Saturday, October 24, 2009


Lucy 297/365

Annie 297/365

Today I am thankful for all of our friends that have helped me out with the girls while I have worked. Luckily, I have been able to schedule most of my sessions around Justin being home, but there are some that there was just no way. Every time I have needed help, one of our friends has stepped right up and happily taken the girls. I am soooooooooo weird about leaving them with someone that they don't know really, really well. So, a huge thank you to those that have helped me out and have offered to help. It means so much.

I had a session this morning with such a fun little girl and her mom. She was adopted from Vietnam and I just adore the chance to connect with any families that have been through that process. I think Julie and I could have talked for hours and hours. It was a really nice morning.

The weather has been so great the past few days. The girls and I spent all afternoon outside. Annie wants to be big like Lucy so badly. She wants to be able to climb the jungle gym and ride a bike. She seriously follows Lucy around and tries to do everything she does. Too bad it drives Lucy nuts!



This is quite the outfit we have going here!!





Mom said...

Hi pumpkins! What adorable pics today! So happy that sessions have gone so well and that you have such good buds to help with the gals! Wish I was closer!

Have had a nice day with Seashy. Of course, she is off to the races while I'm about to get ready for bed! Was a lovely day, but is getting cold now. Truly fall has arrived.

Enjoy your movie and get some rest! Love and kisses, LeeLee

Mom said...

Did someone say FIRST!!??? Lee

Elizabeth said...

Lucy's hair looks so cute! Is it a new cut? Maybe I'm just getting used to seeing it right before bed after bathtime when you have a chance to snap pictures. Anyhow, it's super cute!

Glad you've got so many sessions going! You are so talented and have such a gift for connecting with people so it's not surprising. Have loved seeing the sneak peaks on the lala blog!


ATL said...

Wow - Lucy looks so beautiful and seriously grown-up in those B&W pictures. Annie is such a happy bug - she's just like every little sister ever, wanting to copy Big Sis' actions!

Chandra said...

I love the B&W's of Lucy, seriously she just gets more beautiful all the time.

The joys of being the big sister, little sister wants to follow and copy you everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics today. Is Annie really that tiny? She looks so little on that ladder. I want another little so bad!

Pretty fancy that someone flew in for you, girl ;).

mimi lam said...

Breathtaking classic BW pictures of Lucy, love how her hair framing her face, very ethereal looking, and poor little Annie,just wants to be like her big sister now.

Stefanie said...

As usual, great pics!
Have you entered any of your pics to the Pioneer Woman photo assignments? I imagine she'd LOVE your stuff!!

Lane Olson said...

super sweet pics of lucy today...she is beautiful! it was a HUGE treat for us having annie over. you know i will always jump at the opportunity to get my hands on a sweet girl!

HPTeach said...

I too noticed Lucy's hair. It's too cute! Doing a great job juggling your work and mommyhood!!!!

Ashley said...

Wow- GREAT shots of Lucy. She keeps getting more and more "beautiful" and less "cute" if that makes sense?!?

Erica said...

You are very fortunate to have friends available to step in and help. I have a photo shoot on Wednesday afternoon and the woman invited BOTH of us over after the shoot for dinner. Yikes! I've done a photo shoot with Duc present before and it was NOT easy. He tried to get in all the shots.

Love the photos. When did Lucy decided to become such a big girl?

Lynn said...

I have to join the chorus of comments on Lucy's hair! It looks fantastic and she is totally rockin it :-)