Friday, October 23, 2009


Annie 296/365

Lucy 296/365

Today I am thankful for my dear, dear friend Kate on her 30th birthday!! I hope you have had the most awesome day. I sure do wish I was at Bordino's celebrating with you. You are probably look about average. :) Ha. Love ya.

Another crazy day for us. Had to be up early to be completely ready before the girls were up. I ended up having to wake them both up, which we all know is highly dangerous with Lucy. I was so proud of her because for me to have to wake her up and immediately dress her and move her along is not something that she is accustomed to or fond of, but she went with it and that was a huge relief. Annie, of course, was just happy to be alive this morning, as always! I dropped Annie off at Lane's - who I am also super thankful for because she kept my baby for me!! Then dropped Lucy off at school and got to my session with plenty of time. I was worried I would be late to everything, but we pulled it off. After naps, we played with our friends Katy and Ava. They have the most beautiful light in their backyard, as you can see in the pictures.

Tomorrow is another crazy one. I have clients flying in and out just for a session! The pressure is really on for this one but I am ready and excited about it. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!



Katy said...

Thanks so much for coming over, we really miss seeing all of our friends. Ava was so excited to see Lucy and Annie!!

Mom said...

Busy day!! Sounds like it went well, tho. And how lucky that you have such good friends to help with the kiddos! I take it that Anners did well??!! Hope so! Seashy is here preparing for Tori's big birthday celebration. I might be delivering her to somewhere. Bianca was very happy to see her!!! Hug and kiss the girls for me and good luck on your session tomorrow. It has gotten so windy and cold here. Love, LeeLee

Kate said...

Wow, the light is great in your photos today! Good luck tomorrow!

Norah said...

Great pics! Love the deep, rich colors.

Kate said...

hahaha!!!!! yessssssssssssss! thanks for the thankfulness!!!!!!!
love it! we missed ya last night...i'm still eating strawberry cake...yummmmmm!
:) cute pics today! excited to see ya in a few weeks!
love ya, friend!