Sunday, March 08, 2009


Annie 67/365

Right before baths. It is this warm here!

Lucy 67/365

Today I am thankful for the time change. I LOVE it when it stays light outside longer. Love it. I love to play outside with the girls after dinner. I love that if I haven't gotten my picture of the day by dinner, we can still go outside and do it with plenty of daylight. Both girls seem to have transitioned perfectly fine. We put them both to bed at their normal times with no issue at all. They just rolled with it. I was hoping to get Annie moved to an 8 pm bedtime instead of 7, but I just don't think it is going to happen. She is just tired at 7. We'll see though.

Okay, so Annie is wearing the shirt above because she slept in it last night. It has been so warm here and I have refused to turn on our air conditioner, so she just slept in the tank. (I did have to turn the ac on today, we were all melting) Anyway, she had it on because in my mind, this was a big week for us. I just KNEW, and I mean I knew, that one (or both) of my babies were going to be chosen as a semi-finalist for Regis and Kelly's Beautiful Baby contest and win that $125,000 college scholarship. So, to be cute, Annie has on the "Talk to My Agent" tank since she is about to be famous. In my mind. I thought that the semi-finalists were announced live on the show tomorrow, but my sister just totally burst my bubble. She read the fine print that said winners would be contacted this past week. What?? You fools didn't pick my kids??? Are you blind? There must be some sort of mistake. Clearly, there is a mistake. Don't worry Reg and Kel, we can still make it to your show this week. I am sure you are going to fix your mistake. We'll be there whenever you tell us to be. And yes, we forgive you for forgetting to call us last week. Whatever.

Here is your chance. I do this every so often because I get a lot of questions in my comments that I rarely get around to answering. Not because I don't care or don't want to answer, but because I forget. If you have one, now is your chance. Ask away. I will answer the questions throughout this week. You can ask photography questions, kid questions, etc. Whatever you want, but I reserve the right to only answer the ones that I feel comfortable sharing about.

We had an open house today. Not much going on with the house. The market is just not moving right now. We did have an interested looker on Saturday, but nothing solid. I am so ready to not have the house on the market.

I barely took any pictures today because I was on the go nonstop between getting ready for the open house and leaving for the open house. My favorite one will have to wait for tomorrow's entry because I am going to use it for the I Heart Faces contest.

I have a good feeling about this week. I just feel renewed in a way that I haven't felt for a while. I have even booked a few sessions for later in the month!! Woo hoooooooo! So exciting.

Oh yeah, and THANK YOU so much to those who noticed how relaxed Annie's legs were in the pics two days ago. I immediately noticed it, but I was so happy to hear how many of you guys picked up on it as well. It is a huge deal to me every time I see her relaxing those legs and she is doing it more and more. She is really starting to sit with them bent more and more without me having to do it for her. Go Annie!




Dawn said...

Love the butterflies!!!

Tara said...

Beautiful Pictures as always and congratulations on the photography business! I am sure you will do great! My question for you is what does your husband do that he is traveling so much? I admire you for being able to hold it all together with him gone so often. I don't think I could manage!

Stacy said...

Hi Kelly,
I love your blog and photography. Such an inspiration. My question is this: I just got my first DSLR, a Nikon D40 and I am loving it and learning about it (I've been bad and shooting in automatic setting instead of manual and no flash mode) problem is some of my pics have been blurry and I HATE blurry pics. What is your tip to getting such crisp, clear photos? Also, with action shots of kids running etc, what mode do you use, etc? My action shots of kids have been nothing but blur! Help! Thanks for allowing us to ask questions! Keep up the great work!

Sarah said...

Heehee... the butterflies made me giggle. I looooove babyclothes, and anytime you'd care to share a list of favorite online shopping links I'd love to click on them. :)

Brandy said...

I adored the weather today too!!! It was so nice that the wind finally calmed down a little. I don't really have a question for you, but just a thank you. I always look forward to your daily post and admire your view on things. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My question was about the squirrel--and it is yet unanswered. So get with it! Looks like you had another great day. Very warm here, still so windy! I hope the open house will be fruitful. Both girls look darling, with or without clothes! Off to bed. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

mimi lam said...

Yes, I read your previous post today, 1st immediately notice was Annie's bent legs,was so thrill for her, a great progress. My question is: Was adoption your dream, inspriration as growing up, and why did you and Justin chose Vietnam??, Congratulation on your growing business, you will have so much fun with this photopgraphy adventure.

