Sunday, October 18, 2009


Annie 291/365

Lucy 291/365

Today I am thankful for our sweet friend A and her super fun birthday party this morning. It was at her dance studio and both of my girls loved it, especially wild woman Annie. As she always does, she tries to pretend like she is shy for about 5 minutes. Then she is the social butterfly of the party. She got all up in everyone's business at the party. I wasn't sure what Lucy was going to think since she really is my shy baby, but she really got into it. Whenever they were doing a move she didn't want to do, she kind of looked at everyone like they were crazy, but she did a lot of it. I was proud of her. Thanks for such a fun time!!

Today has been nonstop. I had an early session. Then was straight home and got the girls ready for the party. Partied. Came home and got everyone down for nap. I edited a sneak peek while they slept. The girls got up and were ready to go. We played for a while and then I had another session tonight. When I got home, it was time to put Anners down and then I played with Lucy for a bit before it was time for her to go to bed. I really don't feel like I have stopped for one second today to breathe. I knew it was going to be a crazy one and I am really glad to have a calmer day tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great week!!







Jenn said...

I am a lurker and I must say that when you mentioned you *found* Matilda Jane I giggled. I am a MJ addict and I just have to say your girls are rocking it!!! Next you will be stalking each "release". Found you through Jen (sugar) and love your blog.

Mom said...

Kelly--you have two beautiful little dancers!!! I know that your day was hectic, but the pics don't reflect that at all! Love their outfits! Seashy got home safe and sound and Bianca is mourning her loss! Hasn't left my side!

Is to be cold tonight! We get the furnace for the family room fixed tomorrow. And it's a good thing!

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

I take it Justin got home alright to help with the ballerinas!!! Welcome home, Dada!

Anonymous said...

Of course I wanted to EAT YOUR GIRLS UP today. It has been way too long. Thanks for coming to the party! I had forgotten how pretty you are - like super.



Nicki said...

Too cute! That is such a fun but crazy full day. To me, days like that feel like 48 hours. I could never sustain that kind of day for too many days in a row and am glad I don't have to. Still, it's fun and crazy to do once in awhile.

you are going to be in big trouble with Annie - she sounds just like Addy, always the center of attention. It is nuts to experience after having really shy kids!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea for a party. Very simple and yet perfect.

Anonymous said...

lucy looks great in MJ. Annie still has the babyish look. don't take that away with too many clothes on her. i love MJ just not with diapers. i told my daughter no diapers/no MJ. the only time in a girls life little rolls, tummies, etc. are acceptable.

Kate said...

Wow..whose the clothing critic in the last comment? Sheesh. Get a life. And leave your name next time.

Kelly--for the record, Annie looks adorable!!!

Terynn said...

Dearie me.

I admit, I had to seek out the 'clothing critic post', in order to see what outfit would possess someone to make such a statement about Annie's attire.

Annnnd when I saw that it was *this* outfit? Well, I must say, I am mystified for two reasons: 1). the outfit is adorable on Annie (as always) 2). I'm with Kelly, MYObaby's wardrobe.

Thumper rule, Anonymous. Thumper rule. :)

Anonymous said...

Annie looks ADORABLE!! I am PBJ's niece, and I know your mom, too. I read your blog often and your girls ALWAYS look precious. BTW, I don't blog, but my name is Amber. Congrats on your precious family.

dana said...

LOVE Annie's outfit!! Those The girls always look adorable and I don't agree that there has to be a rule about what little girls and babies in diapers wear.

Heidi K said...

OMG!! I love your blog hehe. Your girls are stunning, your photography is simply spectacular.

Umm where to you shop for your girls???? They are always wearing spunky little outfits