn't get it until last week. Now she walks around all day saying, "U-Cee is 2! Yook Momma, I two!" She is so very pleased with herself for mastering this skill.

Poor Annie has 4 teeth right under the gums that I can see and feel. I know they are hurting because she had a rough time at nap and was even a little grouchy tonight, which she is NEVER grouchy. I wish they would pop through. I have really been massaging her gums to try and give her a little relief. Even when I say she is a little grouchy, it is literally NOTHING compared to a day when I say Lucy is grouchy. This child is so sweet and wants to please all of the time. Mandy said today that it is just so rewarding to be around Annie because she makes you feel so good and happy. It is incredibly rewarding to call myself her mom.

The weather has me having absolutely no desire to take pictures. I had to really force myself to snap a few tonight. It is still extremely rainy, dark, and cold. I would like to stay cuddled in my bed all day.

I babysat for my neighbor today and for a few hours I had her 6 month old and my 11 month old and 2.5 year old. Let me tell you something, it was hard work. Laurie, I seriously have no idea how you have done what you do girl. You are amazing.

That is all for me tonight. Just don't have it in me for any more. Have a great night.

I took these pictures of Annie while trying to feed her and hold up a camera that weighs a zillion pounds - all the while having no idea what is going to actually be in the frame. Not easy I tell you. I have always wanted pictures of her while I feed her. Some day I will have to make Justin do it. But I just adore how she holds onto my hand. Such a love, that girl.

Look at her bending those legs and reaching! She is going to be going from sitting to laying and vice versa with no problem in no time!

Have I mentioned before that Lucy loves her babies (aka blankees)? Well, she does. A lot. I love how you can tell she is smiling so big even though you can barely see any of her face.

There's the whole view!



Anonymous said...

Nothing better than cuddling your gals on a cold, rainy day! Sounds wonderful. I can remember rocking you when you were a bitsy and you telling me "No sing, Momma." Don't think you liked me belting out a tune or two! ha ha Had a good day at Aldersgate, and think I'm ready to go see Holly's. Just have to do a few things in the morning--litter box, trash, etc--and dogs to the canine country club! Hope the weather improves. Seashy is in and out tomorrow before her "last" spring break. Oh to be young again--not. Tish is going to house sit the kitties and the roofers! So, all is accounted for. Talk to you later. Kisses and hugs all around. Lee Lee

PS have worn the two videos out!

Anonymous said...

Justin--just how are you feeling??? Better I hope. Lee

Trying Traditional said...

My girls have just now started talking about Vietnam. It is hard to talk to a 2-year old about it without feeling really odd. No little sibling here to help out, but when they see me on the computer looking at blogs, I make sure to point out if I am on another Vietnam blog. The other day, one of them out of nowhere says that the other is a "Bietnam baby and so am I momma!" She seemed pleased about it so I played it up. Soon, I will be getting out the photobooks I had made of my blog about our travel to get them. I know right now the journaling is beyond them, but just to flip through the pictures will help.

Susan said...

First of all, sweet, sweet pics. It's funny the things you've brought up tonight because some of the same stuff is going on at our house. Petunia is also working on holding up two fingers and, boy, can she get frustrated. The real problem is that she doesn't want me to help. If you ask her how hold old she is she'll say two, but she just can't hold up her fingers yet. Maybe she'll get it before long.

Also, about the kids being from Vietnam... For many months I've told Petunia a very abbreviated version of her being born in Vietnam and living there until I could fly on the airplane to get her and bring her home. We've recently begun reading a book called "You're Not My Real Mother" and she listens quite intently when I read it to her. Afterwards I sort of sum up what we read and talk about how she and I are like the little girl and mom in the book. I don't know how much she understands, but I feel good about discussing her adoption with her on a regular basis.

Petunia is just like Lucy with the smiles. If you can see even one little eye, you can tell if she's smiling or not. I just love that!

Beth said...

I've been reading adoption books to my daughter since the day we met her. (She was 10 months old then.) The Christmas that she was 2 years old, I made a book for her on Shutterfly called 'Katie's Story'. It started with pictures of her orphanage in China, her finding spot, and went on to tell everything I know about her from before we met her, and on through our entire trip in China, ending with her first night at home (in the U.S.) in her new crib. We still read that book regularly, and she loves it most out of her adoption books because it is full of pictures of HER!

MKH said...

VERY cool that Lucy is talking about Vietnam! I love how she talks too-seems so cute!
way to go Annie on the bent legs! she's looking pretty natural doing it!
well, your rain is headed our way for the weekend, so I'm hoping the sun is behind it for you!

Anonymous said...

After Taylor was born I got on Kodak Gallery and made one of those photo books but I wrote a story with the picture captions. I wrote in in first person as if she had written it and it's very simple, like books for kids her age. It's called "On the Day that I was Born" and each page starts with something about that first week. Simple stuff - "On the day that I was born I had lots of visitors" (and then showed pictures with each of the grandparents with a caption about each one "Nana smile at the itty baby, Papa was so proud, etc" ). "On the Day that I was born I met my cousin and my little dog, Latch" "On the day that I was born my parents were so happy because they had been getting ready for me" and showed pictures of us putting together her crib, taking the dog for a spin in her stroller, etc. It's all photos from a two week time span but it sounds like it was all one big day to make it less confusing. It's a sweet little story that ends up with her coming home to our house that had pink ribbons on the door and saying it was a good thing her room was ready because she had such a big day she needed a nap (with pictures of her room in our first house and then her sleeping in the basinette). I think that you could do something really simple like that for Lucy. The book is still one of her most favorite books and we read it tons before Reece was born because she wanted to know about how she came into the picture. I think every child gets to an age where they wonder, particularly when a sibling comes along. Obviously, in adoption, it's more complex on lots of levels. You don't need to change the world with some amazing child psychology book that will be read by children all around the world - a simple story personalized for Lucy will keep the conversation open at your house. You can just put together highlight pictures of her and you guys traveling and your trip to Vietnam, meeting each other, the nannies, the first few days together and your homecoming. Call it Lucy's Big Airplane Ride.

Ani said...

Poor teething Annie. Frozen washcloths were a hit with our little guy...

Anonymous said...

I started talking with my oldest daughter about China when I first brought her home at 10 months. You are right, it really felt very weird, but all of the "experts" had said to start then so that it came naturally when she was older. It really helped me to get the "kinks" out of the story and to stop tearing up every time I said it. My Hannah has always been an old soul in a young body. don't be surprized if Lucy is taking in more of what you say than you realize. At the very young age of 3.5 or so Hannah said to me out of the blue...didn't they know that it is wrong to leave a baby like that. It took me a minute to understand what she was talking about. Keep the talking up. Just watch how quick Annie picks up on your talks. My middle daughter picked it up so fast.

life with the wisners said...

oh. my. word. i LOVE these pictures of your hand with annie's bottle. LOVE them so much. i bet those will be some that you will truly appreciate having. what a beautiful way to document where you are right now. and where annie is. and won't be for long.

i love them.

have i said that already? :)

you sure are a neat gal. i've told you that, right? if not, shame on me. i like being pals. you really are a great gal.