Monday, October 12, 2009


Lucy 285/365

Annie 285/365

Today I am thankful for getting to go to the U2 concert tonight!!!!! I am beyond excited. Justin got an amazing ticket hook up. We have awesome seats and to top it all off, they were free! Doesn't get much better than that. My sweet neighbor Christy is letting the girls go to sleep at her house and then we will bring them home when we get back. The girls are more than comfortable with Christy, so I won't have to worry about them. Justin is really, really excited about tonight. It's going to be so much fun!

We went to the state fair today. Oprah actually did her show from the fair this morning. We got there long after she was done, but it was crazy packed. Really there were too many people for me to really enjoy it. The girls had fun and Annie is currently passed out on my lap because she skipped her nap. Seriously, she is laid out across my legs as I type. I don't want her to sleep for too long so that she will go to bed for Christy, so I didn't lay her in her bed.

I always post about the disgusting foods that are at the fair, and this year the new food was fried butter. I never saw the booth that was selling it, but I heard it was really just like a fried biscuit. Here are some samples of disturbing things.

Don't miss the banner in the back, too.

This one is just funny because of the spelling of "Frys." There was another booth (apparently the most popular because the line was 12 million people long) that was selling fried Peaches and Cream and Fried Grilled Cheese. But grilled cheese was spelled Gilled Cheese. I was too lazy to get my camera back out. But I did get quite a chuckle out of seeing it.


Lucy was quite proud of herself for riding the rides by herself.







The only reason I even care to go to the fair is for Fletcher's Corny Dogs. They are the yummiest things ever.




Kel said...

Lovely pics.. looked like you all had a great day. Especially love the one of Lucy ready to high five!

Nicki said...

SOOOO funny! Some year I'm totally going to make the drive. I can't imagine that - fried butter. So nasty.

Have so much fun tonight! I am literally counting down the minutes until it's my turn (2 days!). I am sick with anticipation. I'm so glad you guys got a ticket hook-up. I am sure this will be a killer concert. But, you know, it may not be Brittney :P

Norah said...

Okay, seriously, I am a little disturbed by all of the fried stuff! Hope you have fun tonight.

Erin said...

Sweet pics of your girls, as always! Have fun at the concert - sounds like a blast!
Fried queso and guac...seriously?!?! What's next year - a fried margarita!

Kate said...

FREE U2 tickets!!?? That IS NOT what I had to pay!!! You'll love the concert. We saw them in DC, which was pretty cool with a bunch of politians. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought fried spaghetti and meatballs, oreos, and twinkies sounded totally gross at our State Fair, but you have us beat hands down with fried butter...yuck! My kids love the Fair too, but my germometer was in complete over drive! Had to do some serious scrubbing to get the "Fair Funk" off of them that night!

Sarah said...

Sooo jealous about the U2 concert! Have fun!! The fair looks like a lot of fun! And fried butter sounds like a guranteed trip to the ER for an artery de-clog! LOL!

I love how the fair always has those misspellings that make you wonder...

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures as always! I went to the fair Saturday and saw all that gross fried stuff. My husband actually had some of the fried peaches and cream. I hate peaches so I wouldn't try it. We also had to have some Fletcher's corny dogs. My son loved everything about the fair. Yeah, he had fair day today but I was afraid to go because of the Oprah crowds.

Brandy said...

The fried peaches and cream were really good! I had way too much fried food when we went, but it was worth it - I think!

Love the pics - glad ya'll had fun!

Liz said...

I always think Annie is getting so big and then I see her in Justin's arms and she is just a little whisp of a thing! What a sweet little peanut!

Lucy is such a stud giving her dad a high five - love that photograph!
Have so much fun tonight!!


elisa said...

Funny to see the pic of Lucy with Big Tex. When my oldest was in preschool in Lakewood, the sweet old lady that ran the school would get so excited about the fair and would always plan a field trip for the whole school to go see the "erection of Big Tex". She had NO IDEA what she was saying (it's at the start of the fair when they blow him up) but all of us moms had the hardest time keeping a straight face when she said repeatedly, "kids are you excited to see the erection of big Tex?"

My SIL got free tix for tonights show as well, wish I was there to go too!

We Choose Joy said...

Oh yes...the Fletcher's Corn Dogs!! Always our first stop! I love the picture of Lucy giving a high five. So cute!

MOM said...

What a day you all had!! Sounds like greasy fun. I don't think that I could partake of any of that yuck, but to each his own!!! Glad everyone had a great time, and a concert to boot! Woohoo! Still raining here and I really need to get out and get some things done! ugh Furnace man is on his way, so will be a little later when I go! Hope you get your last session done at the car dealership--talk about multitasking!! You are going to have to get back on the laundry bandwagon, because your machine takes so long. I would help if I were there, tho!! Kiss those girls for me. Hugs, LeeLee

stollmyheart said...

Just had to laugh about the food...WI state fair is the same, although I stayed away this year. jealous about the U2 concert. They are my all time favorite! Hope it was awesome!