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures!! Got a couple of questions for ya...What program/site did you use to build your web page? We used but I'm not thrilled with it but it'll do for now. Also, do you do any specific sharpening, etc. to your pictures? Do you shoot under apeture or shutter setting? I usually shoot under apeture. Congrats on the new business. We have a photo biz too and I LOVE it!!!

Rebecca Lily said...

I love these shots, Kelly! They are all adorable... my favorite is the 3rd one. :)

Congratulations on opening your website - I was so excited for you when I visited! What a fantastic showcase for your work. Can't wait to hear more about how business is going!


Anonymous said...

These are grand faces. Regis will see it!

I have no questions. You answer a lot lately. It is a good thing.

Candace said...

The pictures are beautiful as always. I do have a few questions.
1)I have a Nikon D40 and I've heard that model underexposes slightly...did you ever adjust exposure when using that model?
2)Also what is your most useful tip when it comes to editing...if you could only do 1 thing when editing a pictue, what would it be.
3)Is there a secret or trick to editing black and white photos? Mine either look too dark in spots or too bright. Is this something that can be corrected while editing, or something that should be adjusted with camera settings?

I hope those make sense....thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions!

Kristen said...

Oh yeah!!! I'm excited that you're willing to answer questions because I'd LOVE to know how you color your pictures. I realize you use lightroom and I'm trying to do it in elements but even still maybe I can figure it out. Are you using a color overlay or is it an action that you run to get your pictures to look like (antique or something!?)... here are just some that I LOVE!

Today's picture -

I always love how you do your black and whites too..

but maybe that's a question for another day! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I love the photographs as usual, beautiful. I have a D40 and i am just wondering when i put it to no flash mode a lot of photos get blurred. How do i prevent this? Also what editing software would you recommend to a novice!


Sue said...

First let me say that I love the color, clarity and overall look of your pictures. They give me a lot of inspiration! Thank you for that!
I live in Minnesota and for the majority of the year have to do my shoots indoors. When I look at your indoor pics they look amazing! Can you please share your post processing knowledge? I process in PSE7, but I should be able to do most of the things you are doing. What steps do you go through in processing your pictures? What about your black and white conversion? I know I have rambled on here and asked way to broad of questions, sorry about that! I am having a hard time finding any info on this and there are no classes in my area. Any help or direction would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks so much!

Kristi said...

I love the picture you took of the newborn with the black and white background that's tight on her face. I thought it would be perfect for this week's I Heart Faces contest but it sounds like there's something new you're going to enter. I can't wait to see what it is!

And those butterflies made me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that I, too, want to know what your normal standard PP/workflow is? I'm trying to work up actions to make mine faster but I'm not in love with the one I'm using now. I'd love to know what your "norm" is even if it won't translate to my crappy D40x.

I love the pix of Lucy on the bike with her sippy hangin'. haha! That's awesome.

Kim said...

Hi Kelly, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm the mother to 3 adult children and have one granddaughter, Lexi, who was 2 last month. We are expecting her sister this Friday! (newborn pictures-can't wait). I have been following your blog for at least a year. I found yours thru another one, Amazing Grace, Our Journey to Elizabeth Gracyen by ethurman. I work with Elizabeth's grandma. First of all, you have the most adorable daughters. I love that you are up-dating every night. The first thing each morning, I go to your blog. The girls are so cute and you write so well. It's a great way to start the day. Second, you are an amazing photographer. I have a Canon SLR I got the month before Lexi was born, so two years ago. I have taken lots of pictures, but none of mine come close to yours. I have learned lots from you so would like you to keep giving us "amateur" photogs more tips. You mentioned telling us how you convert to b/w using Lightroom. Your b/w's are fantastic so I'm looking forward to that explanation. Like your parents, I live away from my daughter and her family. I'm in Illinois and they are in Kentucky. I love hearing about the times you and your girls get to spend with your parents. It is truly very special being a grandparent. Like you, I have 3 sisters so I'm glad Lexi is getting one. This is getting long so I better stop. Thanks for sharing your beautiful daughters with us everyday and congrats on your new business. I'm sure you are going to have many happy parents.

LauraPBS said...

Hi Kelly-

I have a question! How did you light those pics you took in your bathroom a week or two ago - Annie was in cowboy boot slippers? Are you using an amazing flash or did you bring in lighting?

Thanks - love your photos - they are SO inspirational for me!

e-mail me for the password

Anonymous said...

You have the most adorable girls! Here are my questions: why did you choose to adopt and why did you specifically choose Vietnam?

It's been my dream to adopt for years, although with Asian countries making it more difficult to do now, I don't know if I will ever get to. :(

Kate said...

