Friday, October 16, 2009


Annie 289/365

Lucy 289/365

Today I am thankful for the most awesome weather ever!! It has just been so dark and dreary for so long around here. I miss the sun and welcomed it back with open arms today. The temperature was perfect. Wish it was like this every day. Makes me in a very happy mood.

We had breakfast with Kristin, Brett and Lilly this morning. Kristin used to blog, but she is a slacker and quit on us! I am happy to report that Lilly is absolutely precious and has gotten so big! So glad we got to see you guys.

The pictures are from a location scouting trip this evening for an upcoming session. Isn't this field amazing? Love me some setting sun light. It was gorgeous to see the sun go down while the girls ran around. It was all perfect until Annie took a nasty fall on the road and we had to head home. She got a lovely bump on her forehead.


















Kristen Chase said...

Your girls are beyond gorgeous...they just glow with joy! :)

And your work amazes's so refreshing! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Mom said...

Hi from Momma and Seashy! (who is getting a terrible cold). She brought home almost as much laundry as Holly Dolly used to bring home from Rhodes. Holly's laundry bag was as big as she was, and it was always packed to the limit. She also is set on being a rooster for Halloween, so I guess that will be a project tomorrow. Bruiser seems fine--he's barking at Katy right now. Bianca was really happy to see her! Did see the sun for a short while today, but is really chilly! It's our race for the cure tomorrow, and I'm hoping for a wonderful day. The pics today are awesome--love the dresses and hair. Glad Lucy is feeling well. More later. Hugs and kisses, LeeLee

Mom2J&I said...

Love the MJ clothes! That dress is definitely my favorite in the collection. Those girls of yours are just too precious!
Enjoy your weather. I'm still waiting on the rain to stop down here. They say no rain for the week-end. fingers crossed.

Erin said...

Super Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Today's pictures are fantabulous! I love that there are so many days when I look at your pictures and feel deeply touched by the beauty you capture. I feel like I can really see into the soul of your subjects and today's photos are particularly moving. Annie's smile in the one with them on the bench makes her look so grown up! Look at those teeth! :-)

~Lynn in NY

Elizabeth said...

LOVE that field. It's hard to believe you're in Dallas - it almost looks like the country! Gorgeous light, awesome pictures - as usual.

mimi lam said...

Love love these pictures, you certainly bring out the best of natures beauty, the twilight, the sundown glow, combined with your gorgeous girls brings such serene, pleasure feelings to viewers.

Kel said...

Gorgeous shots... really amazing!

Emily said...

i love, love that shot of the girls far away. so sweet. please print!

oh, and let me know if your album came and it your lurved it:)worth the wait?
anxiously waiting to hear.....!

Kristin said...

Those photos remind me of the movie "Room with a View" -- and that field was in Tuscany!

Nicki said...

I love that MJ! Yum!! And that wheat field is to die for! I really REALLY want to do xmas pictures in a field like this but can't find one and someone told me it was too late (and too swampy) to find one here :( Gorgeous end of day sun!

Sherri said...

You lived up to my expectations for today's pics in the sunshine!! Grace and I were just looking them together and she was laughing so hard. She kept saying "Lucy's my friend from Nanny V." Sorry sweet Annie got a boo-boo. Grace fell face first out of her Nanny's SUV. I was terrified when I picked her up but just a quarter size bruise on her cheek. Have a good weekend.

KrisJ said...

Love the outfits love the sun love the setting love love love!! Gorgeous!!! Hope Annies sweet little head is ok!

Kristin said...

Amazing pictures, Kelly!

It was great to see you guys yesterday morning, and it was really great to finally meet Annie...she's such a doll!

ELMORE said...

kelly...these pictures are beautiful! the girls are precious and i love their outfits :)

Kate said...

love the pics kel! :)awesome!
one question: are bruiser and bianca officially back to being arkansans?