Sunday, October 11, 2009


Lucy 284/365


Annie 284/365

Today I am thankful for quiet time this evening. I am having a weird day. I have kind of been in a funk all day long. Just not feeling myself and worrying about a lot of stuff. I have been short with everyone and just need some quiet time to myself. I don't enjoy feeling this way, so hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am sure it will.

About these pictures, Annie has finally started to get the desire to climb things. She is quite uncoordinated, so she has not, until very recently, shown any interest in climbing things. She figured out how to get into these chairs and all she wants to do is stand in them. Again, since she is lacking in coordination, standing in chairs is not a good idea for her at all because she is no stranger to falling. She is going to take a major fall if we aren't super careful. I feel like I spend a good part of the day either telling her to sit or removing her from these chairs. She will climb in one, sit and stare at me until I look at her, and then stand up - all the while making an evil little grin that says, "You can't really make me stay on my bottom!" This girl is trouble. The only reason she is sitting in these pictures is because something on the tv caught her attention for 5 seconds.


Holly Dolly said...

Well, for what it's worth, you are normally a dead giveaway if you are in a funk, and you didn't sound that way to me on the phone. weren't short with me. You at least get a gold star for that!!! I hope it is better tomorrow. I'm sure you feel much better now that you are done (or just one more?) with all of your nashville editing. We loved ours, of course! LOVE YOU!

PS - Thanks for calling John last night about the yellow belt. He should get it tomorrow in class. He is so pumped.

PPS - Tell Liz I was expecting a clever, witty, sweet comment on my boys photos, but SHE FAILED.

Ashley said...

Sorry about your cruddy day- I hate days like that. I know the weather sure isn't helping the funk:( Cutie Pie pictures. Annie sure is a cute little ornery one:)

Mom said...

This weather has everyone in a funk!! Cheer up!! Or, we can listen to the news and know that we have no reason to be in a funk! Cute kids, warm home, cute husband, wonderful parents (both sides), etc, etc., etc. This is Monday, is still raining/misting. No good errands so we are going to see Couples Retreat. Paula says is very funny. Think positively. Your glass is WAY MORE than half full! he he he he XOXO LeeLee