Friday, October 09, 2009


Annie 282/365

Lucy 282/365

Today I am thankful for getting a lot of work done before the girls went to bed so that I don't feel like I have to kill myself now that they are asleep. Annie actually played well this morning on her own while I worked on editing and Lucy was at school. This literally NEVER happens anymore, but it allowed me to get so much done this morning. Then I was able to complete a second session of editing while they were napping and this evening before bed. I have put myself on a schedule of completing 2 sessions a day until I am caught up. So, that could mean I am up really, really late if I wasn't able to get anything done during the day. Luckily for me, that didn't happen today and I am already done with my 2. I might even get a wild hair and get a jump start on tomorrow's work. I start having sessions here again mid next week and I really don't want to have all of the Nashville editing hanging over my head.

I really need to do a full 18 month update on Annie. I will work on that next week. She is just so funny these days. And in to everything. I bet I clean up the sippy cups 20 times a day. I just can't bring myself to put a lock on the cabinet because it makes her so happy to drag those cups out. My arms appreciate those minutes where I am not having to hold her!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

What? Am I not supposed to be in here?





Erica said...

Some of Annie's expressions and antics remind me so much of Duc!

Congrats on getting organized. I wish I could figure that out. I looked around tonight and felt so overwhelmed that I have been hiding on the couch all night.

Sharon said...

Very cute! The days that L lets me get stuff done are some happy days..Last week I told her she could go through Marissa's stuff while M was at school...hehehe. That kept her occupied for a while!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Annie and the sippy cups. We have "baby" sippy cups for Bella to play with in a bottom drawer and she loves it. We also keep the tupperware and Daddy's lunch bag in the same drawer and she takes her play food and puts them in the tupperware dishes with lids and she fills up Daddy's lunch bag with a host of things - some days its puzzle pieces, others its wooden play watermelon! :)

It is nice for them to have something to play with "on their own" even if for only 10 minutes.


Mom said...

Love your little helpers!! I agree, the sippy cups make her happy, so have at 'em!! Rainy, cold, rainy, cold. House is almost done. The Halloween decor looks great!! he he he Still need to vacuum. ugh But, light at the end of the tunnel is being seen! Have a pot of stew/vegetable soup on. (your favorite--another he he he), but it does smell good, and I like to have something simmering when it is cold and icky out. Miss all of you, love and kisses, LeeLee