Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lucy 287/365

Annie 287/365

Today I am thankful for the girls sleeping in lately. They have both been sleeping until around 8:45 for the past week or so and you know that I love that. Lucy is supposed to be at school at 8:45 but you are crazy if you think I am going to wake her up. They don't mind a bit if I bring her in late, so I just take her when she is up and ready. It has been really dark and dreary here for a while, so I guess that has made them extra sleepy. Me too.

This afternoon Lucy started running a low grade fever. I have asked her a million times how she feels and she says fine, but we'll see. I hope she isn't getting sick. She isn't acting like she feels bad at all, so who knows.

I am back to work tomorrow, so hopefully the weather will get better. The sun did come out for a bit this afternoon. I am hoping for sun in the morning. The bad news is, it turned into a sauna outside. We had to run our ac again today because it got so hot. I am ready for fall temps to stick, but looks like that might be a little off for us.





Mom said...

I sure hope the Goose is not getting sick. I hear there is a lot of junk going around. ugh We'll just hope that this is a little bug that is gone by tomorrow!! All well here. Filled one whole trash can with more hickory nuts. Is so heavy I could hardly move it. Have tennis and Camp Aldersgate tomorrow. Paula moves this weekend, so am sure I will be working there some! Told her this is the last time I'm moving her! (I hope). I hope your session tomorrow goes well. Hugs and kisses to all, LeeLee

Heather said...

Would you mind sharing what lens you use for your portraits? Thanks!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, I just turned a horribly ugly shade of green! :) By the time your girls wake up, my two babes have been up for almost FOUR HOURS! Ugh. They're killing me slowly... I've never been a morning person, and two years of being forced into are not actually lessening my hatred of early mornings. In fact, I think it's worse!

I hope Lucy isn't getting sick. there's so much icky stuff going around. Fingers crossed that she stays well!

Mom said...

Go go and big jobs all around. And yes, Justin, I do want a GIANT canvas of you! Love and kisses, Lee

The things I do for my kids......................

Elizabeth said...

8:45? Seriously, I cannot believe we are still friends. Oh to just be able to sleep until 7am! Or uninterupted thru the night! Either one would be heavenly!

It's a sauna here too. Hot and HUMID. Oh my gosh. It is awful. And the curly hair is NOT looking good in this weather. I'm like an awful cartoon of myself.

Wish you could come to the 'burg for Christmas sessions but understand what it's like to be overextended! Glad you're busy though - that is really good news.

Cheers to the cold front that is supposed to blow thru tomorrow - hope it hits both of us!


Anonymous said...

The top pic of Lucy is breathtaking! And it makes me smile to see the familiar drool in Annie's pics :-)