Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Annie 167/365

Lucy 167/365

Today I am thankful for really believing that Lucy is done with diapers. I know, I know. I should relax and not get over zealous here, but she has stayed dry all day - even nap - and told us when she has needed to go all day long. We even ran errands today with panties on and no problems at all. I also promise not to talk about the potty every day for the next week, but I am just SO happy about this.

I am not allowing myself to stay on here any longer tonight because I am getting at least 2 sessions edited and in their online galleries. I have to do this so I can stop stressing about having too much to do. I am going to get caught up this week if it kills me.





Mom said...

Yea yea yea--for another great day!!! Did Anners get a new chair?? Could she be any more relaxed?? I am so proud of Lucy that I could pop! Way to go Lucy! Are we done voting? Last I looked we had it in the bag. Dibs on the book first! Hope you get tons of work done tonight. Love and kisses and hugs to all, Lee Lee

Meredith Woodruff said...

Yay for potty training:)!!! I'm so proud of Lucy! And I LOVE their matching pajamas:)!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching your blog for a little while now. I am enthralled with your photography (I just bought my first DSLR camera) both on this blog and your photography site.

As the mom of a 2-year old, I want to congratulate you on the potty training. How old is Lucy? My daughter just turned two and I am considering starting her potty training but wonder if it is too soon.

Please feel free to check us out at

Lynn and Grace

Anonymous said...

When my oldest daughter was potty trained it went just like Lucy's, she decided she was done, and we never looked back. I think you have every reason to be hopeful here....I am hoping my Vietnam Annie makes that same step any day now!
Jennifer in Indy

Anonymous said...

yay Lucy! That's great! I was so proud when Ethan went poopy on the potty the other day. But no luck after that (he's only 18months). Congrats on winning the Faces contest!

Anonymous said...

I wish training Ava could be that easy! We've been at it for months now, and she still has accidents all the time- urgh!
Hey, we did it on the iheartfaces win!! I say that as if I had a large part in it or something. You had the great photo- way to go!!

Laurie said...

Yay for no more diapers!! I canNOT wait until we can say that here. We've taken a similar tactic to yours - don't push (at all) - when he's ready, he'll do it himself. But he'll be 3 in a week and it couldn't happen soon enough for me...but I'm still not pushing;) Anyway, yeah, 1 less kid with a dirty diaper makes me green with envy! Yay Lucy!
And what about Miss Annie turning into a big girl?! She's on the move and looking SO grown up!

MrsKP said...

hang in there! once my youngest made up his mind, he was potty trained in a day (when he was 2 1/2). you could be (i am praying you are) home free! great pics, as always.

foureverlove said... where is the post where you say that you WON the blurb contest?!? Congratulations! Exciting stuff!

MKH said...

go lucy!!