Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Annie 301/365

Lucy 301/365

Today I am thankful for a really hard laugh with the girls. The girls shower with me every night. I swear I really cannot handle the mess that the tub becomes, so I would rather just throw them through the shower. And they LOVE to shower. Our shower doesn't have a door, you just walk into it. I had started the water tonight and realized the girls needed towels, so Lucy and I ran down to their bathroom and grabbed two of their towels and ran back. During the brief time that we were gone, Annie went ahead and got in the shower. The problem was, she was fully dressed - tights, diaper cover, dress - everything. I had a feeling this had happened because as I walked in the bathroom, I could hear her shrieking with joy. Lucy saw her and gave me the funniest look. I could tell she was wondering what in the world I was going to say. Annie was completely soaked, standing in the water, hair all in her face, and just laughing. We all just stood there and laughed for quite some time. She was quite pleased with herself. I needed a good laugh, so it was just perfect!

We had a busy, busy day today. Annie and I went with Lucy to school this morning for Family Celebration. This means that we were invited to her little church program that they do. It was fun and Lucy loved to have us there. Then I made poor Annie run a lot of not fun errands with me - the accountant, the contact/glasses store, and the tailor. She was sick of me throwing her in and out of her carseat, but she was so good. Then we came home and played/worked a little before it was time to pick Lucy back up. After naps I had to take both girls with me to my yearly check up at the doctor. Weird?? Yes. But I had no other choice and didn't want to have to deal with rescheduling it. The girls were really well behaved, so it was no big deal. Annie did not want the doctor touching her though. She was definitely scared she was there for a shot. Annie actually sat on my chest/stomach while I had my exam. Whatever it takes to get it all done. They really were so well behaved, and the office was happy to meet them.

I ended up getting soooo much done last night and today. I am almost all caught up on ordering and am down to two sessions left to edit. I am so dead set on being caught up for two reasons. First, it is Partner's Card here starting Friday. For those of you that don't know what that is, you buy this card (the cost goes to a local charity) and then you get 20% off at every store that participates - which is 750 awesome stores here. So, I plan on getting every bit of my Christmas shopping done this weekend with my Partner's Card. Justin's parents are coming in town, so I will even be able to do it baby free. But the main reason I want to be caught up is because the girls and I are going to Little Rock/Fayetteville next week and I have 11 sessions in 7 days. That is WAY too many, but I can't say no. I do not want past sessions to be hanging over my head when I start those. I want a clean start. Like I have said before, I am just not good at saying no to anyone, especially people I have known a really long time. The good news is, things slow way down once we get that run done. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Isn't that big pumpkin a beautiful one? And take note of just how short Anners is!!





I think she has been practicing some posing when I am not around. :)

She made it this far up on her own today.



it's just me... said...

dude. i am first. :)

it's just me... said...

okay - had to get the victory chant out there first. i laughed SO hard about annie sittin on your chest for your annual violation...only because i SO feel your pain. been there. done that. with jordan - been there, done that, while nursing. hang in there!!! your sessions will be manageable before you know and and every single shot will be worth every moment. you are doing a FANTASTIC job as a momma, wife & photographer. keep your chin up!!

it's just me... said...

(and that was some really bad spelling/grammer/proper English....but i was too excited about being first!!!)

it's just me... said...

grammar - i am a language arts teacher...eeeks. wow. not my best.

Terynn said...

OK--"It's Just Me", you are *seriously cracking me up!!!

I love the fully-clothed-Annie-in-the-shower story. :D

Kelly said...

You are welcome to be first every time if you promise to leave 4 comments each time!! It makes me feel important if I get a lot of comments. :)

Mom said...

OK, these are some really good/fun pictures!!! You seem to have gotten thru all your stuff today with flying colors.!!! SO happy you didn't have to reschedule the yearly--is such a pain. I think it is so cute that Annie decided to shower early! Such a little stinker!

Wish I had some big pumpkins!! Tennis, Aldersgate, and possibly a flu shot tomorrow. Paula wants to have lunch because she and Brock go to Fayetteville tomorrow afternoon. Her house is looking great.

Can't believe how early you got the blog done!! Yea! Talk to you in a bit. Love and kisses, LeeLee

I'll be watching out for you it's just me....!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I remember well the first exam with a kid on my chest and thinking "WHAT has happened to my life?" Ahhhh, one of the many ways that nobody tells you your life changes when you become a parent. Kind of like how you never get to go to the restroom alone again and not only will you let your kids eat food off the floor that falls in the "five...or fifteen second rule", you yourself will eat the food off the floor too. Or is that just me? Er, uh...well, point is, thing change in ways you can't ever imagine!

Love Annie in the shower laughing at herself. So proud of how your business has taken off. You rock!


Mom2J&I said...

thanks for the laugh! I can just imagine that sweet little Annie soaking wet. Too stinkin' cute!

Seashy said...

I love these pictures!! The one of Lucy holding a huge sonic drink makes me laugh...seems like a big girl. And I really like Annie's practice pose :)

CanNOT wait to see you!!! love to all.

MKH said...

That shower story is hilarious! thanks for sharing! sounds like the photography business has really taken off! congrats on that and on making 300! love all the pics!