Saturday, October 03, 2009


Annie 276/365

Lucy 276/365

Today I am thankful for my two nephews, John and Wyatt, and their fun birthday party! We had such a fun day and enjoyed another day of perfect weather. We were up and around early because the party started at 10:30. There was a great turn out and the kids had a wonderful time. We are all worn completely out from all of the activity. And I got another 2 sessions done. I took about 4 pictures during the party because I am pretty much sick of holding my camera!! So this is all you get.


Lucy has on the cutest boots ever.



Mom2J&I said...

Love Lucy's skirt! (I had actually just bought it for Iz a couple of days ago. funny.)
Glad you're having a good time I just HATE we couldn't make the trip to Nashville but I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos!

ccorley said...

daddy's little peanut! Mrs. personality! just can't get enough of that annie! hope you guys have a safe trip home. take care and love you all! Justin, are you ready for some football?? OH, and a beating?!

Anonymous said...

WOW that top picture is incredible! I love everything about it! I don't know much about photography ('re inspiring me to want to get into it though!) but I love the way you focused the camera. That girl totally loves her Daddy! I love how you capture your kids' pure joy :-) It reminds me of the first photo that brought me to your blog from I <3 faces--one of Annie in a little bunny outfit for Easter...

~Lynn in NY

Mom said...

And a fun (and tiring) time was had by all! Love and kisses, Lee Lee