Saturday, October 10, 2009


Lucy 283/365

Annie 283/365

Today I am thankful for needing to break out the footie pjs!! The girls and I stayed in our jammies all day long. It is cold enough outside that the house stayed pretty chilly all night and day. I love it when the girls have on their warm pjs. And I love even more when I can get all wrapped up tight in the covers and not get hot. I just wish the sun would show back up but we could keep the cooler temperatures.

I am right on track with my work goals. I love that feeling of getting a lot accomplished. Annie was not so cooperative today, so she sat in my lap and watched almost every picture get edited. If she isn't a photoshop pro by the time she is 2 it is not because she hasn't seen enough samples! She has been attached to my hip for quite some time now, but it is just out of control. She wants out of my lap because she doesn't want to actually sit there all day. So she wiggles down. She will take about 3 steps from me and then realizes that she is not physically touching me so she fusses and comes right back. Like my mom said, better that she wants me to love her all day long than not caring at all. I have still taken lots of breaks from working to do fun stuff with the girls, but it will be nice when Justin gets back tomorrow and I can focus a little more. I bet I can get a lot more done in quite a shorter time period. Only 3 more Nashville sessions to go! Yippppppeeee!!


Terynn said...

Love the first photo. So very sweet.

Nicki said...

Addy broke out the footie jammies too tonight! Hurray for less-than-90's!!!

So great that you are having such a productive time. Keep it up! You rock!

Heather said...

Would you mind posting how you get the shots with the kids in focus and the background blurry? I am just taking a photography course and we sort of learned how...but when I tried it the other day I could not get it to work and was so frustrated!!! Anyway, if you're up for a tutorial post, that'd be great!

Mom said...

Love the jammies! Love your helpers! Love you all! LeeLee

MKH said...

hey! I'm commenting here because I don't want to be first on today's post! all the pics are so cute and the first one on Sunday the 11th is just beautiful! glad you are getting so much work done on your sessions!