Friday, October 02, 2009


Lucy/Annie 275/365

Today I am thankful that the weather cooperated! This was the one day I was concerned about the weather but it all worked out perfectly! There is so much cuteness at the La La Blog!! Be sure and check it out. And there is lots more to come. I can't even catch up. Still one session from this afternoon that I haven't even looked at and then 5 more while we are in Nashville.

I have a horrible confession to make. I FORGOT to take a picture of the girls today! I could have gotten Annie sleeping and Lucy right before bed, but I was toooooo lazy. So, I used this picture that Holly took of the 4 kids watching a tree being cut down. I PROMISE that Annie's pj pants are not this short. They look completely ridiculous.


Kel said...

Girls wear cropped length pjs all the time here!! I hadnt even thought about it!!! There isnt a need to critic yourself! We're not!!! Just love reading the adventures!

Ronja said...

I just noticed that you had 30 comments on your 3oth birthday :-)

I love the newest pictures on your blog!! Since I got my "big girl camera" (which was initiated by reading your blog and adoring your pictures) I get asked to take pictures of my friends kids quite often, which I love, and your pictures inspire me so much! I am nowhere even nearly close to be able what you do, though. Will you share any more tipps from the workshop or your own work with us?

Elizabeth said...

Once again I'm crazy about your nephew's little curly mop heads!!! Yesterday it was John and now Wyatt - Look at those toeheaded curls! The combo of the curls and the fleece jackets just kills me. So adorable!


Erin said...

Saw this on the Mat. Jane blog and you TOTALLY need to enter in the contest. Only photographers can enter and your precious girls would make the perfect models!

I know you could win, and they have a really awesome prize! The link to the blog post is below...

Erin said...

Oh - just saw you have to send them an email by tomorrow!

Then they will choose 30 photographers to participate in the contest!