Thursday, October 08, 2009


Annie 281/365

Lucy 281/365

Today I am thankful for feeling back to myself. I am really thankful that I didn't get full blown sick. I only had a couple of days of feeling yucky and now I feel like myself again. Yay!

Justin and Lucy have a new thing that they do - go to Blockbuster and let Lucy pick out a movie. She LOVES it. I mean loves it. She chose A Bug's Life this time and got to watch a little of it before bed. It was really a little scary for her. She gets scared from stuff on TV very easily. Annie and I stayed home while they went to the store and that is when I took Annie's pictures. Wasn't she so cute for pics today. She was just so happy and busy while we were outside.

I took Anners to her 18 month check up today. Her stats were 19 lbs 5 oz (2nd%) and 29.5 inches (5th%). Still our little peanut but still growing on her own steady little path. The doctor is really pleased with her progress but we are still looking into a few other options on some areas where she is lacking. She cracked me up because every time the doctor would look at her or touch her, she would bury her head into my chest and whimper. She is normally the most social child, but she knew she didn't want messed with by someone who may or may not have a needle! Smart girl.











With her movie.


ccorley said...

I could just squeeze that Annie to pieces. She is so precious! Austen loves to do the movie thing too! He feels like such a big person to pick out his own movie, and he always seems to pick out some candy to go with it?! Miss and love you guys! Hey Kell, I won!!! Point for the girls! The bragging rights are mine until I have to play him again towards the end of the season. Tell Justin that I should win then too!! love ya

Seashy said...


Susan said...

Just looking at pics of Annie puts a big smile on my face. She's such a cool kid. Petunia has her 3year-old visit next Friday. I can't wait to see her official stats. I know she's not much bigger than Annie, but I'm praying for a little growth on her part. lol

And how great is it that Lucy gets to pick out her own movies?! Glad you're feeling much better.

The Condreys said...

i can't believe little anners is only 19.5 lbs! that girl can mow some food down! she is just as cute as can be and looks so big in those pics.

Anonymous said...

What a treat to get so many pictures in one day! I love Annie's smile in these! She's looking a little bit older these days. Glad Lucy is enjoying her new activity with her Daddy!


Ashley said...

So SWEET of Annie. So sweet. Molly and Kyle have started the same thing with Blockbuster! She loves it, too! Tell Justin he got off easy with Bug's Life, Molly's last selection was Little Mermaid 3! Hope to play with you all soon:)

Stacie said...

Sweet Annie! She and Ellie are the exact same size! We go back to the ped on Monday. She wants to run more tests. Urgh...she's still not convinced that Ellie's growth is "enough" with all she eats. Stay tuned!

Mom said...

Great pics! Am just now getting around to looking. Had to come down to this computer--ugh. Also, had to go online to order a new mac cord--best buy was out, no one else had them. yikes Rain all day, but had a nice lunch and run around time. Myra and I got a new cardio hoola hoop--boy are we going to be trimming it up!! ha ha Going to Robin Williams tonight with Bill and Connie. Hope it's good--I don't like him all that much anymore. Seashy knows every word to Bug's Life--I'm just saying in case your dvd is scratched or anything! Hugs to all, LeeLee

Sue said...

Hello! Your pictures are AWESOME as usual BUT, I am writing because my friend and I are DROOLING over your back splash in your kitchen! Is there anyway you could take a few more pics of it so we could see it from farther away and what the edging looks like? I know you are VERY busy and if you can't get to it I completely understand. We just really love it and would like to see more of it. If you do have a chance to take them you could just email them to me at Again, if you can't, that's perfectly fine, just thought I would ask!

Take Care!