Sunday, October 25, 2009


Annie 298/365

Lucy 298/365

Today I am thankful for the girls' birth mothers in Vietnam. I have no idea why, but the past several days I have thought about both of them frequently. Again, not sure what has triggered this, but they have consumed my thoughts multiple times the past few days. And if I am totally honest, I don't normally have these thoughts. I always think of them on the girls' birthdays or referral days or Mother's Day, but during normal day to day life, this is not the norm for me. I would give anything to show them how much we treasure them and what amazing little girls they are becoming. As I sat and rocked Annie back to sleep last night at midnight, I just felt so blessed that I got to do that job but also sad that her first mom never got that chance. The thoughts and emotions I have been going through are complex. Sometimes I feel like I can't even make sense of it all.

Two more sessions done today. This morning at the park for Ava's session, there were about 5 photographers with families. Holiday season is in full swing for everyone!

Me being so busy with work is not making Annie happy. She DEMANDS every moment of my time when I am here. I don't mind a bit for her to sit with me, but she wants down and to play. She is scared that if she is away from me even a second I will be leaving again. I wish she understood what was going on. I hate knowing that this is hard on her, but I need to be working.




Mom said...

You can't blame Anners for wanting all the attention! It's her job! Both little ladies look very happy and content. Ava's pics are darling! She is a pistol!

Seashy is on her way back home. We worked very diligently on her rooster costume. She looked so cute! I didn't get a picture of her in it before she had it packed up, so guess you have to wait for the big reveal! Bianca already misses her, she is so spoiled.

Lovely day here today. The leaves are really getting more beautiful each day. Hope the weather holds for Halloween.

Love and kisses to you all! LeeLee

Anonymous said...

I also think about my Vietnam Annie's birth Mom all the time...I know she would get such a kick out of how funny her baby girl is, because that kind of funny is genetic.
We talk to Annie about Vietnam and her Mama in VN, but I know she does not understand.
My Annie turned 3 on 10/15-and on that day especially all I could do was think about how brave her Mama was to try to give her Annie a shot at a better life. It deepens my obligation to give Annie the best life possible-it is an unspoken promise I have made-and I will always work hard to keep, and I know you will too.
God Bless
PS-Don't forget, Jesus was adopted by Joseph on earth..although I don't think Joseph had to fill out all the paperwork we did!
Jennifer in Indy

Kelli said...

Funny you mention birthmothers today of all days. Today I sat and watched Aiden play and cried- overwhelmed with such thankfulness and feeling so grateful to his Vietnam mama. I think all of the special anniversary dates I have coming up (you too!) make me miss Vietnam and think about it more. We are lucky ladies!

Kelli said...

And not to hijack your blog but Jennifer in Indy- if you are reading, stop by my blog. I would love to meet another family in the area!

Erica said...

I think of Duc's mom all the time. It makes me kind of crazy some days because I look at every thing that came before US as an enigma. He's smart and funny and has enough personality for 10 people. I can't help but wonder about the people that created him.

The photos are beautiful and I can certainly understand the clingy!

Elizabeth said...

My girls are extra clingy too when I have to work a lot. The little ones are just too young to understand and the older still doesn't totally understand WHY I have to go to work. She just wants me home.

So Kelly, we have to talk about something. Today is Sunday and Halloween is only 6 days away and unless I've totally zoned, the girls Halloween costumes have not been debuted on the blog. I expect that you got them or decided on what they would be months ago. You always have the cutest costumes. I'm ready to see the goods!!


Erin said...

Was just reading MJ and saw an adorable little girl on the top! very cool!

KrisJ said...

So nice when they want you like that but also so nice when they get it and dont get upset when you leave! I had a shoot yesterday and I felt like I was being very thoughtful to stay away from her shoot... her not so much! Hard this time of year I guess!

Kate said...

I sympathize with your feelings about birth mothers. Luci and I look very similar and I can't help but get wrapped up in thinking that she is completely mine. When I do stop and think about it, my heart just swells with gratitude and sadness...all wrapped in one. She has given me such a blessing in my life and I'll never be able to repay her. If she only knew--If she could only see--how happy OUR girl is.

MKH said...

I think it is wonderful that you have thoughts about the girls' birth moms-it just shows how special they are in your heart and how much you value the treasure of being lucy & annie's mom. It made me stop and think about SB's birth mom today-like you said, it wasn't a special day like a b day-just a day. so I thank you for making me remember her. Again, lovely pics and thank you for writing your blog. It's always a bright point in my day! off to check your la la sight! always fun!