Friday, October 30, 2009


Lucy 303/365

Annie 303/365

Today I am so thankful for Annie's therapist, S. We started with S about 8 months ago. We recently had to stop going to her because our insurance sucks and they wouldn't cover any of the costs, which are high. So, Annie now gets her therapy through ECI. They have been really great, but I was devastated to tell S that we wouldn't be able to continue coming to see her. I feel like I owe her so much because she truly made an enormous difference in Annie's life. And Annie and I both love her. I cried when I had to talk with her about the situation. But because she is wonderful and she adores Annie, too, she agreed to see Annie once a month for free to just make sure that everything is progressing as planned. Today was our day and it is so fun to see S now because Annie has always changed so much in a month's time. Annie actually squealed when we pulled into the parking lot because she knew where we were. So S is pretty much my hero because she is so wonderful. Our lives would be a lot different had we never met her.

I am just waiting for Nana and Grandy to get in town. I have a session in the morning and then I am seriously shopping for most of the day. I have a plan and I will get Christmas shopping done tomorrow and Sunday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!





Jenny said...

we have had many therapist and are lucky to have insurance that just goes, but we keep in touch with Cams OT and she sends us the most incredible emails on Cams progress. Dance and Violin and School has been Cams therapy for the past 3 months and she has thrived. So think of putting Annie in something that will help her fine/gross makes a huge difference in confidence..J

Jenny said...

Oh plus, Cams OT agreed on a discounted Fee is insurance wouldn't pay, so that is something to look onto.


Mom said...

The pictures today are just so HAPPY! Can't help but put a smile on one's face!

So happy that Annie (and you two) got to see S today. She must be terrific--and if you read, S, we are all so grateful.

It actually did STOP raining today. But, we had over 5 inches the day before. Things are flooding, tornado damage, and just a muddy mess.

Just saw the Chi O float on the tv. Looks like they really worked on it.

Off to rest, hope you are doing the same. Hi to Nana and Grandy! I sure am jealous I'm not there to see the munchkins are decked out in their finery!

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Norah said...

What a great person to have in your lives. Have fun Christmas shopping!!!!!!!!!!!

Seashy said...

I honestly just teared up.

I am so glad you are getting me the most Christmas presents. That's lucky.