Your blog is an inspiration to me! I have a biological daughter and a bun in the oven, but adoption has always interested me, too, and your blog only encourages that part of me. Sometimes I even make my husband look at your blog posts, because we are thinking about adopting if we ever have a third child. Also, I feel like we have a lot in common because I am taking photography classes and have (perhaps silly, at this point) dreams of one day quitting my day job to become a photographer, so it is so exciting to watch you making your dreams come true! Best of luck with the new business. My questions stem from all of the above:
1) Did you consider both domestic and international adoption, and what were the pros and cons that led you to go international?
2) Can you point people like me who are new to the whole idea of adoption to any resources to read for good information?
3) Same goes for photography - did you rely on any books or websites to learn your craft that you could point me to?
I'm really looking forward to hearing your answers to all of the commenters' questions! Thanks.

Sharon said...

We have an open house this coming Sunday at our place. My fingers are crossed because we already bid on another home. You are so right about how great it is to be able to take pics after dinner now! I can't wait to see your i Heart Faces photo : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering your time to answer questions - I look forward to reading all the responses! I am the one who found your blog, was inspired to get my own D200, and am hoping to branch into a pet photography business in the future. I am just getting the blog up and
I've had my camera just over one month now. I've enjoyed your tips so much! Here's my question:
What can I expect from my photos once I move into Manual mode? In other words, what is it that I will notice or be able to accomplish that I am not getting in other modes?
I currently shoot in Aperture and as others have said, I get blurry shots in Manual. So I usually end up setting my Aperture to what I like then mimicing the exact shutter speed that the Aperture mode would have given me anyway...not very creative I know! I would love to be inspired to get into Manual mode but would also appreciate any tips you have for working in that mode. Thanks and congrats on your first few bookings!!

Shawna said...
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loomis said...

What did you do before you adopted Lucy? Did you work?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I am so happy that you are answering questions, because I have a very serious question to ask you.
WHERE did you get that adorable top that lucy is wearing on her tricycle??

Min/El said...

My question is how did you learn to put together your photography website? What resources did you use?


Min/El said...

Oh, two more question! Would your recommend taking a photography class or books/websites for a newbie photographer? If you could only own two lenses which ones would they be?

Kelli said...

I almost boycotted by DVRd Regis and Kelly but I just had to make sure there was no sweet Lucy or Annie. They don't know what they are missing!

And, I was going to email you 2photo ?s but I'll ask them here: What do you recommend for photo editing? Will elements be just as good at regular photoshop? And then...can you recommend any good photography books? I have been playing with ISO and the Av setting, but have SO much to learn. I am pretty much clueless!

Anonymous said...

If possible, would you share with us on the name of your adoption agency? They have done an amazing job to refer these beatiful girls. Of-couse, their mom dresses them so well and they look like a real models. Wish you well in the Regis and Kelly's contest. Maybe, they save the best for last.

Rhiannon said...

OMG... Congratulations. I haven't read your blog for so long that you just grew a whole person over night! I think that's so cool! I so long to adopt from VN I pray they'll re-open once my turn comes. They are such cute little sister. Enjoy!

Kate said...

Question #1:
Where'd you get the purple chairs?

Question #2:
Since you have two, are you willing to send one up to me? I'll pay problem! :)

Love the Butterfly-Butts.

MKH said...

First, thank you so much for offering to answer questions! I've had so many for so long, but just didn't have the heart to e mail you again with all that you have going on! I read through all of the comments your readers have left already, and many of my questions are already on there, so I'll just wait to read those responses!

I would love to hear what led your hearts to adoption!

Second, I remember a few months ago you posted that you went to Vegas and won some $ and bought a new lens-I can't find that post! What lens was it, and up until last week when you got the D700, were you primarily using that lens, or another? I have a
D90 and love it, but I'm looking for a new lens.
I think someone else already answered this, but what is your "typical" workflow when it comes to editing. I do have lightroom 2, but haven't gotten into it yet. I sense my pics may never be as amazing as yours, but it's fun to try!

Finally, thank you for sharing all that you do. It's one of the brightest spots in my day to check in on your little ones and see the photos you've captured!

Congrats on already having some photo shoots booked! but, that doesn't really surprise me!

MKH said...

ok, I just checked my blog and noticed that you checked in! I'm so glad you did! I practically have to beg people to leave comments, just so I know I'm not just writing the blog for my mom! So, thanks for your encouragement as well!

Anonymous said...

I have no questions, just agreeing with you about the time change. As much as I HATE losing the hour of sleep, I LOVE gaining the extra sun in the evenings. It makes the whole world a happier place (in my mind, anyway). Now if we'd just get some warm weather.