Saturday, October 17, 2009


Annie 290/365

Lucy 290/365

Today I am thankful that I am not normally so incredibly ditsy as I was tonight. I really did such a dumb thing. I was going through the things that I normally do before I have a photo session the next morning. I changed my camera battery to a fully charged one, plugged the other battery in, and got a memory card ready by formatting it. The problem is, I had not downloaded today's pictures of the girls yet and they were on that card. Oops. Good thing that the pictures were no where near earth shattering, but still, I had made the effort when they were actually dressed and playing outside with friends. If fact, when we were on our way over to our friend's house, I turned around and went back home to get my camera so I would not rush around tonight to take crappy pictures. Oh well. Both girls were already in bed. Annie had been in bed for an hour by the time this happened and there was obviously no way I was waking her up. So, you get a picture of the back of her head in her crib. Lucy was still awake and quite happy to see me again. She was none too happy with the flash though. I am giving myself a big pat on the back for being so committed. I could have just given up for the day, but there was no way I was going out like that. I took the huge risk of waking Annie just so I wouldn't be defeated. And trust me, I would never do anything with the chance of waking my babies after they go to bed. I love them so much but I really love the quiet time after they go to bed!

At least I am ready for my session that is bright and early tomorrow! I have another one in the afternoon, so it is a busy day tomorrow.

I am so proud of the Razorbacks today. They really almost beat Florida, which is a big deal. It was a hard loss to swallow. Go Hogs Go!


Mom said...

Yea you for still getting some pictures up! Our little sleeping beauties!! I am so bummed for the team about that game. It almost made me cry. Seriously. They worked so hard. Good going Hogs!!

Boys news--John made an assist all the way down the soccer field!! Holly also said he scored a goal!!! (Wrong goal, yet, still a GOAL!!!) Way to go John!

Loved talking to the Goose today! Quite a busy girl!

Hugs and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

You are super committed - I don't temp waking a sleeping child for nothing! :)

Do the girls share a room? Any advice for sharing or not sharing? We have a 2.5 year old and will be adopting a ~6 month old around her third birthday. We want them to share a room but worry if that is the wrong thing at this age. I'd love your two cents!


M3 said...

Brave woman! :-) I think the pics are cool -- it's nice to see all different kinds of shots anyhow. How do you keep your flash pics from looking flashy?

ashley said...

I too was proud of the Razorbacks! I have a hog hat on my desk amidst a sea of Alabama fans. Just a field goal away from a great upset. Great pics of Lucy and Annie.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how important those photos were, but as long as you didn't write anything on the card, there are recovery tools to retrieve them. Good luck!

Nicki said...


So did you use an external flash? The flash is really good. just curious.

Good luck tomorrow! I tried to tap into your gifts today at a photo shoot I did (tricky with no camera, right?) and pretty well failed. sigh.