Monday, October 05, 2009


Lucy 278/365

Annie 278/365

Today I am thankful for wrapping up all of my Nashville sessions. I am amazed that the weather has cooperated. It started out perfect and has since turned on us. Yesterday was the only afternoon while we were here that I didn't have a session and it was pouring rain. Today was very cloudy, but I was able to get both my morning and afternoon sessions done. Yeah! I feel a little relief knowing that they are done. I photographed my nephews John and Wyatt this morning and we worked hard to get a group grandkid shot for Lee Lee and Papa. I think we did it. I have a lot of pictures to go through from today.

I need to go and pack. Night night.

This is an out take. Papa was in charge of keeping Annie in her spot, which was not an easy job since she LOVES the photographer :) and running wild in wide open spaces.

Such a cute group of babies!!


Stacy said...

They are all just the cutest! Love it! Love your photography. Man, I haven't picked up my camera in forever and you inspire me to. Annie looks like she has got to be the happiest baby ever with that huge grin!

Mom said...

Yea for finishing up your jobs!!! Cannot wait until we can see all the pics from today. I think that we have totally worn out the Nashville family! The quiet tomorrow will astound them! We have had such a WONDERFUL time with all the fam! Love you all so much. Hugs and kisses, LeeLee

Unknown said...

Cutest kids EVER!!

KrisJ said...

OK I cant stand that cuteness! I love her walk.. her high knees tell the story LOVE IT! Congrats on all the sessions I have been loving them all!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! That smile on Annie's face when she is running free is priceless! Love it!

Sara said...

I am thankful for your daily posts. When all of my other blogs come up empty, its nice to know there will always be a fresh post and a beautiful face on yours!

Ashley said...

LOVE that first shot of all 4 kiddos- CUTE!

Kel said...

Just beautiful!

MKH said...


Seashy said...

wow, Kel. these pictures bring a tear to my eye!