Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Lucy 294/363

Annie 294/365

Today I am thankful for the rain that has fallen all day long. For some reason, when it is raining outside, I get motivated to work. I worked really hardly this morning and then laid down while the girls did and rested. It was nice. I felt productive but also got to have a nice break. I am going to finish up another session this evening.

Thanks for all of the support on my last post about the weird comment. I am glad I am not the only one that thought it was out of line. I am going to work on trying to figure out the best way to do the clothes. It would be nice to auction them here, but I am just not sure how to do that. It is all going to have to wait until mid November because life is way too hectic until that point. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I wish there was a way to do it that wasn't so stinking time consuming.

I am watching So You Think You Can Dance and I get so sad every time someone doesn't make it and so excited when they do. Love this show!!! Can't wait for next week when they start doing the routines.

Annie is obsessed with shoes. She wants them on all of the time. If she sees anyone putting shoes on, she runs and gets a pair of hers. It is just so cute. She wore this pair of pink boots for the first time today. These were Lucy's but they are still in perfect shape. Anyway, she was as pleased with her shoes as she possibly could be. She loved them. She was constantly smiling at them and admiring them. She will definitely be a shoe lover her whole life.




M3 said...


And I totally get the shoe thing. Ro said the other day "My name isn't Ro anymore, it's Shoeda, cause I yuv shoes." Bwah ha!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you took the MJ comment as negative. Both my daighter and daughter in law dress the girls in MJ. It was just my opinion that I think little babies are precious in little tight pull on pants, onesies, etc. it was just an opinion. I don' hate your kids, your taste, or meant to be telling you what to put them in. I am retired grandmother and just was talking to you like I would my own. I didn't say something like oh she looked horrible or she looked over or under dressed. Kelly it as just a comment. I will never even see your children, wish I could I have feel in love with them thru the blog. It was meant to mean as example, oh Kelly your pedicure turned out beautiful you have feminie feet, wear those sandals more often so I can admire your toes. You see Kelly I can't see my toes anymore or wear shoes due to rheumatoid arthritis. I was just trying to carry on a conversation. So sorry if it was offensive. I know how it feels to be 50 and feel 70 and have to wear and use handicap appliances. I have to wait until someone comes to open a jar if i want mayo on my sandwich, I can't open a jar. Please forgive me.

HAPTeach said...

I love your idea of how you are getting the clothes ready for the next year/seasons. We are having another little boy in January so we had already put all of our oldest's into plastic boxes by months/sizes. I really need to do what you are doing as I am buying the bigger clothes too. Thanks!!!!!

Mom said...

Enough said. Thanks for the explanation, dear anonymous!

And shoes?? Who cannot enjoy having some fun shoes!!! She fits right in with ALL my gals!

You are sending the rain our way, could have kept it as far as I'm concerned, but I was busy too! Had Bible Study, got all the wet work done, and had to do groceries. That can make a person poor! Plus, I bought stuff to help all my newly found ant friends to move on out.

Hugs and kisses to all, LeeLee

Mom said...

Oh yow, love the pics! Darling. XOXO LeeLee

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing - love the pics!!

Mom2J&I said...

there is just something about a little girl in boots that makes me smile! too stinkin' cute.

mimi lam said...

Such a sweet picture of sister, sitting together, and Annie's joyfull expressions are just too much, she seems to know how to enjoy and appreciate all simple things of life, there is no boundary to her joyfullness.

Vee Tran said...

I love your blog... Your daughters are the cutest kids ever... I love the way you dress Lucy, then Annie now.. they`re adorable & look so cute with those bows on their hair

Sharon said...

Oh goodness, the way Annie is looking at her shoes in that one picture...precious!

Sara said...

I had another thought about selling the clothes. When i thought I was going to cloth diaper (HA, not so much) I had a huge stash of cute diapers that I knew were worth big $$. I have a friend in the neighborhood who frequently sells on Ebay and she listed and sold them for me for a small percent back to her for her time. Maybe you could find a friend who lists on Ebay to do it for you for a percentage? I feel like you -- I want to reap the benefits but have little time. Some people really love doing it so maybe asking around will help find a willing person! Just make sure to tell us when and where you list so we can all bid! :) Great pics, my Luke loves shoes too -- so cute!

Lane Olson said...

those are some SASSY and precious boots...your girls have good taste for sure.

Ana said...

LOVE the MJC on both the girls!!!
And congrats on having Ms. Lucy AND Ms. Annie's pictures on the MJC blog!!!!! How exciting for you all!

Lilia said...

Hello Kelly,

Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I love your photography style. i was wondering if you could give me some tips on lenses.
I am currently using NIKON D90 and i currently have the basic 18-105 Vr lens. I want to take close up images like you first picture of Lucy with background burry effect, what lens would you recommend?
Thanks :)